.em Shade Play Lip Color Mixing Palette

Happy Monday!  Today I’m going to be reviewing the ‘Shade Play Lip Color Mixing Palette’, by Michelle Phan’s own line, .em Cosmetics.  For those of you that do not know; Michelle Phan is the Co-founder of Ipsy.  Phan teamed up with L’Oreal to launch her makeup line, .em michelle phan.  To learn more about Michelle Phan check out michellephan.com

Let’s talk about the palette, shall we?

The Palette:

Em by Michelle Phan lip paletter nudes

.em michelle phan Shade Play Lip Color Mixing Palette in Mix it Up Nudes: $28.00

I was lucky enough to redeem ipsy points and receive this lip palette for free!  This is the very first product I have tried from .em but have viewed many different versions of her palettes in the ipsy points shop.  When I finally had enough points available for something significant I found this palette, available in a nude range, and had to jump on it!  Because I love a nude lip but have a lot of trouble finding the proper shades for me, a nude palette made for mixing seemed like a no brainer for me.

Upon first sight of this palette it looked just as lovely as I’d hoped; sleek black & white design, classy looking, with logo and pretty word etchings, sturdy with a mirror and a small empty mixing well, complete with a small, but effective lip brush.  I was a bit surprised when I dipped my brush in the largest nude shade to have the brush sink deeply in to the product, lipgloss…  I had assumed that the palette would be lip creams but it is actually a combination of creams & glosses.

em cosmetics shade play lip color mixing palette in nude up close

Up close

As you can probably see from the above photo, the top two shades are the lip cream colors and the remaining 4 are glosses, the bottom left shade contains a bit of gold toned sparkle.

I felt a bit uncertain about this palette and its quality at first but the more time I’ve had to play around with it the more I’ve grown to love it.  The only real complaints I have about the palette are:  I wish that the large center shade was a cream, being the focal point shade and that they had added a second mixing well (there is room for it, after all) but all in all it’s a nice little palette. I really love the shade range and find it easy to mix the perfect nude shades for me.  The texture of the lip shades are nice; the creams are smooth and well pigmented and the glosses are not sticky.  The colors last pretty well but it’s definitely not your choice of palettes if you are a matte or bold lip fan.  Because my everyday self prefers a sheer lip or a creamy nude shade, it is a great option for me.  I’ve found I like to layer and add dimension to the lips with the glosses and lighter shades or mix a cream and gloss for a more pigmented glossy shade.  The little brush works just fine if you are on the go and do not have a nicer, full sized version in tow.


em Cosmetics Shade play lip color mixing palette nude swatches

em cosmetics shade play nude lips

em by michelle phan lip swatch nude palette

What did you think?  Anyone else tried products from this line that they liked or otherwise?

Thanks for checking out my review!


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