Ipsy Glam Bag March 2016


Hey everyone!  Welcome to another Glam Bag review!

This month’s theme is: Hello Spring!

The bag is pretty cute.  I like it more in person than I thought I would from the pictures I saw, it’s bigger than a lot of them too, so it holds more items for travel & such.  I Love the content I received this month; an excellent dry shampoo & a full sized NYX Liquid Suede lip color made the bag on their own.

Below is a shot of my March bag:

Ipsy March 2016

Ipsy is a monthly subscription service.  Each month, subscribers will receive a beautiful Glam Bag with deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products. Members can watch and play along with the stylists with the same products that they are using. All for only $10 a month.

I have been a member for more than 2 years and I absolutely love it.  I have discovered so many excellent products through Ipsy!  I may not always love everything I receive but for only 10.00 a month it is such a fun surprise to look forward to each month!  Ipsy spotlights numerous brands each month and you will generally receive something from 5 of them!  In addition to the products received you will get discount codes from most brands…even the ones that you do not receive!  This months’ discounts include but are not limited to: Josie Maran, Living proof, Colourpop, First Aid Beauty, Chella, Luxie Beauty, Dr. Brandt…the discounts range between 10% -50% off purchase (averaging at 20-25%) and are occasionally a dollar amount.  They sometimes include a gift with purchase.

Ipsy also offers curated sets and other products throughout the month that can be purchased at a special price!  I LOVE THESE!  Current set specials available are from: Starlooks & NUDE skincare,

Another perk is the point system.  You can review your bag and items each month to save points for additional products!  This month I redeemed ipsy points on a full sized .em (by Michelle Phan) Nude lip palette that I am really looking forward to trying.  It looks fantastic

Ipsy also has a giveaways section.  Every month, you can win AMAZING hauls from their Glam Bag partners..and let me tell you there are SO many great ones each month…This month there are contest/giveaways from: Make Up For Ever, Colourpop, NYX Cosmetics, Pixi and SO many more!

So go ahead, take the beauty quiz, get your first Glam Bag, watch the videos, and create your own!

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The Goods:

Living Proof PhD Dry Shampoo

Living proof PhD Dry Shampoo:  Travel size 1.8 oz $12.00, full size is 4 oz & $22.00

I’m a huge fan of Dry Shampoos, I use several and this is one of the brands/versions that I really like.  I was pretty pleased to get such a large version of a quality brand, stuffed inside my bag.  I go through my dry shampoo; being completely candid, with my hair type, if I could figure out a way to stop having to wash my hair all together, I would. 😉  It’s seriously one of my least favorite tasks; all of the treatments and oils, the tangles, the heat styling, only to have to wait a couple of days before it’s even back to its best, manageable state!  I really envy those with soft, straight, less thick, manageable hair!  This one has a light fresh scent and does a great job of eliminating any odors your hair has taken on and b/c the powdery residue is minimal, it’s good for all shades of hair.  I find with this dry shampoo, the residue it does leave can be easily smoothed through your hair without having to brush it through; which is nice if your hair is already styled or you are wearing it up and simply need a dry shampoo touch up near your roots and such.  I’m curious, what is everyone else’s favorite dry shampoo?  I have a few…there are SO many on the market now.

Temptu Warm Glow Bronzer

Temptu Warm Glow Bronzer: .25 oz $10.00 Full sized options start at $27.50 for 1 oz

