Glossybox Limited Edition Filled With Love Box 2016

Hi Lovelies!  I hope all of you moms out there had a nice Mother’s Day!  I did; and I gifted myself this specially curated Mother’s Day Glossybox; ‘filled with love’.  I purchased this box the day it went on sale, prior to any spoilers, as in my opinion, Glossybox Limited Edition Boxes are some of the best in both products and value.  They also often sell out and I didn’t want to miss out.  Fortunately for you; this special edition has not yet sold out and is still available for $40.00 and has a value of $148.00!  Now you can check out the goods, read my reviews and decide for yourselves if this box is for you!

I found this box to have an excellent selection of products, all good brands & nice full sized items.  I feel like it was missing a bath product though, being a Mother’s Day box, and I being a mom, would have loved a nice bath/body product say, in place of the hair product. 😉  I swear it’s the only thing I can do by myself…  On to the box.

The Box:

Glossybox Filled With Love Mother's Day

Tah Dahhh!  Nice looking box, eh?

The Goods:

Karity Professionals Five Pigments

Karity 5 Shadow Palette: product is full size $21.00

I’ve not heard of this brand prior and the palette itself is a limited edition version created specifically for Glossybox.  This palette features 5 highly pigmented eye shadows, both mattes & shimmers for creating multiple looks.  These shadows can be used both wet & Dry.  I must say I was very impressed with this eye shadow palette.  If you want pigment and easily achieved pigment at that, this is your palette.  I love smoky eyes and every shade in this palette, I love the smoky plums, the rusty shades, the blacks & taupes.. The texture of these shadows is excellent, the darkest shades are a tad bit messy, which is standard; the light shade feels like butter, it’s incredible.  So often the lightest shades are the most powdery, even in your highest end brands, not the case with this one.  The palette itself states that the shadows are made with one of the highest percentages of pure pigments available and it certainly delivered.  I think that anyone only sticking to the highest quality products would agree, this is a really good product.  Swatches below were achieved using the shadow dry on my bare arm with just a few finger swipes of each shade.

Karity 5 shadow palette swatches

From Left: Temptress, Vino, Diva, Birthday Suite, Disturbia

Doucce Click Click Lipstick

Doucce Click Click Lipstick: Product is Full Size $24.00

This is not my first doucce official lipstick but it is my first in this particular version, the ‘click click’.  The shade itself is a bright berry hue that applies super smooth and feels very light on your lips.  The color really lasts too.  I thought the formula was great and the package design is really cool as well; pushing the bottom of this pretty tube releases it so you can pull it off, slide the tube back over the lipstick and it clicks in place.  The only thing I found odd about this lipstick is that I found nothing on the packaging that gives a shade name or number.  My best guess is pink essence 824, on the site, but I can’t be certain.

Doucce Click Click Lipstick swatch

Arm Swatch

Laura Geller Blush n Brighten Tropic hues

Laura Geller Baked Blush-N-Brighten in Tropic Hues:  Product is Full Size $28.00

This gorgeous blush is baked for 24 hours on terracotta tiles and has swirls of coral, pink & bronze that give a gorgeous flush.  This blush is really stunning & I absolutely LOVE the tropical shade; unfortunately, I already own it! 🙂 (read my original review here) This blush comes in an array of additional shades that all look gorgeous, I wish I’d have received a different shade to try.  I highly recommend this product and the tropic hues shade though, it’s a beautiful color & finish.

Laura Geller Blush n Brighten

Laura Geller Baked Blush n Brighten in Tropic Hues

So pretty;  probably my very favorite blush shade!

lauren b beauty Gel Top Coat

Lauren B. Beauty Gel-Like Top Coat: Product is Full Size $28.00

I own several polishes from Lauren B. Beauty but this is my first time trying the gel-like top coat.  I love the packaging/bottle design of Lauren B. nail polishes as well as the product so I was happy to try the top coat.  I’ve tried a lot of these gel like top coats from many different brands, a couple that are really good but dry out very quickly and some drug store versions that do not seem much, if at all different than any other top coat.  This one had a similar feel and texture to the better ones that I have tried, gave my nails a nice shine and just a slight plumping effect that sets it apart from a basic top coat.  When it dries it has that slight rubbery feel to it that makes it seem as though it’s never quite fully dry.   If I press hard with the tip of another nail on to the top coat’s surface, it will make an indentation.  It is maintaining my manicure well so far though, does not chip and hasn’t caused any polish to peel off in one piece, which is an issue I often have with gel-like top coats.  This top coat is eco friendly and can be easily removed with non-acetone polish remover.

Oidad Wave Create Sea Spray

Ouidad Wave Create Spray:  Product is Full Size $26.00

This is a wave creating spray designed to give your hair the beach-y waves you desire without the stiff/crunchy texture.  While this is definitely the best of these beach wave products I have tried, it still doesn’t work for my hair type.  I was hoping this one would be different but like all of the others and simply being at the actual beach itself, my beach-y waves dry in to scary frizz.  This spray has a really nice, light, coconut smell , and a well designed nozzle that sprays a wider, ultra fine mist on your hair.  As it claims; it does not leave your hair crunchy or stiff like most sea salt/beach waving sprays do and it does give your hair a really authentic beach-y look, unfortunately for me it begins to frizz after an hour or so and gets worse throughout the day, by morning it’s scary.  Honestly, I think most people get frizzy hair at the beach, especially those that do not normally reside near one…mine acclimated to it some when I lived on the beach, but not entirely.  If beaches or simply being near the ocean give you waves that do not turn in to frizz or other versions of beach sprays give you your desired results, you will love this nice smelling non-stiffening version; but, if others give you frizz, this one and every other version likely will too.

bare minerals Pure Plus Deep cleansing foam

BareMinerals Pure Plush Gentle Deep Cleansing Foam:  Product is Full Size $22.00

I love, love skin care but I’m super picky about cleansers, there are very few that work with my finicky skin so every new cleanser I try is immediately suspect.   I’m not a fan of bare minerals to start with as I tried their foundation years ago after a recommendation and it destroyed my skin, likely due to its use of Bismuth Oxychloride in many products.  While this cleanser does not contain this ingredient as Bismuth is more of a talc replacement present in mineral powder makeup, I still tend to cringe when I see the brand.  The cleanser smells very nice, of a light invigorating citrus and it does seem to get the skin nice and clean but it was easy to see, right off the bat that it was too drying for my skin, which is nothing new for me.  Some really like it, but its a pass for me.

bare mineral pure plush gentle cleansing

While this box did not suit me perfectly by any means; I still think it was a great box, well curated with some really nice products.  Had I checked spoilers prior to purchasing I’d have likely skipped due to the bare minerals cleanser, sea spray and already owning the blush…this being said I do LOVE the palette, lippy and top coat so it’s not exactly a loss either!  I think it would be a great box for many.

Stay tuned for my regularly scheduled Monthly Glossybox review for May!

What were your thought’s on this Limited Edition box?

Thanks for reading!

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