Rachel Zoe Box of Style Spring 2016

Hey everyone & welcome to my very first ‘The Zoe Report’ Rachel Zoe Box of Style!   I have been eyeing this one for some time but seems my ‘always waiting to subscribe to the box near the time it ships has me finding the box to be sold out’…  I was determined not to let another great box get away so I subscribed to this one promptly, upon release of the second spoiler.  The shipping of the spring box was still a couple of months out but because I have yet to see this box not sell out early; I went for it and prepared for the waiting game.

If you are unfamiliar with the Box of Style; here is how it works:

This particular subscription box is a quarterly box, $100.00 for an auto renewed subscription each quarter (you are immediately billed for your first box when you sign up and then subsequently after that, I’m not positive at what exact point prior to the next box that their billing begins as this was my very first.  I suppose I will find out when it’s nearing time for this summer’s box) You can also sign up for a one year membership (4 boxes) for $350.00.  (yearly subscriptions ship first and auto renew each year unless you cancel.)  Once you are signed up you will receive an amazing, seasonal subscription box curated by The Zoe Report, the online style destination from stylist, designer and editor Rachel Zoe. Each Box of Style is anchored by a signature “hero” piece that retails above $100, and every box is valued at over $300. Boxes include stylish, of the moment items, from lifestyle categories such as beauty, fashion, functional gadgets; things of that nature.

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The Box:

Box of Style The Zoe Report

The Zoe Report Spring 2016 Box of Style

The Goods:

Hero Item, ‘The Sidekick’

Shaffer LA Small Leather Bag with Tassels

Shaffer LA Leather Bucket Bag:  Retail Value $150.00

Each quarter the Box of Style includes a ‘hero’ item with a value of more than $100.00.  This little bucket bag was that item & also the first spoiler.  It is also the item that peaked my interest and had me contemplating finally taking the plunge on this box.  The link is for the actual Shaffer LA Greta bucket bag which appears to be identical to the one we received, and retails for $188.00.  Because our bag is listed at $150.00, it is my understanding that Shaffer LA made a version of the Greta specifically for ‘Box of Style’. Upon first sight it was just as I wanted & expected it to be but unfortunately, went downhill from there.  I’ve heard plenty of back and forth with people’s different issues with the bag & a lot of it is simply due to the size.  In this aspect, I see no issue; I feel the size of the bag was accurately depicted in the spoiler photos and Shaffer LA’s site, if you checked it out.  The leather is of a high quality and it’s a nice looking little bag.  Some of the discrepancies with mine, and there are many, are as follows:  The Box of style shows and states that we will be receiving the bag in the caramel shade, yet mine is clearly brown.  While I am totally fine with the shade of my bag, it bothers me that when asked by subscribers about the shade discrepancies of some bags they claim that there is simply a bit of variation in shades due to custom nature.  This is true to a point, as stated on Shaffer LA’s site, but not to this extent.  Directly after the caramel colored bag there is a shade called: Pebbled Marone which is, without a doubt, the shade of my bag.  I like the shade I received but if you were banking on the caramel you would likely be disappointed as it’s not even close.  The second issue, that many have pointed out is the lack of the stamped ‘diver logo’, which I am assuming, is a stamp of authenticity placed on all Shaffer LA bags. Now, I’d have never even missed the absence of this little detail myself had the bag not come with a large hang tag on it stating that it was there…seems bizarre.  The last issue I have with mine and it’s a biggie as it makes my bag virtually unusable, is the actual purse strap.  This has been another major topic for those receiving this bag yet I seem to be on the opposite spectrum of most.  The purse strap is so short it belongs on a child’s purse.  The photos on the site shows a model (who is likely 5′ 10″ -6′ tall sporting her bag as a crossbody, hitting her thigh.  My bag, when worn as a crossbody lands at my bust, looking quite comical.  It does not work any better worn over the shoulder either.  I’ve seen many instagram & blog photos of others, also wearing their bags crossbody style and have read many complaints from people stating their straps were too long!  Because of this it is clear to me that the purse straps were made in varying sizes and I ended up with a real dud!  Because I am not in any way plus sized and I am barely 5′ 4″ tall, I know the issue is not on my end.  I’m really bummed out about this because I will not have any use for a bag with this issue.  I did comment my issue on a ‘the Zoe report’ thread and they responded that they would be reaching out to me directly, but they never did.  I DO love everything else in this box and I would have loved the bag without the purse strap issue.  I honestly feel that the issues were on Shaffer LA’s end but should have been handled by ‘box of style’ to right the wrongs.  I am going to give the box a second chance because overall, this box was really great and I hope that no other big issues will arise in the future.

shaffer la leather tassel bag

 As you can see, this strap is ridiculously short.


Here is how the similar bag is shown, *courtesy of Shaffer LA’s Website.  I have also seen plenty of versions received in the box of style that appear just as this version does.

*this photo was pulled from Shaffer LA’s website

Below are some additional photos of my version:

Shaffer LA Bucket bag leather

Inside Shaffer LA Leather Bucket Bag

What a cute bag, such a shame mine has a dinky strap.  It pains me to have to give the hero item such a bad review when I could have loved it..and did love the remaining items; but hey, keepin’ it real!  Next up…

The ‘not so heavy metal’ bracelet:

Jules smith bracelet

Jules Smith Swarovski Crystal Pavé Bar & Stone Bangle: $45.00

This dainty, open top, bangle was sent in either gold or silver.  I received the silver but would have been fine with either.  This is exactly the type of style I wear on the daily so I was really pleased with this item. It’s not too large and bangly on my small wrist and is very dainty and light-weight.  The bracelet looks great on its own or layered with other styles; including but not limited to this neon orange Chuck E Cheese bracelet I was branded with today in order to take part in their buffet.  😉 HA!

