Milani & Wet N Wild new for 2016

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! I have a few products from a couple of brands I do not generally purchase from but these 3 products intrigued me, for different reasons so I figured: Why not?

The first product I will be reviewing is from Milani; the new for 2016 Moisture Lock oil infused lip treatment.  I actually purchased 2 of the 8 available versions: Repairing Primrose & Moisturizing Almond Cocoa.

Milani Moisture Lock

Milani Moisture Lock Oil Infused Lip Treatment: $8.00

Having perpetually dry, chapped lips I had high hopes for this product and while it isn’t a terrible product it simply did not deliver as I’d hoped.  Milani’s site describes this product as follows: “a revolution in lip hydration plus a healthy dose of shine with a first-of-its-kind lip oil in 8 addictively scented, kiss quenching shades. All lip oils are formulated with the natural healing power of Jojoba, Avocado and Tsubaki Oil. As an added benefit, each shade is infused with different nutrient-dense oils that treat a specific concern. The soft, extra plush applicator hugs the curves of your lips, locking in moisture”.

First off I am not a fan of the applicator.  It’s quite large and seems to over-absorb the product; not a big deal, I simply applied the product with my finger so my lips were well coated.  It does impart a nice shine and I like the way the product feels on my lip.  They both have a nice scent; especially the almond cocoa, as well as a subtle but pleasant enough taste…they just didn’t really do much of anything for my lips.  I gave them a fair run, applying a generous amount each evening, prior to bed, for about a week in hopes of experiencing some results but I simply did not notice any. 😦 [Sigh] such promise.

Wet N Wild Ultimate brow Illumi-Naughty

These two little gems are part of a new ‘brow themed’ display from Wet N Wild and are only available at Walgreens.  Now, Wet N Wild is not a brand I typically use; it’s been around as long as I can remember and as a kid it was often my source (and only source) for a bright blue or white nail polish.  Aside from that it was an affordable option for a black eyeliner pencil in my early teens when makeup was not really all that huge of a ‘thing’…especially for teens. Throughout the years I may have grabbed a thing or two on a whim but have never considered the brand much on quality. I snagged these two items on a late night trip to Walgreens, while visiting my hometown, when my sister decided she needed a new brow look and me to help her with it.  We grabbed everything new in brow related drugstore items to work on her look.  These two products are surprisingly good and useful, having multiple purposes.

ultimatebrow highlighter Wet n Wild

Wet N Wild Ultimatebrow Highlighter: $4-$5.00 (Walgreens Only)

I Looooove pencils like these and b/c I use them for a plethora of different things, and they endure multiple and frequent sharpenings; I go through them super fast.  Even the idea that I could find one for much, much less than that of what I currently use was enticing enough.  I’m only sad I didn’t grab a bunch!  These highlighter pencils are amazing little creations.  While this one is not quite as creamy and blendable as my favorite high end version it’s still surprisingly good!  I use mine under my brows for a highlight, a quick vertical stripe down the center of my nose, corners of my eyes, the dark shadowy line under my eyes and most importantly: blemishes.  Sure, it’s light (lighter than my skin, obviously,) but when you have an angry red blemish or darkened spot concealers or extra foundation can often darken the spot making it look even worse.  Using this as a precision spot corrector after your foundation and such can blur that imperfection right away.  I think pencils such as this are a must have for everyone and this is a great budget friendly place to start.  If you have the budget and for an option that omits the pink tone try the Chella Ivory Lace Pencil (other shades available) Excellent product.

Wet N Wild Highlighter Eye Pencil Swatch


wet n wild illumi-naughty

Wet N Wild illumi-naughty Highlighting & Concealing Pen: $4-$5.00 (walgreens only)

Another great budget friendly option of a higher end product.  (I believe this is only available in two shades, which is a bit of a downfall)  This illuminating concealer click pen is easy to use and while a bit thicker and a tad less ‘illuminating’ than higher end versions, it’s still pretty good.  I use it just along the line like shadow that you get under your eyes.  Lightly dot along the line as opposed to covering the entire under eye area. It helps conceal the darkest shadow created in that area diffusing light and giving you a ‘fresher’ look without packing on under eye concealer that can settle in to lines or give you the opposite of what you already have i.e: a giant lighter under eye circle as opposed to a dark one.  It’s just as obvious.  You can also use this little wand to illuminate any other area of your face as well.  I’m not saying this will replace my YSL Touche Eclat but if that is out of your budget, give this a whirl.

Illumi-naughty swatch


I hope everyone found any answers you were looking for, if not; ask away! Stay tuned for more in drugstore 2016!

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Thanks for reading!

-Kelli xoxo


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