The Sunshine VoxBox by Influenster review – July 2015

*Disclaimer: I received this box and each product inside free for testing purposes via Influenster; however, all opinions and reviews are my own and unbiased.


If you are interested in joining influenster click here to learn more.  It’s an excellent resource for learning about new products, finding reviews and receiving coupons and free boxes full of products for you to test, keep and review.  I am relatively new to influenster myself but have really been enjoying it thus far. This is my very first ‘physical’ VoxBox, which I was very excited to be one of those selected to receive, so I am going to review the products I received.

The Sunshine VoxBox


The Box and The Content


Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe Spray moisturizer: $6.49 for a 6.5 oz can (product included is full sized)

This is my favorite product in this box.  I never would have thought I would fall so hard for such an inexpensive drug store lotion but I really love it.  It really does speed up moisturizing and get me to do it more often.  It has a really great fragrance and the aloe based formula feels cool and refreshing when I come in from the pool, beach or outdoor sun in general.  It will definitely be something I continue to use and re-purchase!


Blue Diamond Sriracha Almonds 1.59 for a 1.5 oz pack (The size included):

Blue diamond Almonds are already one of my ‘go to’ snacks (love the smokehouse version) so of course I was happy to try a flavor I’d not yet tried.  I love spicy and Sriracha anything so these did not disappoint!


SinfulColors Nail Polish: (colors in boxes vary) $1.99 for 0.5 oz bootle (product included is full sized):

I received the shade: Sheer Genius.  While I would not have selected this ‘sheer princess pink’ shade for myself and will not likely wear it again; the formula went on well and after 2 coats and a top coat my manicure has held strong through the weekend and on… I have a few shades of this formula already and after following the brand on social media I’ve found they have some new formulas out that I would like to try!


Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel Refreshingly Clean Cleansing Cloths: 6.99 for 25 wet cloths (full size included):

The name and description essentially says it all with these cloths.  I found them to be refreshing, my skin felt really clean and I like having witch hazel as an ingredient as it’s a proven natural toner.  They were also larger and more saturated than some I’ve used so I felt like just one got my skin good and clean.  I’ve tried many cleansing cloths as I can get a bit lazy when it comes to my nightly skin care, especially on weekends and during travel.  I had not seen or heard of these particular cloths prior to receiving them though.  I do like them and have used them both for quick late night makeup removal as well as to remove the remnants of my nightly serums to freshen up my face in the morning.


Infusium 23 Moisture Replenisher Leave-in Smoothing Crème with Avocado and Olive Oil 4 oz – 6.99 (I assume this is a travel sized version as the versions I’ve found online are much larger and cost more)  Hair care is what I am most picky about.  My hair is a pain and when I find something that makes my hair look better and my life easier I tend to stick with it.  Without altering my wet hair product I did add this to the ends of my already dry hair the next day and it does make them look healthier with out weighing my hair down or anything.  I also used it to help smooth my thick, long, wavy hair in to a ponytail and it did improve the way it looked.  I think it is a good addition to hair that is thick, course or wavy and will help smooth dried hair.  I can not say how it will perform on any other type of hair.


BarkThins Snacking Chocolate: 4.99 (I received a coupon/voucher for one free full sized bag of my choice)  I took it to my favorite grocery store and chose the Almond version.  I expected, due to the name that they were going to be a wafer thin version of your typical chocolate bark and also hoped this to be true for caloric/sugar reasons but they seemed like a standard bark to me.  Well, I ate them anyway.  They lasted 3 days and that was with as much self control as I could muster up.  Of course they are tasty, they’re Dark Chocolate 🙂  I’m glad they’re gone.  I can’t be trusted with products like this that come in multiple serving sizes! 🙂

That’s that!  I hope you enjoyed my Influenster Sunshine VoxBox review!  I am so pleased that I stumbled upon Influenster thanks to other fabulous Bloggers and instagrammers!

Until next time…

-Kelli xoxo


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  1. Ok, Keep It Real

    Awesome review of the products. I received the box as well, but haven’t gone to the store to redeem for the bark thins. I was surprised at how much I loved the spray lotion and I’m still using it every day. Hope you have a chance to check out my blog sometime!


    1. kelifornia79

      Thank you! Awesome! I just followed so I will be reading your reviews soon. I love hearing others thoughts and opinions on products and finding new ones. Who knew that spray lotion would be so awesome. I’m a fan!

      Liked by 1 person

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