Popsugar Must Have November 2015

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It’s time to for another great box from Popsugar Must Have and I am here to review it!

November Popsugar


If you are new to the game POPSUGAR MH is a Monthly Lifestyle Subscription Box service delivered to your door for only 39.95 plus free shipping and is valued at over 100.00! *They also come out with many excellent 1 time purchase luxury limited edition boxes that are fab!

Each box contains the best in fashion, beauty, home, fitness, food, and more delivered straight to your door, a monthly delivery of fabulous surprises curated by POPSUGAR Editor in Chief Lisa Sugar.  I, personally LOVE this subscription box. They don’t always hit it right on the mark each month, for everyone…but most of the time, for me; they do.  I enjoy receiving such a wide variety of items in one subscription box and love the anticipation of such.  I generally like and use all of the things I receive but in the event it doesn’t suit me it’s always something of quality that I can gift to another.  They work with good, quality and many higher end brands and often include discount codes and gift cards to use toward future purchases.  This subscription box, for me, is just really fun!
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November Box Inspiration:
FRIENDS & FAMILY, Gratitude, GIFTING, Festivities
The Box:
Popsugar Must Have November
The Goods:
Tarte Beauty and the box eyeshadow
The shadow box
beauty and the box tarte
The shadows: from top left: Golden Delicious, Caramel, Gala & Honeycrisp
Tarte Cosmetics Beauty & The Box Eye Shadow: (colors vary) $22.00
The last thing in the world that I needed was another shadow palette; but, I’m a makeup/beauty addict so I was excited for it anyway!  The shadow box palettes varied and I am pleased with the one I received.  The box itself is darling and good for travel.  It contains both matte and shimmer finishes and the shade selection is on par with my daily wear; neutral shades.  The shadows have a nice finish and the matte shadows have great pigment.  The shimmers are pretty good too but the light one does require quite a bit of layering to achieve the swatch below.  The dark shade works well as a smokey liner.  This will be nice to bring with me on short trips in place of my larger UD ‘nakeds’ and other eye shadow palettes.
tarte swatch
from top left: Golden Delicious, Caramel, Gala & Honeycrisp
post card pack
Gramr Gratitude
Gramr Gratitude Co. Exclusive Thanksgiving Postcard Pack: $10.00
These postcards are really pretty and I like having nice cards on hand to send on a whim…but unfortunately these are Thanksgiving cards and b/c I received my box much later than usual this month, due to some shipping delay somewhere, I was unable to send them out.  Now to find a safe place to pack them away so I can hopefully find them to send out next year.
Capri Blue
Capri Blue Candle:jewelry box
Capri Blue Mercury Jewel Box in Rain: $18.95
This was one of the spoilers this month and I was really happy about it!  This is just the type of item that I love.  I love candles, especially when they come in a nice boutique style, decorative jar/container.  This particular candle matches my style and decor perfectly and the mercury glass jar with the stamped, aged, wooden lid is meant to be used as a small jewelry box when the candle is used up.  I will definitely be doing this.  The ‘rain’ scent of the candle is really nice as well and something I would chose for myself.  (We also received a code for 20% of site wide with $5.00 flat rate shipping.)
Terrapin Ridge Farms
Terrapin Ridge Farms Pecan Honey Mustard: $6.00
PSMH always includes some sort of food or snack item in their monthly boxes, which is nice but I personally love when they chose something such as this; a unique product that can be used multiple times, set out for a holiday treat at a party or even used in a nice gift basket.  This pecan honey mustard is super good, the flavor is fantastic and it can be used for so many different things.  I used it the other night as a glaze for a chicken dish and my husband absolutely loved it!
Bingo West Emory
West Emory Bingo Set: $20.00
I love every single thing about this bingo game…except the fact that it is Bingo.  I think it was an awesome idea to put a game in this box and the theme was nearly perfect; but Bingo?   I wish this company would have made a version of any other game in the world and this box would have been perfect.. but I do not see anyone that I know being down for a good game of bingo.  The good news is that it is such a nicely made high end looking version that it looks really nice on one of my coffee tables with the holiday decor and who knows maybe some day, 40 + years from now in between pnochle and canasta, I may just break out the Bingo! Haha!
Deepa Gurnani Headband
Deepa Gurnani Katie Crystal Headband: $56.00
This headband is really pretty and will be great for dressing up to a holiday look!  It even makes my super messy bun, lounging around the house look seem a bit nicer! ha!
Me headband
Far from the best photo of me…but you get the idea 🙂
Special Extra: Inkdot Gift Card
I did not take a photo of this but it’s a $20.00 gift card to use at inkdot.com – This is a service that turns your digital photos in to prints, coasters, iphone cases and more.
So…what did you think of November’s box?  This box would have been perfect, in my opinion, had the game been something more current, enjoyed by a wider range of people, but I still really liked the box, either way.  The box had a value $132.95;  ($152.95 if you count the gift card.)  Not bad at all.  I am really looking forward to both December’s box and the special edition holiday box!
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