Birchbox/Birchbox Plus – September 2015

If you are new to Birchbox, here is the lowdown:

For 10.00 Per Month you will receive a box of 5 beauty products/samples and an occasional bonus product delivered to your door each month. Join Birchbox and use code: BBJETBLUE10 for 10.00 (100 bb points) to use in shop with your new subscription.

For those interested there is also a Mens Birchbox. Details here

birchbox has added many additional options lately as well:

-prior to the month you will receive an email that will often allow you to choose one of your samples from a selection or to choose a specially curated birchbox with each product detailed. You also may stick with the option of keeping your surprise standard monthly box with a selection of the spotlighted monthly items!

-Birchbox Plus: In addition to your monthly boxes birchbox has added Birchbox Plus, this allows you to add a lifestyle item to your box for a discounted price: [anything from additional (full sized) beauty products to items for your home, entertaining and accessories!] (You will receive an email with these options prior to your months box as well)

-Birchbox has also recently added a Beta program: For current and new subscribers, you now have the option to add two additional full sized beauty products to your regular birchbox for an additional 20.00 dollars per month. (a total of 30.00 per month)   –current subscribersADD NOW for an additional 20.00 per month.

-The very best part of Birchbox for me is the Birchbox store and the rewards system that they have. Each month you may review each product for 10 BB points ea. 100 points equals 10.00 to use in the Birchbox shop; essentially every two birchboxes received can get you 10.00 to use in the birchbox shop.  (you also earn 1 bb point for every dollar spent in the shop) There are many other promos that allow you additional bb points and other loyalty discounts throughout each year.  They offer many excellent brands in their shop.

– Birchbox also has the Ace program which you are auto enrolled in after receiving 500 bb points in a calendar year:  learn more about the Ace program.

Hey Beauty Lovers.  Bare with me while I get the last of My September Blog posts in!  September was a crazy month for me full of mini trips, a flooded house :O, planning and cake making…and we just arrived home from a long Birthday weekend in Santa Cruz for our 4 year old son.  I still have a lot of September to share with you this week and then my October goodies begin!  Thanks for reading everyone! (check out my instagram (link at bottom of page) if you are interested in checking out my cake designing skills! 🙂

The Box:

Birchbox Plus

The Goods:


Davines OI All in one Milk: This is a 1.69 oz deluxe sample. Full sized (4.56 oz) product is 30.00

This nourishing Leave-in treatment is designed to detangle, add shine, volume and heat protection.  I really like the Davines packaging and I love the unexpected scent of this product, an herbal/botanical. I like it much better in my hair than the sweet smelling scents I often find in these types of products.  The product mists on and is meant to be applied to towel dried hair but I often add a bit to my dry hair as well to smooth it a bit.  It definitely softens your hair when it has dried, helps with detangling and helps with frizz though it’s not quite enough for my ultra dry hair without the addition of a little Moroccanoil.  I do like it a lot paired with the oil so this may actually be the first hair product I purchase after sampling from BB.  Birchbox also threw in some samples of Davines Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner.  I have not tried these two products yet as I tend to have too much hair for shampoo and conditioner packets and it makes it hard for me to review it either way.  Ive heard good things though!!


Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil: (Mini) The full size pencil is $23.00

Brow products are my favorite. I go through them like crazy so when I saw that I could pick a sample and this was a choice it was a no brainer for me.  The shade is medium brown and is perfect for the look I like to achieve with my blonde hair (some mid range browns often look red-dish which I definitely try to avoid.  On the BB site however the color choices seem to be limited to a taupe an auburn and a granite.  [Blonde and taupe pencils do not often work for me as they are usually too light and do not deposit enough color on my very sparse areas and other times the taupe shade is just a bit odd.  The only blonde/taupe brow pencil I’ve tried that works excellent for when I want more natural brows is the Chella brow pencil: great brow products and an excellent brand/company!] I am no stranger to Anastasia products and already use the dip brow pomade and the brow wiz but had never tried the basic pencil.  I still prefer the other two products just based on not needing to sharpen them but when this has a good sharp point it’s a great pencil with an excellent texture for shaping and filling brows.  (The full sized product has the spooly on the end which will help with blending and shaping as well.)  Glad I picked it!


100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream:  This is a 0.3 oz deluxe sample.  The full sized 1oz product is $25.00

This is a 100% Natural and Vegan Eye Cream containing caffeine designed to reduce fine lines, dark circles and puffiness.  I’d not heard of this brand prior but am a firm believer in the benefits of caffeine on the skin and had read many good things about it prior to receiving my box.  I tried it right away and was an instant fan.  It feels nice going on and smells of coffee beans which is an instant little pick me up.  I felt like it smoothed my under eye area at first use with absolutely no irritation and have been using it daily.  Good product!

Dr Brandt

Dr. Brandt Pores no More cleanser:  This is a .25 oz deluxe sample.  The full sized product is 35.00

This is a face wash designed to minimize pores while leaving skin clean, velvety and smooth that has a huge fan base.  With this product, I believe I’ve now tried every product in the ‘pores line’ and like some of them really well.  This particular product had a bit of an odd scent, somewhat musty.  It felt nice going on my face and didn’t irritate my sometimes sensitive, combination skin but did leave it feeling a bit dry.  My once non existent pores have enlarged with age but I didn’t see a noticeable difference after the first use…maybe with continued use reduction will be noticeable.

Harvey Prince

Harvey Prince Eau So Devine: sample spray vial.  The full size versions range from $26.00 – $55.00

This is a perfume with notes of Italian Lemon, Japanese Lily, Moroccan Jasmine and Madagascar Vanilla.  I’ve received many Harvey Prince fragrance samples through Birchbox and I’ve yet to try one that I like.  I guess the brand is just not for me.  When I read the descriptions I think, OK, I might like this but they all just smell way too sweet for my liking and this one remains just as sweet even after it dries down.  Not my fragrance style.

The Birchbox Plus Item:


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    Great review and great box!! I love Birchbox!!


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      Thank you, thank you! Loving the Davines and eye cream!xx

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