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Happy Friday everyone!  I have been diligently trying and trying again, combining, comparing and simply working on providing thorough reviews for so many new for 2016 products!  This post is dedicated to Physicians Formula and their newest products and collections.  Lets get started!

The first product up for review is the of the moment, K-beauty inspired, cushion compact.

Phycisioans Formula ABC cushion compact

Physicians Formula All-in-1 ABC Cushion Foundation: $16.95

ABC Cushion foundation Physcians Formula

Standard Cushion compact design:

If you are new to the cushion compact concept here is a little bit about the product:  The product comes in a deep compact with 2 compartments.  The top compartment contains a specialized puff applicator which seems to be pretty similar across the board.  The bottom compartment contains the foundation/bb product which is contained inside a sponge of sorts.  The makeup product itself is very thin allowing buildable coverage from light to full.

This cushion compact is part of the Physicians Formula Mineral Wear line, is talc free and contains an SPF 50.  I’m a pretty big fan of these cushion compacts right now so naturally I had to try the 2 drugstore versions that just came out.  (I recently reviewed the L’Oréal version as well.)  This compact itself is so incredibly cute and the product inside lives up to its packaging.  The product is slightly thicker than others I have tried, consistency is just a tad bit different but it is still very thin in comparison to other foundations in general.  Product is designed to be buildable and can give you light to medium coverage while blurring lines and other imperfection but providing coverage that is as light as air.  I love how you can keep building coverage yet it never feels heavy on your skin and has a very natural look to it. (If you typically desire a full coverage foundation this likely isn’t for you.) Biggest downfall to this physicians Formula version is the minimal shade selection: Light, Light/Medium, Medium.   Fortunately, for me, my skin tone is a pretty neutral light/medium so PF products generally work pretty well for me.  I do find that I get a more seamless, tone perfect match with my shade pick in the L’Oréal version.  I also prefer the even lighter feel & texture as well as the ‘lumi’ finish of the L’Orèal version.  I do feel though, that come summer; I will likely prefer the PF version as it may handle my shinier, less dry skin and of course the SPF 50 is a good idea for the intense CA rays.  I think the L’Oréal lumi would be more apt to have me in makeup meltdown.

Next Up…

Super BB Instaready Line.jpg

The Super BB #InstaReady Line: $12.95-$14.95

All 3 of these products were intriguing, cute names and packaging, all in one type products…so I grabbed the 3 I had the most interest in trying.  I’m really kind of on the fence with all of them for the most part; so here are their pros and cons!

Phycisians Formula Super BB Instaready

Super BB #InstaReady Beauty Balm BB cream: $14.95

This product is described as an ultra-lightweight formula designed to instantly smooth & rebalance skin while absorbing oil but not moisture for balanced skin and a smooth semi-matte finish.  The blurring effect minimizes shine, hides imperfections and reduces the appearance of pores and fine lines.

Pros: This product has the technology and bares the results of a good, blurring primer but with moderate color and coverage so you can wear it alone.  It does do some blurring and smoothing and it feels pretty light on the skin while concealing minor skin imperfections and evening out your skin tone.

Cons: Very limited shade range.  Not good for dry/very dry skin, especially dry skin that is coping with aging.  While the areas of my face to which I applied the product that are ‘normal’ looked quite good (and felt good) the dry flaky areas of my skin looked noticeably worse.  Because my very dry areas are around my mouth, as are my first signs of aging: laugh lines [tear] This gave me the opposite effect I was going for and made my problem areas appear more noticeable.

Verdict: I always deal with dry skin in the winter months but this year it has been much more difficult to combat than normal.  I think I would feel much better about this line if my skin were in its normal state.  I do not recommend this line if you have very dry skin. If your skin is normal and you are looking for a one stop product it may suit you.

super BB Instaready compact Sunkist Physicians formula

Insta Ready BB compact Phycisians Formula

Super BB #InstaReady filter BB Bronzer: $14.95

I had better luck with this one. 😉 I love that this one compact offers so many different benefits and despite owning many high end bronzers I constantly find myself still purchasing PF versions and using them frequently. In the summer, when my skin is clear I will often just grab a good bronzer and give my face and neck a good dusting and call it a day.

