Liebster Award Nomination – October 2015

Liebster rose

This is my very first Liebster Award nomination and I am thrilled to know that other bloggers are reading and enjoying my blog!  I was nominated by the lovely Tamira Michelle – BeautyByTami (Thank you, thank you)  Please check out her awesome blog and show some love!

Big Thanks to everyone who has followed me, liked, commented and supported me.  You’re all fabulous!

The Rules:

Once Nominated Thank the Person who nominated you and link them in your post.

Include a Liebster Award Sticker in your post.

Nominate some other bloggers you feel deserve this award as well.

Let them know they have been nominated by commenting on one of their posts.

Answer the 10 questions given to you by the person who nominated you and create 10 of your own for your nominees.

Copy the rules in the post.

Lets GO:

My Nominees are:

Elisabeth – Everything and Nothing

Nancy – OK, Keep it Real

Stephanie – Stephie Estie

Carlyn – NeedThatMakeup – Carlynnsblog

Tamira Michelle – beautybytami

Amy  – Polished by Amy

You ladies all have awesome blogs and I thank each and everyone of you for following me and reading my blog, your interaction and just being you!!!  Keep it up!  -Please check these blogs out and show these ladies some love. 🙂

My Questions:

Some of your current fave bands/songs?

Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Lord Huron, Houndmouth and Spoon and I can’t stop singing along to Meg Mac!

Any beauty tricks you have that you can share with us?

I love putting (face) primer on my legs, it perfects and smooths them just as it does your face.  A good one to try is ELF Cosmetics as it is super inexpensive, a fairly large bottle and comes in numerous corrective finishes including a bronzing shade!

Where do you work? Does it involve Beauty?

I originally went to school for graphic design and worked in that field for some time.  I had initially wanted to go to school for art/fashion design and have always had a passion for makeup as an artistry.  I also went to nursing school but never worked in the field.  I’ve worked in many other fields in my life including IT, Law and a home building company in which I drew and designed one of our homes.  I currently stay at home with our newly 4 year old son and engage in hobbies such as art/creating, baking/cake design, cooking, blogging and hoarding beauty products 🙂


Oddly enough I’ve never got in to MAC, not since the MAC lip glass craze in the late 90’s early 2000’s, I went through a lot of that. haha!  I’ve always been an avid Sephora and Ulta girl and MAC being its own thing altogether; I think I’m afraid to set foot in a MAC store as I am such an all or nothing type.  I would think I needed some of everything.  I’d have to rent a small apt. just for my beauty products. (I may anyway) So, I guess NARS.  I use a lot of their products. 

If you were given a $300 gift card to your favorite makeup/beauty store, would you give up wearing makeup out for 1 whole week?

Absolutely.  You can do anything for a little while! 🙂

Any special skills/hobbies/talents besides makeup and beauty?

I play piano and a little guitar.  I make specialty, intricate fondant cakes, baking, cooking, drawing, sculpting (art of all types)  typically, if I see something and want to make it; I can.  I am a creative type, for sure. I love the ocean, surfing, the beach, reading, mini trips around CA, adventures and hanging with my family.

If you could meet/go out to lunch with someone famous, who would you pick?

This is hard! I’ve got no idols and really never think of things like this…I think Anna Kendrick would be a super fun friend.  She’s crazy talented but also yea, her. 😉

Coffee or Tea?

Coffee in the morning, [herbal] tea in the afternoon and evening.

Favorite thing to do when you get home from a long day?

Long, hot, bubble bath in my enormous tub with my kindle/book, then relaxing with hot tea while watching [our] favorite shows with my hubby.

Purses or Shoes? 😉

My collection of both is equally expansive!

Questions for MY Nominees:

1. What inspired you to start a blog?

2. Where do you hope to be [in life] in 5 years?

3. What is your must have beauty product, (specific) The one product you keep purchasing over and over?

4. Where are you originally from?

5. What’s on your bucket list?

6. Go to style/outfit?

7. What one trait/characteristic best describes you?

8. If you could live any place in the world where would it be?

9. If you were able to change one major thing about the world today what would it be?

10. Introvert or extravert?

Thanks again, everyone! I hope you enjoy my Q and A as well as the questions I’ve created for you!

Thanks for reading!

until next time…

-Kelli xoxo


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    1. kelifornia79

      Awesome! Thanks for participating and for the shoutout! I love reading everyone’s answers!


  2. kelifornia79

    Right!!?? Thanks! I had fun answering them and creating my own. Can’t wait to read yours answers too! xoxo


  3. tamiramichelle

    I LOVE all of your answers, it’s so neat to learn some stuff about you girl! Thanks for participating<3 I will definitely answer your questions soon and add you to the my liebster post! You're so sweet 🙂


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  4. Ok, Keep It Real

    Thanks so much for nominating me! I hope to get to this soon. And … totally agree with giving up makeup for a week for $300! 🙂

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    1. kelifornia79

      Haha, Right!? You are so welcome! Whenever you have time, no biggie!

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