Miss Tutii Box May 2016

miss tutii

I’ve had so many things in my lineup this May, and many more to come, with new additions to my Subscription arsenal, one offs and special additions, some great new product finds & purchases as well as an amazing Tom Ford palette I was so lucky to have won; (more on this in its featured post) but today I have a new to me and fairly new altogether K-beauty subscription, Miss Tutii.  I am a bit obsessed when it comes to the whole ‘Korean beauty invasion’ and it’s not simply due to the often ridiculously cute & fun packaging but the unique ingredients & formulas that have been wonderful & sometimes miraculous even, for my skin type, concerns & issues.

Miss Tutii Box May 2016

Miss Tutti is a newer monthly subscription service offering several options and price ranges to explore the world of K-beauty (as well as brands from Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, and more) on a monthly basis.

First, chose which of the 3 ‘box’ options you prefer:

Tutii Box: $25.00 per month

  • Each month receive 6-7 Full Sized or Premium Brands Samples.
  • Includes Skincare, Makeup, Hair care , Beauty Tools, Body etc.

Tutii Bag: $15.00 per month

  • TutiiBag is a “smaller” version of the TutiiBox
  • Products featured may appear in both TutiiBox and TutiiBag.
  • Each month receive 5 Full Deluxe Samples or Full Sized products.
  • Includes Skincare, Makeup, Hair care , Beauty Tools, Body etc.

Tutii Mask: $12.00 per month

  • Each month receive 6-8 Masks
  • Includes Sheet masks, Wash-off, Hair, and Body Masks
  • TutiiMasks value at $18-$25 worth of masks per bag!

With each subscription you have the option of: Oily/Acne/Combo skin OR Normal/Dry/Combo skin

US shipping is free on all subscriptions.

International Shipping as follows:


TuttiBag and  TutiiMask $5.95. TutiiBox $9.95


TuttiBag and  TutiiMask 8.95. TutiiBox $15.95

Check out Miss Tutii and save 10% off your first order!

Miss Tutii also has a really nice selection of beauty products to purchase separately from their subscriptions as well as some limited edition boxes (check out the special Mother’s Day boxes) and offer free US shipping on $50.00, plus free samples. (international shipping is based on weight.)


The Box:

tutii box may 2016

The Goods:

Babyface One Step Base in Green

It’s Skin Babyface One-Step Base SPF 15 in green: value up to $9.00

I’ve found this available for purchase on Amazon and a few other shops and the price is closer to $12.00.  Prices on K-beauty products really tend to vary in the US and you must be careful of the sources you chose to purchase; which is one of the reasons I love the Korean beauty subs so much. (this particular box also provides products from Japan, Taiwan & Hong Kong.) This particular product’s origin is Korea.  This product is a primer with a mint green color correcting property designed to provide blemish coverage (any spot or unevenness on the skin) and decrease redness while prepping & priming your skin for makeup. I like this primer, the green is a mint and not all that pigmented but it reduces red spots a teeny bit, the primer itself works well with my skin as a makeup base, is just moisturizing enough to double as both without making my skin look oily throughout the day…and the tube is super cute.

Shiseido Super Mild Hair Mask

Shiseido Super Mild Herbal Hair Mask: value up to $18.95

Shiseido is a Japanese brand and one of the oldest beauty companies in the world.  Prior to this box,  I’d only tried some of the luxe, pricier items sold in the US at Sephora & the like.  The packaging is very different on this item.  This hair mask is designed to coat your hair and protect it from friction and dryness with natural organic herbs like chamomile & Rosemary leading to healthier, less damaged hair.  My hair is so thick and dry I wasn’t expecting any miracles but this hair mask did help some and as my scalp is especially dry these days and my hair is incapable of getting oily; I put a lot of the product on my scalp to let it soak in for some time and it seemed to help a bit.  The product is very thick and rich with a really nice scent that has a hint of a herbal/mint to it.  I like it and plan to continue using it to see how it helps with continued use.

banila Co the Blacks Cacao Sebum Control Mask

Banila Co The Blacks Essential Mask: value up to $6.90

This mask comes in several different versions and I received the cacao brightening type for sebum control.  The mask sheet itself is black in color.  After cleansing (or cleansing, scrubbing & toning) apply this mask for about 20 minutes and pat remaining essence on your face, giving yourself a little massage.  I love masks of all types and have yet to try any from this line!  This particular mask I am going to have to save for a later date as I’m a bit too dry for such right now and while this mask may not be drying, it is designed for sebum control so it’s possible and I do not want to further aggravate my skin. [due to my experience with the zombie pack.]