Pros: This is nice because it gives you the bronzing effect with a bit of lightweight coverage & oil absorption plus it has a bit of a blurring and softening effect in the finish.  The powder is light and velvety, almost creamy; a really nice texture.  It is a product you can use on its own or dust a layer over a light foundation as a finishing powder/product.  Product also contains SPF 30

Cons: Product is available in one shade, which is bronze…but it is a very light, natural  bronzer.  I wish there was a darker bronze shade for summer…

Verdict:  I’m going to keep using this one, trying different things.  I feel it has a place amongst my routines.  It’s a good multi use product and I do not own anything similar.

Super BB Instaready contour stick Physicians Formula

Super BB #InstaReady contour trio BB stick: $12.95

This product was too fun and cute looking to pass up.  Benefit came out with a similar type product some time ago, more of a peachy blush version, for more than double the cost.  I can’t compare the two b/c I do not own the benefit version but Im preferential to a bronze version.  This product uses the same perfecting bb formula as the other products in this line

Pros: Quick, easy one step product that is super easy to blend and makes quick of defining your cheek bones, complete with a nice skin perfecting formula.

Cons: The blending may take a bit of practice.  Because it blends so well you can over blend it all together and end up with ‘muddied’ looking cheeks, if you do not blend well enough you may end up with ombre cheeks: One ombre look that will never take of. haha!

Verdict: Playing with the pressure you apply to get it just right and your blending technique perfected may take a few tries but overall it is a nice formula and a quick way to define your cheekbones.  I think it is a fun product and I’m glad I picked it up.  The shades are on the bronzy side and less of contour ‘shade’ but the look for me is a more defining alternative to blush and I like the results I achieve.

Super BB contour stick insta ready Physicians Formula

Physicians Formula Super BB conour swatch

Arm Swatches: (I had no sunlight so I took the bottom photo with the flash on)

All over blur Super CC Physician Formula

Super CC all-over blur CC cream: $14.95

This product has similarities to the #instaReady Super BB only it uses the color correcting technology as well.  I think this product works best used as a primer but does offer minimal coverage and skin tone correcting properties.

Pros:  Multitasking primer with tri-color correcting properties that tone down redness, blues under eye area and brightening for dull skin. Blurring properties.

Cons:  Not good for dry/very dry skin.  Color correcting was minimal.

Verdict:  Product is pretty similar to the other I purchased and didn’t suit my very dry skin.  It did not do as much as I’d hoped as far as reducing redness goes.  I’ll likely try it again when my skin is back to its normal state but right now; I definitely think it’s a product that I can do without.

Physicians formula touch of Blur

Physicians Formula Nude Wear Touch of Blur: $12.95

This is the newest installment in the nude wear line.  I already use and love the touch of glow foundation stick and the touch of glow click pen so this product was a must try for me and the one product in this haul that actually helps my skin in its current pathetic, dry state.  I love these multi use precision correcting type products and find myself finding random uses for them as I go.  This is great for blurring imperfections while tricking the eyes.  Product is very thin so it’s not a product for heavy coverage of dark circles and such but more to brighten and waken the area instead.

Pros:  Lightweight, easy to use, multi functional.  Works great as a highlighter, concealing and blurring imperfections that remain after applying foundation, brightening the under eye area and minimizing fine lines.

Cons:  Its very lightweight/thin and can rub away if you are not blending properly. lightly patting with the applicator or with the pad of your finger in very light tapping motions for under eye area works best.  less precision than with the brush tip types. Only available in 2 shades.

Verdict:  I love it as a little touch up tool when I am otherwise finished with my makeup.  the packaging is gorgeous and I have really liked all of the products from this line. The shade is very neutral and brightening.  I will definitely continue using this and other products from this line for the light feel and fresh faced glowing look they allow me to achieve.

I hope you enjoyed my review and got any answers to any product inquiries you may have had.  If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!  Coming up next in: New for 2016 Drugstore addition: Maybelline & Covergirl…then on to high end; skin care & makeup.

Thanks so much for reading!

