Glossybox January 2016

Today I will be reviewing my January Glossybox.  (There are generally a few variations in products) Glossybox is a monthly subscription box that boasts 5 luxury beauty products each month, wrapped up in a lovely pink box. The products are often full sized, if not; they are deluxe sized samples. The cost of the subscription is 21.00 per month with free shipping.

Glossybox has a classic monthly box but often does a special edition or collab/partner edition that replaces their regular box.  These boxes generally have a unique box with special artwork or are labeled with the partnering brands/company’s logos etc. They are specially curated to fit the theme or contain some of the most popular brands/products spotlighted by said partnering brands/companies.  I get really excited for these boxes. (The October 2015 box was one of these ‘types’ of Glossyboxes.)  The special edition boxes alone are often great for display or re-use in some way or another.  In addition to these unique monthly versions Glossybox also curates special, limited edition, [additional] one time purchase boxes, ie: Holiday, Mothers day etc. (you can scroll through the past boxes here -just scroll down the linked page a bit to view past boxes.) * If it does not have a month in the title than it is a special edition one time, additional purchase box, other wise it was the box included in your subscription.

…and now on to January’s box.  This month’s box had a really good variety: Products for the face, lips, body and hair.  Let’s get started!

The Box:

Glossybox January 2016

The Goods:

Royal Apothic Body Creme

Royal Apothic Cream Crème Moisturizing Body Crème in Cutting Garden: Product is a 1.25 oz travel size tube.  Full 8 oz size is $30.00

The body crème:  This is a thick, moisturizing, freshly scented body crème that lightly exfoliates the skin with milk proteins.  I’ve owned several products from this brand already and have really enjoyed them all.  This has been a good leg moisturizer, post bathing, for my really dry, winter skin.

417 foot nourishing cream in ocean

-417 Foot Nourishing Cream in Ocean: Product is a Deluxe/travel 1.7 oz size.  Full size is 3.4 oz & $18.00

The foot cream:  This is my first rodeo with this brand, minus 417.  This foot cream is made with dead sea salt and various oils, a great start…and I adore the Ocean scent.  Anything having to do with ocean scents and sea salt generally make me happy.  Too bad we can’t just bottle damp sea salt air. I’m not sure how much it has done for my feet so far but I’m also not sure that any foot cream can.  Years of walking through sand and living barefoot or in flip flops is not really a recipe for soft smooth feat; but I like this, it feels nice and I will keep using it.  Any improvement is welcomed! 😉

MeMeMe Lip Glide

Me Me Me Lip Glide in Playful Peach: Product is full size and 8.25 GBP (Could not find a USD retailer.  I think this converts to around $11.88)

The Lip Product: This is a matte/Velvet chubby lip pencil in a peachy/pink shade.  Unfortunately it was really the wrong product for me.  The texture of this product sinks in to any crease or crack in the lips and made my already chapped lips look flat out hideous.  The color I received is one that magnifies this even more and gave them a garish look.  Yikes.  It swatched nicely on my arm so if your lips are soft and smooth and you dig pinky/peach shades than it might suit you just fine.

Emite Makeup Base Primer

Emite Makeup Diamond Heart Illuminating Base Primer:  Product is full size $29.00

Primers are one of my favorite products to receive.  While I use certain types more often there isn’t really a type that I can’t use at some point during the month.  Right now this moisturizing, radiance enhancing version is bringing a little life to my blah dry skin.  It has a peachy, illuminating tint out of the tube but blends right in to the skin.  If your skin get’s a bit shiny throughout the day try using a matte foundation over the top to balance it a bit.

beautiful nutrition lemon rinse

Beautiful Nutrition Lemon rinse Gentle Clarifying Treatment: Product is a Deluxe/Travel 2 oz size.  Full size is $10.00 for 13.3 oz

This product smells great but these product types never work well for me…they always seem to give me the opposite results.  I get the need for clarifying treatments, I just never get the results I hope for.  I guess if you have no moisture to ‘seal in’ it can’t really do that, now can it? 😦  I got a little shine but I think I’ll stick to saturating my hair in oils post conditioning.  For the record:  I’ve read plenty of reviews in which those reviewing loved this product.  I have always had really difficult hair.

What were your thoughts on this month’s Glossybox?  A couple of the products were misses for me but this was largely due to my own issues.  I liked the variety of the products this month and was able to try new things and brands.

Thanks for Reading!

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  1. wordsandrhymetopassthetime

    Interesting as I subscribe and got 5 completely different products thought they were always roughly the same.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kelifornia79

      Was it your first box and are you in the US?


      1. wordsandrhymetopassthetime

        No in the UK that makes a bit more sense.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. kelifornia79

        Yea, Glossybox UK is totally different each month. We sometimes get the same products, just not at the same time 🙂


  2. jessicalouise3

    Lovely review of Glossybox, shame you didnt like a few of the products 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kelifornia79

      Thank you! Yea…several great products so I can’t complain. I’m super picky about hair products. Maybe, if my chapped lips ever get under control the lippy will work. xx


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