Happy Friday!!!  This review is kind of a ‘new brand spotlight’ type of deal.  I’ve been trying a lot of new brands and lines as of late and want to put them out there…You know; just in case the rest of the world isn’t as prone to impulse buying new products with super cool packaging [as I am] 😉

Pinrose is a luxury fragrance brand with “quirky elegance” based in San Francisco (woot!) and while it is technically not ‘brand new’ (founded in 2014) it has recently gained a lot of recognition & popularity through its Sephora launch as well as social media.  Do not let the fun, youthful/cool packaging fool you though; Pinrose parfums are created by master parfumers including those behind the genius that is, Tom Ford & Jo Malone.  Pinrose fragrance is available in 30ml bottles as well as the ‘petal packs’ which I will be spotlighting today…and the packaging and names are so fun you’ll want to collect them all.

I am a huge scent junkie & typically prefer niche and smaller batch brands or really high end luxury brands.  I love unique scents & prefer not to smell like the latest of a multi versioned Marc Jacobs fragrance…or similar, but that’s just me.  This brand boasts a lot of scent variety amongst their line so you can find your perfect fragrance.  Are you a bright citrus fan; a gourmand?  They’ve got it.  Now, despite loving perfumes, oils, scents of all kinds it’s typically not something I usually blog about, or review, for obvious reasons so this is more of a brand/product review and not so much about the actual scents.

Let’s go!:

PINROSE Parfum à go-go

Pinrose  Parfum à go-go: $24.00 (Sephora)

This set is a compilation of 10 different Pinrose scents, (2 of each)  individually wrapped in it’s namesake packaging.  The petals, or wipes, are similar to moist towelettes with a measured dose of fragrance.

The scent list and description is as follows:

Merry Maker is a refreshing nectarine blend.

Tambourine Dreamer is an avant-garde bouquet of white lily.

Wild Child is a flirty bouquet of white flowers.

Secret Genius is a romantic blend of vanilla and caramel.

Gilded Fox is a warm and sexy potion with notes of cocoa and hot buttered rum.

Cuddle Punk is a playful mashup of apricot and vanilla.

Pillowtalk Poet is a fresh laundry mix of powder and musk.

Treehouse Royal is an elegant mix of fig and moss notes.

Pinrose is an unexpected rose and leather blend.

Garden Gangster is an invigorating and fresh citrus blend.

[There are additional fragrances in the line beyond the 10 included in this sampler, as well as a few of their earlier scents still available in the ‘wormhole to the past’ category on Pinrose’s site)

Pinrose Parfums Parfume à go-go

Above is a photo of the scents how they come, zipped inside a nice sized, but not very deep, vinyl bag.  The bag is clear with a translucent, iridescent/opalescent/prismatic type effect to it.  It would make a cute and waterproof makeup/travel bag once you’ve used all of the scent petals.

Gilded Fox Parfum Petal

Above is the individual product in Gilded Fox, the newest scent addition and the one I chose to test first!

Gilded Fox Petal Packet

Cocoa, Rum, Vetiver….pure delight

Pinrose gilded Fox

clearly much smaller than a typical wet wipe but the ‘petal’ above has enough fragrance on it to give you what you want.

My Thoughts:

I wanted to try several of these scents based solely on their design/packaging, names & descriptions as soon as I became aware of their existence; luckily Pinrose was there to save me from myself by creating multiple ways to try several scents at once in these travel friendly wipes.  I’m so glad I found this option as I can try every scent and then decide which I want to purchase and which I do not.  I can also save the remaining 10 duplicates for short trips and avoid the no liquids packing issues.  I think this brand is super cool/fun! I chose to try Gilded Fox as my first scent because per the description; it was right up my alley.  When I first tore open the packet I was a bit taken aback as it was super strong and had a prominent smell of alcohol, I figured (and hoped) this would change when applied and it did, so do not be alarmed at first whiff! 😉  When the fragrance dried on my skin the scent was lovely with the obvious vetiver and other delightful notes.  The scent was not strong as the day progressed; however, even at the end of the day I could still smell it on the areas in which I applied it.  Though I’ve yet to try the other scents this set is a win for me.  I’ve already found a scent I know I will purchase and can test drive all the others as well.  Fun, cute, quirky & everything I love in a brand.  I can’t wait to check out the other 9 scents in my bag but to be honest, I’m kind of hoarding them b/c they are so cute..(I do this with my face masks too) I’m a weirdo.  🙂   I also found while checking out Pinrose’s site that you can purchase a scent sampler, similar to Sephora’s perfume sampler, where you can get a similar pouch (to mine above) filled with scent petals to try and a certificate to redeem for a full sized scent of your choice. You can also put together customized scent petal packs and try out their scent profiler to find your perfect scent. Love it!!  Anyone else tried anything from Pinrose yet?  Thoughts?

 If you are interested follow this link for $10.00 off of your first purchase at Pinrose.com

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Thanks for reading!

-Kelli xoxo


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  2. mailbox junkie

    So glad you reviewed this! I got 2 samples in my BB and I am not gonna lie I love the packaging. I think the perfume “wet wipe” is the best invention ever! I am going to have to get the pack to try them all!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kelifornia79

      YES! For Sure!
      I know, me too. I had seen these well in the past on UO’s site and forgotten about them until the recent press. Their packaging and scent descriptions sounded so perfect but without the ability to ever smell any of them I waited. So glad I snagged this set. I’m so addicted now! Which scents did you sample that you liked? I wish I’d get their scents in BB. I always get Harvey Prince stuff :/


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