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-Kelli xoxo


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  1. beautyholics101

    I know I’m really late but this post looked intriguing! The contour trio stick looked interesting, and I would probably buy it to test it out.
    Sounds like you weren’t crazy impressed, but it’s good you found a few things you liked.


    1. kelifornia79

      It’s funny that you ended up on this post and mentioned that. This summer, I went back to that stick, due to wearing little product on my face, and being in a rush… and I actually use that stick quite often now and it really grew on me. I totally recommend trying it out if you want a nice defined cheekbone with little effort. Just a quick perfectly placed swipe on either side. Find a good blending tool and after a couple of trial runs you will find your perfect method..and it really looks good when you do, and takes mere seconds. xx


  2. Shopaholicsblog

    Hey ,
    I just nominated you for the 2nd Liebster Award! check out the rules here https://nshahzadblog.wordpress.com/2016/02/02/2nd-liebster-award-👑-nominations/


    1. kelifornia79

      Thank you so much! Really appreciate it. I will try to get to it soon. 🙂


      1. Shopaholicsblog

        Great can’t wait!


  3. mbardillo

    Loving these photos and in-depth reviews! I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check it out at: https://frostandpolish.wordpress.com/2016/01/27/liebster-award/


    1. kelifornia79

      Thank you so much! I will try to get to it soon! – I try to make sure I thoroughly try my products first and give a good, quality review xx


      1. mbardillo

        Love it! You are awesome! Have a lovely Monday!


  4. Sofia

    Hi there, I didn’t know this brand. I believe it’s not available in my country yet, but really liked your post! Thanks!
    Also, I’ve tagged you in a Q+A on my latest blog post! 🙂
    Have a little look, hope you can do it. 🙂


    1. kelifornia79

      Thank you, Sofia! The brand has been around for many years in the US and I heard it has just reached a popular drugstore in Malaysia but I’m unsure what other Countries have it available. I will definitely participate in your tag but when I click on your site link it tells me ‘site has been deleted by author’. I didn’t see any notification of a tag either. Just let me know how to find it and I will do it! ☺️


      1. Sofia

        Let’s wait it arrives inPortugal and then I’ll definitelly try some of their products! 🙂
        Wow, wordpress you’re failing. The same happened with the girl that tagged me, something is wrong, or it’s just me that don’t know how to work with this. 😛
        The link is: https://anoonesdiary.wordpress.com/2016/01/31/10-qa-get-to-know-me/
        Thank you! Xx


      2. kelifornia79

        Haha. It’s not the first time I’ve had this happen! I got it via this link though! I will get to it soon. I’m mentally answering the questions! LOL!


  5. harivain

    Physicians Formula just reached a popular drugstore chain in Malaysia but everything is so overpriced! 😥


    1. kelifornia79

      Yea, it is… I was just talking to someone else in regards to this. Because of the chains that carry this in the US, which are often located right near each other they have competitive sales which often get you the product for 50% off..then stack on the stores beauty club ‘cash back’ to use toward future purchases and you can get it at really reasonable prices. It definitely makes a huge difference. I only paid about a quarter of the original retail total for this entire haul. 🙂


  6. itsjordanleigh

    I feel like I never get enough bang for my buck with Physicians Formula. They are probably the most expensive brand at the drugstore and the product payoff just doesn’t match the price tag in my opinion! So I never buy anything from them anymore. Great reviews on the products though!!


    1. kelifornia79

      Yea, I totally understand your feelings. The products I try from them I either love or feel like it was totally unnecessary. I do love a few of their bronzers though, when you find the right one. (and a few other products) I find other drugstore bronzers super mediocre and my fav PF bronzers I feel are easily as good as most high end versions and still cost a fraction of those that I own. I always find myself going back to them. For me that is the only area their cost is justified. They definitely are the highest price items in the drugstore…and if you purchase on the random week from somewhere that it’s not on sale, quite high. CVS and Rite aid generally have them on sale: if one doesn’t, the other does. Sometimes it’s instant coupons, sometimes bogo and sometimes 50% off. I always wait to purchase during these times and constantly have loads of extra bucks; essentially money to put toward my purchase as well. Helps. Thanks so much for reading and commenting!!!


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