3b Beauty Beyond Borders

Hey, Beauties near & far!  I’m crazy about this new(er) little company and their vision!  So, won’t you join me as we check out my very first installment of the 3b box, Beauty beyond borders?!


3b is a growing startup based in Seattle, bringing you products from Japan, Korea & Taiwan.  As a member; each month, you will receive a bag filled with multiple samplings and a postcard containing instructions on how to use all of your new products!  Billing and shipping begins around the 21st-22nd of each month.  You can follow along on Instagram @the3bbox for tips and other info such as key ingredients.  The brand is currently in the process of gaining you exclusive access to full sized products so you can stock up on your favorites after sampling!   The samples inside are either deluxe or contain multiples of the smaller foil packs and such, providing enough of the product to determine whether it’s a win or not! (plus some full sized masks and products.)

What to expect:

For $12.00 each month you will receive

  • A pouch containing four to five deluxe Asian beauty samples that are new or popular in Asia but hard to get your hands on. The products will change each month, and you’ll get to try new skincare, haircare, nailcare, and cosmetic products. Sample products range from go-to brands such as Lioele, Etude House and Skinfood to high-end premium brands like SK-II, Kanebo, and Sulwhasoo. Don’t worry about not being able to read Japanese or Korean – we’ve got you covered with English translations of descriptions in each box.
  • Tips on how to use products
  • Unlimited access to our team to answer any questions you might have

From the Company (their story):

3B is the product of a few friends, trips around the globe, and the vision of changing the way we all discover beauty products overseas. In places like Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, we discovered some of the best beauty products we’ve ever used– but they were just incredibly hard to find back home.

So many of us can spend hours reading product reviews, never being quite sure about what works, nervous about making a commitment to such a large and expensive bottle. 3B’s mission is to eliminate borders when it comes to finding the perfect beauty products. Some of our favorite products come from Asia, but sadly we can’t all take a flight to Japan to find the newest eye cream. 3B takes away the guesswork and lets you try amazing products that may feel out of reach. We’re constantly on the lookout for hidden gems that are making their way on the market, or classic go –to products. Sign up for 3B and re-imagine global beauty with us.

Here is where you can sign up or check it out for yourself!

The Box:

May 3b box beauty beyond borders

The Goods:

May 3b box

What a great mix of products!! (And…I had a little fun with my photos.) 🙂

Sulwhasoo Essential Firming Cream

Sulwhasoo Essential Firming Cream: 5 sample packets.  Full size product $95.00

I like everything I’ve tried from this brand and just recently reviewed this product so: excuse me while I copy and paste my review…   😉

Sulwhasoo is a luxe Korean brand and I’ve tried a few products from the brand in the past.  This particular product is a firming cream blended with potent Korean medicinal herbs, designed to instantly firm and tone while stimulating collagen for a long term lift.  The cream contains Adlay Millet for detoxification and promotion of elasticity as well as pomegranate, Green Tea and gingko for fighting free radicals to maintain youthful radiance.  Just as I have with all of the ultra rich Sulwahsoo creams I’ve tried, I use this one on my neck and throat area.  The products are very thick and creamy, taking a bit to fully absorb.  They’ve all seemed to work really well in that arena leaving my skin looking and feeling softer and a bit more smooth.  I’m terrified of ‘old neck’ so my thickest, richest creams usually get targeted to such.  The nice part about this particular product, it actually smells nice.  Many of the Sulwhasoo products smell rather odd which puts a lot of people off (I personally do not care much as long as it’s working) Regardless, if that is an issue for you, this particular cream does not smell of rotten potatoes, or any number of other odd scent descriptions I’ve read in the past.  HAha!!

Royal Honey by skinfood propolis essence

Skinfood Royal Honey Propolis Essence: Deluxe Sample Vial.  Full Size Product $21.98 -$23.99

I looked around a bit and as far as US sites go, could only find this to purchase via Amazon.  The prices above reflect what this product is going for on Amazon (plus free shipping).  I purchase a lot of beauty products on Amazon personally, and just added this product to my cart from an Amazon Primer Seller.  I absolutely love Amazon Prime!  I have tried a couple of different K-beauty Essences in the past that didn’t work all that well with my skin type. I have been using SkII for some time now, long enough to have recently opened my second bottle.  I feel as though I do not really see, in my results, the rave reviews I read on the product, but have stuck with it in hopes that I would at some point b/c I do not have any adverse effects from it.  This being the case,  I was fine giving this version a go.  I have only been using this about 4 days but my skin seems to like the formula, it’s more moisturizing than others I’ve used and has calmed my hormonal breakouts.  While it does typically take a good couple of weeks to really see how good a product is going to be for your skin; my skin is so problematic, I generally know in 3 days or as little as one if a product is going to effect my skin really negatively.  This product is thicker than many essence products but thinner than I expected it to be.  The scent is pleasant and very light, not of honey as I expected.  The packaging is very nice.

dewytree blackout nose patch

Dewytree Blackhead Out Nose Patch: 3 nose patches.  Pack of 10 around $5.00

While these little nose strip pore patches seem to be huge in the K-Beauty world; they definitely had their moment in the early 90’s in US drugstore markets when Biore launched their first Television campaign, speaking to teens everywhere, with their promise to pull out blackheads with a water adhering strip.  I still remember first seeing the concept and sitting around with friends plastering the strips to our noses and comparing the disgusting little ‘spikes of gunk’ remaining on the strips once removed.  I never really had blackheads, personally, so mine were never much fun.  I also remember having boyfriends to whom I would constantly be begging to convince, to please, let me slap one of these suckers on their nose.  haha.  There are so many different versions of these in fun colorful packaging with different themes and ingredient additives, but they all seem to work about the same, pulling a bit of the black head like gunk out of your nose and leaving it behind on the strip.  This version contains volcanic ash from Jeju Island and charcoal extracts to clear out clogged pores and remove blackheads.  My advice; splash your nose with ice cold water following removal of the patch to assist in ‘snapping your pores shut’.

