Elizabeth & James Nirvana Solid Perfume & Hand Cream

I wanted to put together this little mini review based on my adoration for the Nirvana fragrances of Elizabeth and James.  If you were thinking of trying any of the additional product maybe this will help you with your decision.  Now, I could go on and on about the scent profile of each of these fragrances, but fragrance itself is pretty hard to review.  I have been the victim of choosing a fragrance online that has all of the components of my perfect scent and then loathed it upon smelling it.  I’ve also really liked a fragrance with notes I’d assumed I would not like at all… Fragrance smells different in the air, the bottle or on a testing paper than that of a person and works differently with each person’s body chemistry as well.  As a simple description Nirvana Black is the more sensual, seductive scent of the two with alluring violet, sandalwood and rich vanilla whilst the White variety is a more delicate feminine of peony, chic muguet and tender musk.

The first product I am going to talk about is the Solid perfume.


Now, I did my very best to get an accurate depiction of how gorgeous this little solid perfume compact is, but;  I need a better camera as this really does not do it justice.


The compact is Gold with Elizabeth and James engraved in to the top front.  The top of the compact is encrusted with faceted black gemstones and is really quite lovely.  The compact does have a mirror and is filled with a solid, white in color, perfume.  It comes with a little black velvet pouch (image above) as well.  I’ve heard some mention the weight of the compact.  Yes, it is a bit heavy but it is good quality and has the decorative top, plus a mirror, so I expected such.  It is quite small in size so the weight is not an issue for me.  I mainly bought it for my fragrance vanity and to use while traveling in lieu of a regular perfume.


Here is a size comparison for the compact, next to the hand cream, (15.00) which is a pretty standard size and is 1.7 oz.  The compact ($48.00) contains .14oz of the solid fragrance.

This compact is a limited edition item and exclusive to Sephora so if you are contemplating its purchase you may want to do so soon!


The hand cream:  I chose the Nirvana White for the Hand Cream b/c it is a lighter fragrance.  This is a vitamin E and aloe rich hand cream that absorbs fairly quickly and isn’t greasy.  I love it for a day handcream…but what I really found by purchasing both versions of Nirvana in 2 different products:


I love each of these fragrances for different reasons, moods, time of day, etc. but typically would wear the black when choosing my perfume…until: I recently discovered that together, they are amazing!  It’s almost like a sweet ‘tobacco like’ note I pick up, (in a good way)  I have been applying the (white) hand cream and smoothing it up to my wrists, dabbing the (black) solid on my inner wrists and also my neck, behind my ears.  I have found one of my new favorite fragrances in combining the two.

The cream is a limited addition product as well but is not exclusive.  Pick it up while it lasts.  Meanwhile, I will be impatiently awaiting the Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black & White Dry Shampoos, which will [hopefully soon] be available at Sephora as well.

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