Popsugar Must Have Mini June 2016

I have for you;  the 3rd installment of the Must Have Mini from Popsugar Must Have! Because I’m certain that most, if not all of you know about the ‘original’ Popsugar Must Have Box; I will just get on with the basic description and the info for the new ‘Mini’.

June Must Have Mini Card


Receive a box filled with amazing, curated surprises every month. Now with two options, you get to discover innovative brands and full-sized products across fashion, beauty, home, and more — from a little to a lot!

How it works:

Pick a plan Select your subscription plan (Full subscription 39.95 – Mini 18.95)
Discover Unwrap your box of full-size surprises.
Love Share your new favorite must haves with your friends!

Must Have MINI Subscription:

Introducing a smaller version of our box of curated, full-sized products (note: items are different from monthly Must Have) including the best in fashion, beauty, and home for only $18.95, shipping included. Your subscription will auto-renew, so you get a little present every month!

The Box mini:

PSMH June Mini

a look inside the box..

June Must Have Mini

Product Card:

PSMH June Mini info card

The Goods:

Baggu Medium 3D zip

Baggu Medium 3D Zip – Sailor Stripe:  Retail Value $10.00

This is an expandable, waterproof, nylon bag designed to keep necessities safe and dry.  With a design similar to a dopp kit when full, this bag really can contain a ton of items;  I stuffed every item sitting on my husbands vanity inside, just to see: a full sized toothpaste, deodorant, full sized clippers/razor, several other random things and there is still space for more. (shown above) Anything I would ever take on a trip, beauty wise & anything electronic or otherwise that would need to stay dry and free from sand inside a beach bag, will fit inside.  The design is nothing special, the shape is kind of oblong and a bit weird, reminds me of a lunch bag.  It has a loop attached for carrying or hanging.  It’s handy to have if you need something like it and do not already own something similar.  I’ll use it because I do go to the beach often and constantly find sand in things and worry about my phone and other items floating loosely in my bag.  I’ll toss it in one of my many beach bags so it’s there when I need it.  I do hope this will be it for this type of item for some time though.  I have way too many items like this.

8.5 in. H x 5.1 in. W x 5 in. D when fully expanded.
100% ripstop nylon.
Machine washable.

Juice Beauty Satin Lip Cream

Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Lip Cream in blush: Retail Value $24.00

Juice Beauty is a natural beauty brand, cruelty free and vegan.  I’ve tried several skin care and cosmetics from the brand over the years; some I’ve liked, some I have not cared for.  The lip shade is describe as a beachy-pink and appears as more of a dusty nude/rose on me.  It can be layered for increased intensity.  I didn’t care much for it at its full intensity..it was too dusty and just the wrong tone for my preference, but when wiped with my fingers and smoothed out it looked more the beachy-pink described.  The coverage and application is good but the texture is slightly gritty.  It was not as smoothing and hydrating as I had hoped it would be and while it didn’t feel dry on my lips, I thought it made them look a bit more dry.  It’s an OK lipstick, not one I would re-purchase.  I can see they were going for a neutral shade; not too light and not too dark as to compliment the widest range of skin tones in this particular product, so I certainly do not fault their choice.  I’m simply very picky when it comes to lip shades.

juice beauty phyto pigments swatch

arm swatch

Well..this was definitely my least favorite of the 3 PSMH ‘mini’ boxes thus far.  I was really banking on the whole ‘3rd times a charm’ concept.  The 34.00 value given does hold true in this box, but I would not have purchased either of these items.  I keep saying I may unsubscribe to the mini if things do not look up..but I just can’t seem to quit you Popsugar!  I do use the Pharmacy lip balm and the H2O + Oasis, from my prior 2 boxes like crazy and my husband loved the scent of the Green Market Purveying Company Candle, while burning..so I continue to hang on.  I am definitely looking forward to seeing what my full sized box brings, which will be arriving any day now.  Thoughts?

If you would like to subscribe to this mini yourself or to the fabulous full sized version you can do so here and use code: MUSTHAVE5 for $5.00 off! *coupon code effective on full size version only, not the mini.

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  1. Rezzo

    Oh, I didn’t know about the mini sub! Sounds like they’re not really “must haves” tho :\

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kelifornia79

      Yea… 😦 I was definitely hoping for more. The first two were better…it’s not that they’re bad, per say, just that you hoped for more when only receiving two items.


  2. rosetintedpics

    Lovely post idea! I have never seen this done before! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kelifornia79

      Thanks you! xx


      1. rosetintedpics

        That’s ok xx


  3. Healthy_Glow

    same here. It’s hard to give up once you subscribe as you always hope there might be something better next time. I guess that’s how they make money lol I feel this mini box is a bit too expensive for its value. But the products are not bad per se.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kelifornia79

      I know, so worried I might miss something. Silly, really. I’m in agreement, in comparison to other boxes the value just isn’t really there…with only two products your chances of ‘loving it’ are pretty slim. I kind of wonder if this box will even last. I feel it’s subscriber base is largely those that have been subscribers of the full sized box for some time and just haven’t let go and that most of those subscribing for a lesser cost than the original have already cancelled..I could be wrong though.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. everythingnothin

    I am the exact same way girl!! I haven’t been happy with this subscription at all but I can’t seem to quit it. I am so underwhelmed this month! I don’t like their choices at all! I am not a fan of Juice Beauty at all! I think I am going to try one more month and then cancel if I am not wowed!! Great review though and as always, I love you photos!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kelifornia79

      Haha. Thanks! Yea, I’ve liked at least one of their (JB)skin care items, another was OK, have not cared for any of their other products at all. This box was so underwhelming. I think you have the right idea. If next months isn’t really good, I’ll cancel. I can easily trade it for something new and unique. It’s silly to pay 20.00 for something I do not care for. Now to decide what to swap it for…..

      Liked by 1 person

      1. everythingnothin

        Haha that is totally my thinking!! Let me know what you end up trading for!! I am on the hunt too haha!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. kelifornia79

        I’ve seen a couple that sound intriguing, still yet to launch but with little info..so I’m waiting to hear more. boholuxe is one of them…Pura Vida looks promising. I’m up to 4 Kbeauty/Asian beauty boxes now…and I am good on all other beauty related boxes too. I’d love to find a good box with a mix of things…there needs to be more of those.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. everythingnothin

        I totally agree! I wish more boxes were like PopSugar and sent quality items!

        Liked by 1 person

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