Dewytree Blackhead path opened

Here is what the patch looks like..

modeling dewytree blackout patch

partially removed eye makeup and a nose strip, you’re welcome. 😉

Aritaum Fresh Power Essence

Aritaum Fresh Power Essence Pouch Sleeping Pack: ?

This sleeping pack pouch comes in about 10 different varieties to target different needs.  This version, honey, is a nourishing version that boasts anti-bacterial properties and skin-boosting antioxidants. Each pack contains a few uses.  I really enjoyed this sleeping mask.  It’s light and feels like an instant dose of moisture.  This mask did have a nice, natural, honey scent that I loved and had me waking with fresher complexion and the extra hydration my skin needs overnight without the morning breakouts I do not.  These honey and propolis products seem to calm the redness in my skin as well.  I can’t find these available anywhere online, aside from ebay, with a cost around 4.00 each (and up) shipped.  While the popularity of Asian beauty is expanding and more readily available, there is still much that is quite hard to find.  It will be nice when 3b expands to providing full sized products in their store so purchasing a product once sampled will be simplified.

Leaders Brightening recovery mask

Leaders Brightening Recovery Mask:  1 Sheet Mask $5.99

This is a premium coconut gel mask designed for dull skin with an uneven tone and/or dark spots.  Mask is designed to moisturize & brighten skin while improving complexion and reducing discoloration.  Skin tone improving Telangyn, works with essential brightening ingredient Niacinamide, to create a double illuminating system restoring an overall flawless finish to the skin. Vitamin rich ingredients brighten complexion while extracts from plants and flowers help to heal discoloration.  With continuous usage, the mask systematically restores luster and vitality to the skin.  I’ve not tried this mask yet as I do not want to put my skin on product overload; but it sounds like a great mask and I look forward to using it and updating everyone.

img-thing (1)

This was a great first bag!  I think this sub would be a great intro for anyone wanting to try out Asian beauty products on a budget.  I love that even the smaller samples come in multiples so you can get a real feel for each product.  Totally digging this company and looking forward to seeing how they grow!

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Thanks for reading!

-Kelli xoxo

11 thoughts on “3b Beauty Beyond Borders

  1. I totally I agree I never know what to buy with Korean skincare so it’s nice to have boxes like this! Is the shipping included?


    1. Yes! I subscribe to 3 different types of Asian beauty subs and some I can give them my skin types and concerns so I get the correct types of products. It’s great having the info card and instructions since many products have little or no English/other on them. This is my very first 3b box and I must say, I did not even look, but I do not think that they charge shipping as all of my subs that do, state that it is plus shipping on their site.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. What other Asian beauty subs do you subscribe to other than 3B? I have subscribing for over 1 year and I really like them. Thanks.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I do too! I just completed my review for the August bag. I also subscribe to a bi-monthly sub; Pink Seoul & Miss tutii box. Both of these subs cater to your skin type and concerns and are available in 3 different versions and price points! you can check out my reviews on those as well. I’m thinking of adding a 4th…between a coupe of different options. I had a 4th for a time but had a terrible experience. (tofu crate)


  2. Hmmm… This one seems right up my alley. I’m on product overload and actually putting a few of my subs on hold at the moment, but considering I’m slowly switching over to an Asian skincare routine this needs to be on my short list of subscriptions to try once I’ve burned through some of mine.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally understand. I am too, and running out of places to stash stuff. I recently put together some bags full of products for some friends and family. This one is nice as you are more or less trying the skin care to see if it suits you, which is nice if you are, like yourself, transitioning in to an Asian beauty routine. I’ve essentially done the same. I have a few products that are not, but most are; and my skin is much happier b/c of it; plus I enjoy the whole ordeal much more!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much. I will check it out! Ipsy is definitely hit or miss…and some times it feels like you are on a run where there are some great offerings others are receiving and you are getting all of the ones available that are not so great! haha. This one is pretty new, so there are not a ton of past ‘bags’ to stalk, but the ones that I have seen looked nice, and I loved my first bag. I like that it is fun stuff to try that I am not likely to receive in other subs.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. 😱 These products look so cute & your photos look amazing. I’ve always wanted to try korean/japanese beauty products that I see on Pinterest, but don’t know where to get my hands on them in the UK 😔 . Lovely informative post! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much! Really!? I know that at least one of the Kbeauty subs I get ships to the UK…but this one is real new and US only for now. I know I’ve been on some sites that ship Asian Beauty worldwide too…but will have to think about it. There are so many fun things to try!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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