Y.E.T Keep your skin soft oil control film

Y.E.T Oil Blotting Papers: value up to $5.50

I’ve tried to find this brand and product online but can’t seem to…these work just as any of the oil blotting papers I’ve tried; removing surface oil from your face with light blotting, without messing up your makeup or adding a layer of powder to you face. There is nothing unique about the product, but they perform just as they should.   These are a tad smaller than some and may require a couple sheets if your skin is very oily.

Skin 1004 Zombie Pack II

Skin 1004 Zombie Pack: Value up to $4.00

 This mask is designed to tighten pores and firm your skin.  Product comes with as a two part process; the pack & the activator.  First pour the activator in to the powder pack and mix.  (It’s a bit like an egg wash and does contain egg whites) next, apply product to your face and let dry. (brushing the product on and leaving for 15 minutes is the recommendation.) You will fell the mask tighten significantly and see the mask break and crackle as it dries which claims to indicate the areas of your face lacking in moisture.  If you see water bubbles appear in the mask it is meant to indicate a lack of elasticity, or slackened skin.  Product is meant for use up to 3 times per week and claims that with continued use you should see less of the cracking and/or bubbling, meaning improved moisture and firming of your skin.  Trying fun and unique products, especially skin care is my favorite part of subscription boxes, especially in the K-beauty realm, so this type of product is exactly what I like to find!  This product definitely delivered on the unique portion!  The product is pretty funky smelling when you mix it..Ok, it’s bad, just bad.  I decided to persevere.  Product is meant to be applied with a brush; I have a couple masking brushes that came in Glam Glow sets so I spread the liquid all over my face and neck then waited… it begins to tighten fairly quickly and tighten and tighten….until you can no longer move your face.  It’s pretty intense.  I experienced a couple bubbling spots on my face and barely any cracking.  I found it a bit odd as I have areas on my skin that are extremely dry and also because the areas that bubbled are not in the areas where I feel like any aging, like slackened skin has occurred.  They took place on a random spot on one side of my forehead and the inner upper cheek area on the opposite side.  I checked out a couple of reviews online where the photos portrayed extreme cracking.  I only achieved this when forcing my mouth open and making additional facial movements.  This being said, I’m not really sure what to think about the explanation portion of this masking product.  When it was time to remove it I had mask pieces cracking off of my face due to my crazy facial movement experiment and I found it really hard to remove.  It took several attempts until I felt it was finally all properly removed.  After, my skin fell soft and smooth to touch, and felt a bit tight, but nothing major.  As the day progressed though my dry areas got really flaky and were accentuated.  It was definitely an interesting experience, this mask, but we definitely do not have a future together. 😉 (It did seem to work well on my neck though)

Sulwhasoo Creamexcentuated

Sulwhasoo Essential firming Cream: Product is a deluxe sample size.  Full size is $95.00

Sulwhasoo is a luxe Korean brand and I’ve tried a few products from the brand in the past.  This particular product is a firming cream blended with potent Korean medicinal herbs, designed to instantly firm and tone while stimulating collagen for a long term lift.  The cream contains Adlay Millet for detoxification and promotion of elasticity as well as pomegranate, Green Tea and gingko for fighting free radicals to maintain youthful radiance.  Just as I have with all of the ultra rich Sulwahsoo creams I’ve tried, I use this one on my neck and throat area.  The products are very thick and creamy, taking a bit to fully absorb.  They’ve all seemed to work really well in that arena leaving my skin looking and feeling softer and a bit more smooth.  I’m terrified of ‘old neck’ so my thickest, richest creams usually get targeted to such.  The nice part about this particular product, it actually smells nice.  Many of the Sulwhasoo products smell rather odd which puts a lot of people off (I personally do not care much as long as it’s working) Regardless, if that is an issue for you, this particular cream does not smell of rotten potatoes, or any number of other odd scent descriptions I’ve read in the past.  HAha!!

I am super pleased with my very first Tutii Box.  I received a really fun selection of products to try and really enjoyed checking out a truly unique item!  There wasn’t really one item in this particular box that I’m going to use in my every day routine, something that I went absolutely crazy for.. but I love trying new masks in order to find which versions I want to purchase more of, for more frequent use.  I also love that this box provides plenty of info regarding the included products as well as instructions for masking etc.  The box also has a swapping program for items that do not work for you that you would rather exchange.  Below are all of the cards and info included.


tutii swap

miss tutii swap card


tutii spa card

tutii maskin 101

Product Info Card:

miss tutii info card

I definitely recommend this box/brand to anyone who loves K-beauty already as well as anyone wanting to give it a go!  Though this is only my first box, I’ve seen past versions and they’v all looked really good as well.  I love the time & care that they put in to the packaging and info cards, everything is very cute.  The fact that they have several options in different price ranges is a big plus as well.

If you are interested in exploring the world of Miss Tutii, you can check it out here!

What did everyone else think?

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