Popsugar Must Have – August 2015

Hi again!!!

It’s time to for another great box from Popsugar Must Have and I am here to review it!

If you are new to the game POPSUGAR MH is a Monthly Lifestyle Subscription Box service delivered to your door for only 39.95 plus free shipping and is valued at over 100.00! *They also come out with many excellent 1 time purchase luxury limited edition boxes that are fab! (psttt.. the special addition Fall Box goes on sale tomorrow 8/20)  It’s one of my yearly favorites!

Each box contains the best in fashion, beauty, home, fitness, food, and more delivered straight to your door.
Get a monthly delivery of fabulous surprises curated by POPSUGAR Editor in Chief Lisa Sugar.
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Use Code: MUSTHAVE5 for 5.00 off your first box!
This month’s box theme was inspired by:  Organization, Morning Routines, Celebrations, Caffeine and Back To School.
The Box
The Content
This is a Birthday cake inspired pancake and waffle mix.  The packaging is adorable and as you can see the prepared product turned out quite lovely as well!  My little one really enjoyed helping make these and eating them even more.  We topped ours with Cool Whip and additional sprinkles to up the fun factor! The batter did seem quite a bit thicker than the average pancake batter but that may be b/c I was out of eggs and used the vegan recipe instead.  It was a bit more complicated to work with but I made it happen!  The website has many additional flavors you can purchase as well.
This is an ultrasoft, doublesided plaid scarf made of 100% cotton gauze.  I love it’s cool, casual vibe.  This scarf is quite large in both length and width so your wrapping possibilities are endless.  Very cute.
This is a firming eye cream with next generation peptides for smoothing fine lines and super extracts to banish dark circles.  I’m not sure what it is about this eye cream, what makes it different, but I absolutely love it.  I dabbed it all over the orbital area of my eye and my under eye area.  I swear it made my whole eye area feel instantly lifted and more firm.  I own a couple more products from this brand and really like them as well.  They have a really nice site with some great looking product!  I recommend checking them out!
I went to the Fringe studio website and though it shows many beautiful items you can only request a catalog.  I did find a variety of their mugs at Nordstrom though, including a gold printed version of this one for $10.00 ea.  I included that link above.  This mug is super cute.  I’m using it as we speak! 🙂
This lunch box is super cheery and oh so cute.  If I had a use for it I would use it, instead I will save it for when my 3 year old begins Kindergarten!  The site has some super cute lunch boxes for little kids in addition to these and the prices are very low (you can convert the currency on the site as needed and the US price came to 7.50 on sale.  I assume shipping outside of the UK will be a bit high)
These are really cute napkins, girly and sweet.  It’s all boy around my house but a friend of mine is having a Minnie Mouse Themed party for her little girl and I think these would be an excellent addition to her theme!  I highly suggest giving their site a look though they have some of the most darling party accessories for the little ones that I have seen!
Folgers Iced Café Caramel Macchiato Flavored $4.99
Iced Coffee Made easy and Sugar Free.  Simply add this liquid concentrate to Milk and pour over ice.  (I have been just adding a bit to my prepared coffee, that works as well!  A little flavor and extra caffeine.)
MyYogaWorks 3 Month Trial $45.00:
This is an online Yoga class site and the unique code provides you with 3 free months of use. (no credit card needed) and boasts over 700 online classes.  Sadly, I will unlikely use this.  I go to the gym daily simply b/c if I am at home I have little time where I am left alone to do such a thing and by the time bed time is here for the little; I’m out, as far as exercise goes. 🙂  I prefer getting my workout in at my gym where I am more motivated.  For those that prefer a home workout or can not shake the monthly gym membership this is a great free trial!
Verdict:  This was not my favorite box but I do love several of the items and will use those often.  My 3 year old got some enjoyment from this box as well so thats a plus! 🙂
Value: The total value of all items in this box came to $196.43 after subtracting the discounted difference from the mug and lunchbox (this does includes the yoga 3 month subscription) without that, the total value is 151.43.  A great value either way!
What did you think of this months box?  Interested in joining Popsugar, check it out here!
I hope you enjoyed my review/Blog.  Give my blog a follow, a like, spread the word. 🙂
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