One Teaspoon Denim Shorts – Bandits & Bonitas – Reviews

Hi again!

Today I am going to be reviewing Two different styles of One Teaspoons’ fabulous denim shorts.  Now, I have never reviewed clothing before but because finding the perfect pair of shorts ranks right up there with finding the perfect bikini for me, I wanted to give these beauties a review for the rest of you!

First; a little background on me, body type wise:  My legs are quite short, my legs are athletic, I’ve got thighs and no matter how skinny/thin I am or have been…I NEVER have stick thin legs.  I also definitely have a butt. The cute little short shorts and cut offs I still love are generally too tight on my thighs yet when I go up a size they are too big.  Ugh.

I have wanted a pair of these shorts since I first spied them online at Free People last year but, with the inability to try them on was reluctant, as I am always in between sizes. 😉 hehe

I finally took the plunge and ordered two pair and here they are in all of their splendor!


The pair on the bottom are the Bonitas and the pair on the top are the quite popular Bandits.  Both washes are ‘Wilde’.  These shorts are exactly what I wanted them to be and more.  I was worried about the fit as the models for these shorts are always pin thin with rather long skinny legs.  Not only do they look great I find them slimming for curvier thighs. YAY!

The quality of the denim is excellent.  They are made very well and have lots of great little details.  They are a loose/baggyish fit and style and run a bit big so, My recommendation would be: if you wear say, a 28 but can ‘sort of’ fit in your 27’s [in other brands] you will likely be good with a 27 (unless you want a loser fit).

Here are some photos of yours truly in each style 🙂

Bonitas:  This style is a bit shorter in the front and longer in the back, the bottoms are highly frayed and they have the hidden button fly.

bonita goodbonitahalfback bonita

Bandits:  This style is cuffed and is shorter on the sides and angled down a bit into your inner thigh; flattering for short curvy legs.  They are also cut a bit longer in the back. They have a baggier style than the Bonitas and a Boyfriend fit with a hidden button fly.


Thanks for checking out my blog!  I hope you found this review helpful. 🙂

Give me a follow and stay tuned for LOTS more in beauty, subscription boxes and more..

..until next time,

-Kelli xoxo


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  1. Luciana

    what size did you get the bandits i’m a 28 but the ones i bought are 27 and i’m scared they won’t fit. i have an issue w my butt and thighs as well.


  2. Cindy Baesler

    Hey..I too am struggling w sizing. I just ordered the bandits in 26″ My measurements are 26″ waist 34 Hips 111# Im nervous they may be too seems One Teaspoon is all over the place w their sizes!! May I ask your opinion (btw, love your blog and so helpful!!) I will not get them until tomorrow but still struggling if I should have got the 25!!?? I have a pair of One Teaspoon in the Relaxed Westender Flare Jeans and those fit fairly loose but I kind of like that….so..w all my blabbing would you have any input on my dilemma!!! lol Thanks dear ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cindy Baesler

      in case that was confusing 🙂 I am 26″ WAIST 34 HIPS 111#
      And in my Westender Jeans those are a size 26.

      Thank you Again!! XXX

      Liked by 1 person

      1. kelifornia79

        No worries! I normally buy a 28 in cut offs b/c of my thighs, about 20.5″ at the very biggest spot…so I bought all of mine in that size. The bonitas are more true to size, but the bandits run pretty baggy, that look was completely in at the time I reviewed these and why most people were so obsessed with this hard to find style (there really hasn’t been anything exactly like them, that I’ve found) I liked the bandit style so much b/c they are longer at the inner thigh, disguising that part I hate, and pretty loose, even on my thighs. BUT they stretch out some and even though I have a butt, they look pretty saggy/baggy in that area. I could definitely have gone down a size in those. It will definitely be a preference thing when you see how they fit…but imo you might prefer a size down in that style. (also if you are very thin, without much for curves, the baggier fit looks much more flattering, I think…when you are a bit curvier it just looks as though you are trying to disguise it.)


      2. Cindy

        You’re a doll ❤️ Thank you so much, your response was very helpful and I will let you know how the fit ends up !!! lol just for fun!! Peace sister☮️

        Liked by 1 person

      3. kelifornia79

        Absolutely! I hope you find your perfect fit!! ❤


  3. jac

    would you be willing to give me the measurement of your upper thigh? I want to order these but I’m afraid lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kelifornia79

      no worries. about 20.5 🙂


  4. kelifornia79

    Awesome! Thanks so much for tip. I have been looking for a sale on them recently!!! I do hope it works out for you with sizing. I always figure; better to be a tad big then the latter. I hate tight things, especially shorts/cutoffs!


  5. edrysse

    Did you find that the Bandits fit true to size? I’ve heard that I need to size down but I want mine to fit exactly as yours do – we have roughly the same body shape. They both fit so great on you!!

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    1. kelifornia79

      I bought the size I usually wear and they fit exactly as I wanted initially but they stretched out quite a bit, pretty quickly especially in the behind. I had been working out quite a bit and lost, only about 5 lbs, now they are too big…so it’s kind of a fine line. My issue is butt and thighs. Shorts are always big in my waist in order to fit my thighs right. I think I could have worn the size down Ok, even from the start but my self conscious nature always has me going bigger. The Bonitas are a bit truer to size. I’d say, if thighs and butt are your issue maybe don’t size down in the bandits, if you want them really lose around your thighs like mine. I read that recommendation as well but was so tired of cut-offs being tight around my thighs and wanted the look on the models so I stuck with my regular size. If you are not big thighed (lol) I would size down. long explanation, sorry. Hope this helps!

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      1. edrysse

        Thank you so much! This will be my first One Teaspoon purchase too and it wouldn’t be possible to return them so I really wanted to make sure before I bought them. I have the exact same problem with having to size up sometimes because of my thighs haha. Btw, if you’re wanting another pair, Nasty Gal has some on sale right now with an extra 40% off on top!!


    2. mo b

      Worst Shopping Experience I Have Ever Had In My Life

      I am an avid online shopper and with no store loyalty – I just like a good experience and good product.
      One Teaspoon does not answer the phone, they do not answer their e-mails, they did not ship my order for 3 weeks and they sent me a damaged product. When I returned my order they only gave me store credit (refusing to refund my credit card saying it is “company policy) and when I placed my second order with their credit I never received my order period.
      Now I am out the money and out the product – thieves! STAY AWAY!!!

      Learn from the experience of others – You have been warned!


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