Popsugar Must Have January 2016

Hello Lovelies!

It’s time to for another great box from Popsugar Must Have and I am here to review it!

January Inspiration

Popsugar Must Have January 2016

Renewal. ORGANIZATION. Detox. New Year. Healthy Habits


If you are new to the game POPSUGAR MH is a Monthly Lifestyle Subscription Box service delivered to your door for only 39.95 plus free shipping and is valued at over 100.00! *They also come out with many excellent 1 time purchase luxury limited edition boxes that are fab!

Each box contains the best in fashion, beauty, home, fitness, food, and more delivered straight to your door, a monthly delivery of fabulous surprises curated by POPSUGAR Editor in Chief Lisa Sugar.  I, personally LOVE this subscription box. They don’t always hit it right on the mark each month, for everyone…but most of the time, for me; they do.  I enjoy receiving such a wide variety of items in one subscription box and love the anticipation of such.  I generally like and use all of the things I receive but in the event it doesn’t suit me it’s always something of quality that I can gift to another.  They work with good, quality and many higher end brands and often include discount codes and gift cards to use toward future purchases.  This subscription box, for me, is just really fun!
Popsugar Must have all products January 2016
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The Box:
Jan 2016 PopsugarMH
January 2016 Popsugar Must Have
The Goods:
Pehr designs Pebble Speck Bin
Pehr Designs Pebble Speck Bin: Suggested Retail $40.00
This is a really nice, roomy, canvas storage bin with a cute speckled design and fits the theme of this box perfectly.  As you can see it also fits this organizing cubicle shelf I recently purchased perfectly!  It’s a 4 cubicle unit so I am going to purchase one additional bin for the top left cubicle and use the vacant two cubes for books!
Blue Sky Day Designer Weekly Planner
Another great theme fitting product.  I’m not one of those planner obsessed people with the stickers and colored pens and such but it is nice having a chic looking planner that’s not too big to keep in most of my bags to jot things down as they arise.  It’s nice to have something on hand for organizing the chaotic thoughts that run through my mind at any given moment.  I like the simple elegant look of this leather like notebook and I feel more ‘together’ just simply having it in my possession. 😉
Mary Kondo Spark joy
Spark Joy by Marie Kondo: Suggested Retail $18.99
This was the spoiler item for this month’s box and while reading is one of my greatest loves I’ve no interest in self help books, especially one of this nature.  It does go well with the theme and I am sure there are plenty of folks that enjoy these sorts of books.  I kind of feel in reading such a book it would advise that I downsize my subscription box addiction. haha.  I will likely hang on to this item until I find someone who might enjoy it.  You can purchase this book new at Target for 13.29.
Not soap Radio 5 pack shower gel
I have sampled a few of these shower gel minis via Birchbox, but none of the scents included in this set.  I’ll never say no to a good bath product and this set is perfect to bring along on a trip, with a new scent to try each day.  I’ve always wondered about the curious name given to this brand, what it was all about.  If you want to read about it click here.
Patchology Mask Trio
Patchology FlashMasque Trio: Suggested Retail $20.00
This is a set of 3, 5 minute facial sheet masks targeted to specific needs.  I love face masks and this is a nice way to try a few different types from a new brand.  I’ve not had a chance to try these yet as I have been using so many different skin care products on my face as of late.  I do not want to get too carried away.  The reviews I have read have been really good and they are sold at quality, high end department stores such as Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus.  I look forward to trying them out.
{roject 7 Summer Snow SF Gourmet Gum
I saw this brand around quite a bit in 2015 and purchased it often.  I’m not a big gum fan but often crave something sweet directly following dinner so if I pop a piece of this; I save myself 😉 The flavors are unique and the packaging catchy.  Though not exactly sure how at the times of purchase, I could tell by the packaging that this brand gave back in some form making me feel better about purchasing.  You can read more about their mission here.
Special Extra
Chapstick total Hydration soothing vanilla
I already owned a tube of this prior and find it really moisturizing and the scent nice, similar to those little, colored butter mints.  I keep one in my purse and now I have a spare. 🙂
So…What did everyone think of this month’s box?  Despite not digging the spoiler item this box was well put together and I really liked the remaining items.  I valued this box @ $116.26 as I put the value of the book as 13.29 as opposed to 18.99 since it is readily available at that price.  Not the highest box value but a good deal, nonetheless.
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    Thank you for the follow! I just followed you back because I’m loving your blog, very informative! Hope you’re having a great day, i’m sure we will chat more soon:)


    1. kelifornia79

      Absolutely!! Thank you so much! xx

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  2. ayrgalaxy

    Does everyone get the same stuff with this subscription?

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    1. kelifornia79

      Yea, when it comes to Popsugar it’s the same for everyone, When cosmetics are involved there is sometimes some variation in colors and such..but basically the same.

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  3. The Bambi Eyes

    I love that blue planner! I couldn’t find any nice planners this year and ended up with a dinky one from the dollar store lol, Guess there’s next year!

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    1. kelifornia79

      Haha! It is a really nice one. Chic, simple, sophisticated. Adulting!

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    2. Nena

      LOL Me, too!! How funny:p

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        Hahah! We better look ahead of time before 2017!

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        Yes! For sure! Maybe we should start now lol


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