POPSUGAR MUST HAVE *JUNE 2015* reviews-coupon codes-links +Sweet and Spark

Hi again!!!

I am SO excited to finally be reviewing and blogging about my very favorite Subscription Box -POPSUGAR Must Have

If you are new to the game POPSUGAR MH is a Monthly Lifestyle Subscription Box service delivered to your door for only 39.95 plus free shipping and is valued at over 100.00! *They also come out with many excellent 1 time purchase luxury limited edition boxes that are fab!

Each box contains the best in fashion, beauty, home, fitness, food, and more delivered straight to your door.
Get a monthly delivery of fabulous surprises curated by POPSUGAR Editor in Chief Lisa Sugar.
Sign up Here —-> Join Popsugar Must Have
Use Code: MUSTHAVE5 for 5.00 off your first box!
Today I am going to be spotlighting the June 2015 box!
inboxall products
Above are all of my products in my box!                  Mine, unboxed! 😉
Above are the product info cards included in the box.
Stock Photo of each product
 My photo of each product
 Pacifica Eye Brightening Shadow Palette:
I really like Pacifica products I have used in the
past.  I can see myself using the first shadow as
an all over color and the dark plum as a liner for
a smoky eye look!
Spongelle-Boxed Flowers:  I love getting bath products
and I can not get enough of this one.  I plan to purchase
many more products from this line.  The product is rich,
luxurious and smells amazing.  I have used this many times and
it still seems to have a lot of product left.  The sponge is
the perfect texture.  I cant wait to splurge on a Spongelle
 Judy Blume Hardback : I am an avid reader so it is always
nice to receive a new book.  I loved Judy Blume as a young girl
but have not ventured in to her adult novel writings
yet.  I will definitely give this a read for old times sake!
Quay Australia Mandate Shades:  I am a collector of
good sunglasses.  These are my first pair from Quay,
but I have been seeing them around all summer.
I have been wearing mine a lot since receiving them
and am thrilled that they were included in my box.
They are a cool, slightly more edgy wayfarer style,
lightweight and comfortable.  Rad sunnies!
Love the colors of this thin cotton headband by
Yogitoes.  I will definitely wear mine this summer
and at the gym!
POPSUGAR almost always puts some sort of edible
item in each box.  These gummies come in regular fruit
and sour version.  they are pretty tasty.  Kind of like
gatorade in a gummy, same downfall, sugar 🙂
You will often receive gift cards or promo codes
for additional spotlighted companies from PSMH.
I often forget about them.  I Will Not forget about this
one.  This Company is SO cool!  Even better?  The gift card
is for 30.00.  Sweet and Spark sells one of a kind vintage 
Jewelry and Accessories.  You won’t have to worry that
someone else will be sporting your new purchase b/c there
is only one of every item! (duh)  I love how you can search by era, designer etc.
Not a POPSUGAR subscriber yet?
Visit their site (below) and sign up via email for 10.00 off your first purchase!
So…..I give this months POPSUGAR Must Have box 2 thumbs up:  With a value of 140.95 + a 30.00 gift card and loads of excellent items; all of which I will use…you just can’t go wrong! 🙂
I hope you enjoyed my June PSMH review!  VIsit often!  Follow me on twitter @Kelli7979 and instagram @Kelifornia79!
Stay tuned for my upcoming subscription box, beauty and fashion reviews!  Up next: Allure Sample society and One Teaspoon Denim Shorts!

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