Glossybox Review – July 2015


Today I will be reviewing my July Glossybox.  (There are generally a few variations in products)

Glossybox is a monthly subscription box that boasts 5 luxury beauty products each month, wrapped up in a lovely pink box. The products are often full sized, if not; they are deluxe sized samples. The cost of the subscription is 21.00 per month with free shipping.

Check it out and/or subscribe to Glossybox here!


My Box


Hey Honey I peel Good: 59.00 for 1oz (the included is 0.5 oz)

This creamy Honey Peel claims to improve your skin’s texture after a single application!  It is a Biomimetic peel (inspired by the skin’s own natural components) and is meant for ALL SKIN TYPES. It offers an innovative treatment that provides moisture retention and enhanced elasticity, making it ideal for mature, flaky & sun-damaged skin (stretch marks too).

My Experience – Due to the suggested use via the Glossybox product/tip card I originally thought this to be a product for the body and not the face.  (which I thought was an awfully small sized sample for such) I still can not find anything stating specifically about facial usage but when reading the reviews others posted they seem to have used it on their faces.  When I used this product on targeted body areas I felt like I was not using enough product but if I did the tube would be empty after just one use.  The instructions call for massaging in to skin for 1 minute to soften the cream in to skin and then continuing Massage for an additional 3 minutes followed by rinsing the product off.   Honestly, this was a lot of effort for multiple areas of the body in my opinion and b/c I felt I would not be able to gauge any real benefit this way with such a small tube I decided to take others suggestions and use it on my face. ( Perk: it did smell spectacular and the small areas of my body that I used it on were instantly very smooth and incredibly soft) When used on the face you have multiple uses in this tube and as I stated earlier it smells amazing, like pure honey.  It felt great on my face and made it very soft and smooth as well.  I plan to continue using it to see if I feel the results justify the cost.  I have an exfoliating mask that I love from this brand already and do really like the brand and their ingredients, just some confusion when it comes to usage.  This is available on their site for pre-order now.


Kueshi Anticellulite Booster: $22.60 for 5.07 oz (product is full size)

First off, for me, any topical product claiming to reduce cellulite is immediately suspect.  I’ve always heard from doctors and dermatologists alike that there are only 3 things that can even ‘lessen the appearance of cellulite’ first one being water, getting and maintaining optimal hydration.  The other two products, applied topically together in conjunction with massage, being caffeine and retinol.  (this is simply what I have been told)  Kueshi appears to be a natural based skin care company and this products lists several nature based ingredients for the improvement of cellulite as well as formation of additional cellulite.  (I could not find this product on their site. I did however find it available on Amazon for 19.95 + 4.49 shipping.)

My experience:  I’ve been using this product for more than a week now, every evening, before bed.  It definitely makes my skin look and feel smooth and ultra soft, if anything it is a very good lotion, no irritation has occurred and it smells nice.  I will continue to use it regularly until it is empty.  Time will tell if I feel it is a product that improves the appearance of my thighs enough to warrant a re-purchase.


Naked Lips Organic Lip Balm: $5.50 .15 oz (product is full size)

I could not find this exact product on the US version of their site, (it redirects you to ‘eco lips’ for US when you want to purchase their products)  I did find it at Love Lula Boutique which has free worldwide delivery.

My experience:  I did not think much of receiving this lip balm until i tried it.  It is definitely my new ‘go to’ lip balm.  I love it, love that it’s natural and the peppermint flavor is perfect, sweet, not medicinal.  It’s super refreshing and has worked great on my chronically dry/chapped lips.  Definitely recommend this balm.


Face Stockholm Lipliner: 17.00 .07 oz

I’ve heard of this brand over the years but never tried anything until now.  I’m not much of a lip liner person myself; though aware of the major lip craze happening now, over lining, bold color, a plethora of new finishes etc.  Love the look…on everyone else.  On the rare occasion I do opt for a bold or defined lip I generally go for a nude shade liner or a clear anti-feathering liner.

My experience: The shade I received, Yvonne, is a bit too dark of a brown for me.  The formula is nice though; creamy, good quality, I wish I’d have received a light pink or nude to try.


Sesha Skin Therapy Rejuvenating Anti-Wrinkle Mask: $9.00 per 1 sheet (1 sheet included)

I have used this mask once prior and I really like it.  It is a paper mask type which I was initially unsure of but seem to work quite well.

My experience: The masks are fairly easy to apply to your facial contour given their little cuts and such and are very saturated with the masks serum/product.  It’s hard to find a full 30 minutes to keep this on my face but definitely worth it.  It was very hydrating and my skin was thankful.  My skin looked and felt better overall and I think it would be great as a weekly treatment.  It’s like getting a nice facial, at home, in one easy step.   I had no issues with irritation.

Overall this was a ‘good for hydrating my summer parched skin box’  not the most exciting Glossybox, or my favorite, but I got to try some new brands and products and after all, isn’t that what it’s all about!?

Interested in Glossybox?  Join here.

Thanks for reading!

-Kelli xoxo


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