I had a pretty hard time figuring this little product out, how to purchase it like this and what not… I’ve seen these little bottles as a product distributed in ipsy bags prior and always wondered about them.  The Temptu products, as I knew them, were for an airbrush system, different than that of the others, coming in a pod of sorts. I basically figured it out; if you go to the Temptu site it’s full of their airbrush system and the pod makeup.  You must go to the ‘pro’ section where you will find cosmetic products in these little bottles such as above.  These are designed to be used in a different airbrush system, from what I gather due to the photo I saw on their site, that seem to look and work similarly to the Luminess air version that I own but are also designed to be used on their own with a makeup sponge or otherwise.  I wondered If I could use these particular products in my Luminess system, but b/c they seem ‘thicker’ than my very thin, water based, Luminess makeup; I’m afraid it may ruin my system.  Anybody know anything about this?  I love my Luminess system, but the makeup is pricey and it’s sold in so few (online only) places, I can’t seem to find the right shade since my initial light/medium kit that came with it.  I have two large bottles of ‘the wrong shade’ and haven’t attempted a 3rd try.  I now only use if for airbrush tanning, bronzer & highlighters.  I’ve veered off topic a bit, so back to the product at hand, which I really like.  The shade is nice, the finish is nice and I like that it is light and thin and can be applied with my damp beauty blender as sort of a ‘bronzing veil’ over my foundation, without feeling as though I’ve applied an additional layer to my skin.  You can also mix a drop with your foundation or with a moisturizer to give a subtle bronze glow to your face &/or body.  It’s a fun product to play with and figure out how it best suits you.

Nourish Organics Rose Oil Mist

Nourish Organics Rose Hip & Rose Water Body Oil Mist: travel sized tube, full size mist is $19.99

This product is described as a mist but because it is a travel/trial size this version is in a tube; not really the best way to store/use a product such as this so you must be very careful once removing the cap to disperse the oil in to your hands for application.  Learned this the hard way…  I do like the product, just think they should have kept it as a spray version, travel sized or not.  It’s a nice, easily absorbed, body oil intended for all over moisturizing and hydration, after sun and otherwise with the many skin benefits of rose.  I have a big cosmetic bag filled with nourish organic’s products and really love the brand.  I use their avocado eye treatment cream nightly/daily and I absolutely love it, great one to try if you are in search of a new eye cream.  It’s a brand that I am always excited to receive a new product from.

Me Me Me Makeup Brush

Me Me Me Loose powder brush:  Brush is full sized & I believe, $17.00 (£12.00)

I’ve received a lot of really nice brushes lately from subs; (I really like the Luxie brushes)  This one is just OK, for me.  It’s somewhat fluffy but feels a bit too synthetic-y on y face.  I think, as far as inexpensive brushes go,  the E.Lf. studio versions are better than this one and also less than half the price.  Plus, they can be purchased both in stores and online in the US.  The brand is cute though and I would be interested in trying additional products from it to see how their quality is.

NYX Liquid Suede Lipstick

NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick: Product is full size and $7.00

NYX Cosmetics takes the gold in creating amazing lip product at a very low price, liquid suede, in my opinion, is one of their best installments.  This lip color is  plush and oh so vibrant.  The applicator wand has a longer precise design that allows the lip cream to glide on easily and then set into an ultra lightweight matte finish. I find it super easy to achieve a nice uniform look and it stays really well.  I think this stuff feels a lot lighter and more comfortable than any other matte lipsticks I own and doesn’t intensify my dry lip’s appearance.  I received the shade: pink lust, a very vibrant hot pink and while I do really like it, it certainly is intense and it intensifies everything around it.  If I were in my teens or twenties I would wear the heck out of this shade but now I will likely tone it down. Despite it’s seemingly bluish undertones, I may be mistaken, as it makes my teeth (that I wish were bit whiter as is), seem less white than they normally do. 😦  It’s a great product, that I already loved and totally recommend.

NYX liquid suede swatch.jpg

Arm Swatch

NYX cosmetics liquid suede lip swatch.png

Lip Swatch

Stay Tuned for my .em cosmetics nude lip palette review! (redeemed ipsy points for this)

Em by Michelle Phan Lip palette Nude


Excellent bag this month with a really high value!

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  1. Nena

    The lip color is very pretty! All the products look great and looking forward to the nude lip review;) I also wanted to stop by and let you know that I recently moved to a self-hosted site and the following is the latest post:

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    1. kelifornia79

      The formula is so totally fabulous too! I plan to do that review this evening or tomorrow. I noticed it looked like I was no longer following…I re-followed and subscribed by email to, I believe, your new self hosted blog..let me know if I have not, so I can fix that! Good luck with your move! I’m still afraid to make the switch. I want to, just nervous. I wish I’d have just done so from the start!

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