Popsugar must have mini April 2016

The much anticipated must have mini is here.  Because I’m certain that most, if not all of you know about the ‘original’ Popsugar Must Have Box; I will just get on with the basic description and the info for the new ‘Mini’.

Must Have & MINI

Receive a box filled with amazing, curated surprises every month. Now with two options, you get to discover innovative brands and full-sized products across fashion, beauty, home, and more — from a little to a lot!

How it works:

Pick a plan Select your subscription plan (Full subscription 39.95 – Mini 18.95)
Discover Unwrap your box of full-size surprises.
Love Share your new favorite must haves with your friends!

Must Have MINI Subscription

Introducing a smaller version of our box of curated, full-sized products (note: items are different from monthly Must Have) including the best in fashion, beauty, and home for only $18.95, shipping included. Your subscription will auto-renew, so you get a little present every month!

The Box mini:

April Popsugar Must Have Mini box

May as well address the ‘Elephant in the room’ right off the bat, right?  Not all that impressive is it? 😦  Of course this is my opinion and while I’ve seen some reviewers that are quite happy with their new box I think that most feel underwhelmed by this debut box.  I’ll tell you why [I feel this way]

I must admit the very moment the announcement of this box took place I was securing my subscription and hitting ‘order’ in my mind.  I adore Popsugar & look forward to it every month so I figured this would be the perfect extra dose of Popsugar arriving at another point in the month; the cherry on top, if you will.  I read up a bit on the blogs of those that seem on the up & up with all things subscription box related, ie: early spoilers, limited editions, new boxes etc. It sounded as though this would simply be a similar box, no repeats (for those who get both) with a $40.00 value & I deciphered this as at least a $40.00 value; double the value or more.  After all, that’s pretty on par for subscription boxes including the original must have.  Sounded good to me, so I subscribed.  I did read later, after subscribing where someone noted that it would only be two items and I just figured; I bet they’ll be really awesome!  Now I can’t say for certain where anyone reporting this info received it as the info on PSMH’s site pertaining to this box version is really vague.  Either way it’s not what I expected.  When reading the newest info regarding this spoiler on MSA’s site, she notes the box will have a value of  ‘over $30.00’.  The value of this particular box is $32.50 so, not really what I expected from a $20.00 per month subscription box based on the many other boxes to which I subscribe.  And, because it is the very first box; I expected to be thoroughly impressed so myself & other new subscribers would want to keep their subscription and those who opted to wait would be scrambling to subscribe….[sigh]

The product cards and info:

April Must Have Mini Card

April Must Have mini product card

I’ll go ahead and get on to the good part of the review, the first product. 🙂

Farmacy Strawberry Basil Lip Bloom

Farmacy Lip Bloom: Sugg. $16.50

This refreshing lip balm is designed to form a protective barrier leading to softer fuller lips.  This balm is really popular right now & available at Sephora.  It comes in 6 different scents/flavors, I received Strawberry Basil, which I really like & it truly is refreshing.  It is a really nice balm, one that I would purchase myself on my forever search for the perfect lip treatment.  Packaging is pretty with the mirrored lid and simple design and product glides smoothly on your lips leaving them instantly softer.  I will certainly use this up quickly and likely purchase an additional scent/flavor. Good product.

Greenmarket Purveying Co. White Melon Pantry Candle

Greenmarket Purveying Co. White Melon Pantry Candle: Sugg. Retail $16.50

I know a lot of people get tired of frequently receiving candles in boxes.  For me, this is not the case.  I love good, boutique quality candles.  I burn them constantly, in my room, in the bath, and can’t really ever get enough of attractive looking, nice smelling, high end candles.  This particular brand is nice.  I like the simple packaging well enough.  I like that it is soy;  what I don’t like, is the scent.  Sure, scents and subscription boxes are kind of a crap shoot, I know; every person received this same melon scent.  I’ve read a lot of people really dig it but to me the scent that is a dead ringer for Watermelon bubblicious seems a bit juvenile.  It’s not really what I want my home to smell like.  It doesn’t smell bad but it’s not what I want in a candle.  It’s a shame too because Greenmarket makes some really lovely candles & if one of their larger, pricier, much higher end looking versions were chosen, it would have changed my perception of the box quite a bit.

And that’s a wrap…

I’m really curious to hear everyone else’s thoughts on this debut.  I will likely give this box another month or two, see how it plays out in the future.  It literally pained me, giving this review, being such a HUGE Popsugar Must Have fan but I was simply unimpressed and pretty bummed alike.

If you would like to subscribe to this mini yourself or to the fabulous full sized version you can do so here and use code: MUSTHAVE5 for $5.00 off!

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