November News and GIVEAWAY announcement!

Thank You

Hi everyone!  Happy November!  I wanted to pop in real quick for a little ‘news and announcements bit’ but mostly to say Thank You!  Last week I finally reached (and surpassed) 100 followers on my WordPress blog; more on bloglovin and passed 600 on instagram!  This may be a small accomplishment but an accomplishment nonetheless and I could not have done it without each of you!  Thanks to each and every one of you that follow, read and interact with me through my blog and even nominated me for blogger awards!  Knowing that you enjoy my content, find great new products and useful information pertaining to such truly inspires me to make this blog all that I can!  I look forward each day to your feedback and comments and want to show my appreciation by doing my very first giveaway!!  My giveaway will be announced and begin this week and run through November.  I’m not going to release the content just yet but will say that the theme of this giveaway will be my ‘Glowvember Giveaway’ and the content will be fabulous!  So: Stay tuned this week for my full announcement, content and entry!  Thanks again!!!


I also wanted to take a moment to share some of the little wins and achievements of mine; just little things that make me smile as it shows that people enjoy my content and want to share it on their websites, etc.!

Allure Magazine

Really cool getting a mention and photo printed in the physical ‘Allure Magazine’!


Nordstrom! 🙂

Wantable Photo Friday


Savvy Sleepers




Physicians Formula

Physicians Formula

The above are all amazing brands and companies and it thrills me to see that they interact, enjoy and use my content!  Thanks for reading!  Stay tuned for my giveaway as well as plenty of new beauty hauls, reviews, subscription boxes and a new mani and nail themed post (The Nail Files) this month!

Give my blog a follow, a like, spread the word. 🙂
Until next time…
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-Kelli xoxo

17 thoughts on “November News and GIVEAWAY announcement!

  1. Wow girl that is some awesome accomplishments!! Totally jealous of your photo skills!! I totally need to get on your level haha (if that is even possible). I love all your pictures and your Instagram is perfection! That is amazing how many huge companies reposted your pics!! You seriously should be so proud!! I am just so happy for you!!

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    1. Awww! Thanks a ton! I love pictures and taking them and looking at everyone elses…I do not even OWN a real camera only use my iphone! This is something I desperately need to change and learn as I thoroughly enjoy photography and have a background in graphic design and art. Spent plenty of time in a darkroom in my younger years! I get as excited as a little kid when I get responses like these and wanted so badly to share them with someone! I am so excited to post my first giveaway this week. I hope you enter!

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      1. Well girl I need to move close to you then so you can show me how to take amazing pictures with my phone camera (actually I use my iPod haha). That explains it haha! Graphic design background haha. But still you are amazing at your picture skills. I am glad you shared them. I love seeing other bloggers have success. It makes me so happy!! One day I can watch ya’ll become huge bloggers and be like I know them (I knew them before they were huge haha). I can’t wait to see what your first giveaway will include. I will of course enter hehe!


      2. There’s no real method to my madness! Hahaha. I have the newest Iphone so it does take a pretty good photo…for a phone! I enjoy it too. I love seeing people grow and succeed! I love interacting with everyone! Oh man, If only!!! You have had great success!!

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