Jules Smith swarovski open bangle.jpg


‘The Shimmer’ eye crayon:

Jouer Creme Eyeshadow Crayon

Jouer Créme Eyeshadow Crayon: $24.00

I adore, Jouer. 😉 This eyeshadow crayon was available in 8 different shades and I feel as though I hit the jack pot with the deep olive hued option with fine gold shimmer that I received. (venetian) I would have not chose this shade myself yet I absolutely love it on me.  Makes such an excellent smoky eye with a fun new edge.  Unlike a lot of eye shadow crayons of tried which slip, slide or fade from my eye; this product stayed like a dream…and also through a dream.. or two.  I wore the look all day and fell asleep on the couch during a movie, when I woke I barely had it in me to wash my face so I left my eye makeup on…I know, I know.  When I woke, my eyes still looked the same so it definitely receives my seal of approval!

Joer Venetian Shadow crayon swatch.jpg

Arm Swatch

‘The sound’, ear buds:

LSTN Sound Co Wembley real wood earbuds

LSTN Sound Co. Wembley Earbuds: $100.00

These are really nice looking earbuds & I was surprised to find another high dollar item like this in the box.  I would never buy these personally, as I have many earbuds including about 10 apple pair…which I am constantly misplacing and breaking, but It’s cool that I have a really nice set with a chic style to them. These buds are cased in real bamboo wood  and have in line volume control.

‘The Hair Savior’ Dry Shampoo

Klorane Dry Shampoo

Klorane Dry Shampoo with oat milk: $20.00

This is a wildly popular dry shampoo that I have already reviewed a number of times, but for good reason, it’s one of the better versions.  This particular dry shampoos is low on the white residue and is easy to work through your hair.  It doesn’t dry out my dryer hair or make it too fuzzy, like some do and it does a stellar job of sopping oil from your roots and reviving a blown out or straightened hair look.  For those of you with very oily hair, they make a version for that too!

‘The styling tool’ blotting papers:

Hollywood fashion secrets blotting tissues.jpg

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Oil Blotting Tissues: $5.00

This is not a brand I’ve ever purchased but have seen it at drugstores over the years. They make all kinds of beauty hack type products.  Frankly, I’ve used numerous brands of these oil blotting papers & they all get the job done, the only brand I’ve used that really stands out as better than others, for me, are the Tatcha versions.  This pack does its job, they are small so they may require two each use.  Because my oil slick of a forehead causes me to need these every day;  It’s always good to have plenty of them around.

The Spotlight Item:

La Mer The Concentrate

La Mer The Concentrate: Deluxe Sample Vial, full size is $340.00 for 1 oz

I assume this product goes unmentioned in the included magazine detailing each item because it is not a full sized product.  It was however the second spoiler for the box and the item that had me checking out with my box within 5 minutes of seeing it.  La Mer is the brand that everyone in Hollywood has raved about as their must have cream for years and years, yet something not as attainable for most of us.  I’ve contemplated trying the product (the original cream, that is) in the past just to see what all the fuss with this special ‘broth’ is about, but never have.  Needless to say I was excited to finally have a product with these coveted ingredients to try for myself.  I figured it could only go 1 or two ways: I try it and nothing special happens so I shove it off as an ‘It’s a multi-millionaire thing that screams why not spend hundreds of dollars and upwards of a grand on one tub of cream because I can…OR it does miraculous things to my troubled skin and I have to figure out how to slide a purchase of this nature past my husbands prying eye. 😉 haha!  This products’ intended use is for post chemical peels & things of that nature so naturally it has claims to heal the skin quickly and fight of marks and redness.  So, I have been using this product for about a week and while I never woke up with a new face or anything dramatic like that, it really is a pretty excellent product that worked wonders for my skin’s troubles.  I’ve been tweaking a regimen for my troubled skin for some time and finally have a pretty great one that I have been following for the past couple of months. This concentrate actually increased my target results. The product is a concentrate, which feels similar to a serum but slightly thicker than most with a really velvet-y feel to it and the lid has an attached, flexible spatula for applying the product, which helps not to pour too much out at once.  It takes very little product. The concentrate smells herbal with lavender which I love for evening and it pairs perfectly with the Lush Vanishing Cream I use as my final routine product.  The product has further softened my dry areas and seems to not only not break me out but prevent and clear up my existing breakouts as well as fading the spots and redness my breakout areas leave behind.  I’ve found at Nordstrom they carry many La Mer skin care exclusive sets that allow you to purchase several smaller sized products for the most reasonable price but none of them seemed to have this concentrate in them. 😦  I intend to continue using this product to further determine how I truly feel about it after prolonged use.  I was truly impressed with this concentrate in the first week though, even the first use and I feel that most people with signs of aging or any other skin issues likely will be as well.

And that’s that, folks!  All in all I was mostly impressed with my first Rachel Zoe, Box of style.  The value is excellent, I love the products I received & though the purse issue was most unfortunate, it doesn’t seem to be the issue most people had.  I am still holding out hope that ‘box of style’ does something to resolve the issue at hand but I am still looking forward to the first spoiler for the summer ‘Box of Style’


If you are interested in subscribing you can check it out and/or sign up here, plus receive $10.00 off your first box… and for those wondering ‘Box of Style now ships internationally.

Thanks so much for reading!

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  1. Nena

    Oh no…what a bummer about the strap:p Looks like a lot of great stuff (love the bangle!), but it is a bit steep for me:(

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    1. kelifornia79

      I know!! I’m still SO bummed about it b/c I really want to be able to use it! The bangle is really nice and the La Mer turned out to be ‘the stuff that dreams are made of (and it should be for the cost)

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    heyyy I have nominated you for lovely blogger award kindly check

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      Thanks, Love. I will!

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