Glossybox April 2016

Today I will be reviewing my April Glossybox.  (There are generally a few variations in products) Glossybox is a monthly subscription box that boasts 5 luxury beauty products each month, wrapped up in a lovely pink box. The products are often full sized, if not; they are deluxe sized samples. The cost of the subscription is 21.00 per month with free shipping.

Glossybox has a classic monthly box but often does a special edition or collab/partner edition that replaces their regular box.  These boxes generally have a unique box with special artwork or are labeled with the partnering brands/company’s logos etc. They are specially curated to fit the theme or contain some of the most popular brands/products spotlighted by said partnering brands/companies.  I get really excited for these boxes. (The October 2015 box was one of these ‘types’ of Glossyboxes.)  The special edition boxes alone are often great for display or re-use in some way or another.  In addition to these unique monthly versions Glossybox also curates special, limited edition, [additional] one time purchase boxes, ie: Holiday, Mothers day etc. (you can scroll through the past boxes here -just scroll down the linked page a bit to view past boxes.) * If it does not have a month in the title than it is a special edition one time, additional purchase box, otherwise it was the box included in your subscription.

…and now on to April’s box.  Nice mix of products this month with a spring-ish flair to it.

The Box:

April Glossybox

The Goods:

Studio 10 Dual ended brow pencil

Studio 10 Brow Lift Pencil Liner:  Full size $20.00

I love that I received a good brow product in a subscription box.  It’s definitely the product I go through the most quickly and while I have my few tried and true staples I’m always trying new versions.  I do prefer versions that do not require sharpening, simply because it’s a pain trying to get it super sharp without going too far and breaking the tip off, but this one works great when at its sharpest.  The pencil is a ‘universal shade’ and while I’m not sure what the super blonde or raven haired beauties would think of that but I do think this shade will work for a lot of people.  When applied lighter it’s kind of a taupe blonde but darkens to what I would assume could work for most dark/ash blondes & brunettes alike.  What I do know, is that it works well for me.  I really like the color and consistency of the highlight shade on the opposite end.  I’ve owned a couple with highlighters on the other end that were really sub par.  This one, I like.  Another great quality about this product and the brand studio\10 is that they donate 100% of the profit from every one of these brow pencils sold to Look Good, feel better; a charity supporting women with cancer.  I love a company that gives back.  Try a brow pencil & feel good about your purchase. #Raise1Brow

Studio 10 Browl lift perfecting liner swatch.jpg


Leighton Denny Polish

Leighton Denny Expert Nails, Nail Polish in Pillow Talk:  Full size $19.00

I had never heard of this brand prior but this is a really nice polish.  The bottle is really pretty and I liked the formula.  I found this was one of the easier formulas to apply, good brush, good consistency.  You could get by with one coat but it definitely looked best after two.  The julep Oxygen Performance Top Coat I use gives any polish great staying power so my manicure is holding up well and I like the bright spring/summery shade.  Cheers to nothing red in this box! 🙂

Unani Dermo defense face mask

Unani Dermo Defense Face Mask:  Full size $18.00

This light-weight, clear, gel-like mask is designed to moisturize with aloe and Ayurvedic herbs (whatever those are, right?!) as well as boost the effectiveness of your other facial treatments by helping your skin to fully absorb them.  The product is very light and thin and feels a lot like an aloe gel when you apply it to your face.   The first thing I found surprising was, while pleasant, the mask has a very perfum-y scent, not like something you would typically put on your face and that had me feeling a bit concerned.  I also kind of assumed this mask would sink in to your skin and that there would be little left to wipe off after the ten minutes you are instructed to ‘wear’ it, but instead it dries to a sticky film on your skin.  Once I had the mask applied, after a short time, it was almost as if I could feel its content penetrating my skin and it was tickling really badly and causing my skin to itch, luckily that subsided after about 5 minutes.  After giving it 5 more I rinsed off the sticky film to remove the remaining mask.  While my face didn’t seem to have any extra moisture it wasn’t more dry either and did not cause any redness or reaction.  The mask does say it’s best for sensitive skin, which is why I was surprised to find it tickling my face so badly!  I’m hoping all of this was due to some sort of magic happening.  I’ll likely try it again in a couple of days, as recommended and see if I begin seeing benefits from this product.  Right now I’m a bit up in the air on this one.  Anyone else try this product?  How did it work for you?

Biossance The Nourisher

Biossance The Nourisher, Precious Rose Face Oil: Deluxe Sample + $20 off a full size bottle, Full size is $72.00 for 1 oz

This is the second product I have received from the Biossance brand in Glossybox.  I went through the other one really quickly, it had a lighter, more water like consistency, like a very light serum and I used it like an essence prior to moisturizing.  This is an actual oil blended with an elixir of roses and contains squalane, while the other I received, I believe, was all squalane.  This product is designed to repair and lock in moisture.   I’ve been dabbing mine around my expression line area, both where I need it and I do not have to worry about breaking out.  It seems to lend some extra moisture and I’ll continue to use it to see what it does for my skin after more time.

Alterna Caviar CC Cream

Alterna Haircare Caviar CC Cream Extra Hold: Deluxe/travel size .85 oz, Full size is $25.00

I’ve tried the regular version of this and it was pretty good. This version is made to replace a myriad of styling products so you can use just one.  This product is designed for thick hair so it may be too much for a lot of people; this being said, it’s nice to get the rare styling product that works for my hair type.  I like products such as this that I can also use to smooth my dry hair and kind of mend my ends when they are looking less than stellar.  Good product, smooths and tames my hair, helps take the puff down a notch, smells nice.


What were your thoughts on this month’s Glossybox?  I felt as though this was a pretty good box and am hoping Glossybox will continue toward what they once were.  I like when we get a good mix of products but I can always do without haircare items…they are my least favorite thing to receive. I have boxes full.   At least I got something that is actually suited for my hair this time though!   Thanks for Reading!

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