Summer Coverage, New from CoverGirl

Hello beauties, near and far!  I’ve found my summer ‘foundation’.  I know, I was surprised too…a CoverGirl Clean product?  I picked this product up on a whim, because it was brand new, and that’s what I do.  What I did not expect was that I would love it and use it every day since purchasing.  First of all it’s a BB cream.  I rarely use BB creams and aside from some Kbeauty versions and one ultra thin, light, L’Oreal version, typically find them to be heavier and more greasy than a light foundation; yet with less coverage.  I do not like anything that feels heavy on my face, especially in the summer months.  Second, while I’ve no qualms with drugstore brands, (I’m a firm believer in ‘if it’s good, it’s good),  I’ve never been a CoverGirl fan, especially foundation and similar products.  [I must give the brand props though, they’ve introduced some really good products since the start of 2016]. For me, and my complicated skin type, I feel as though I am always on the hunt for ‘the perfect foundation’ I’ve tried so many high end versions yet never ‘the perfect fit’ so if I can get the results I desire from a CVS up the road, for under 10 bucks;  I’m all over it.

Covergirl BB Matte

About the product:

A matte finish ‘BB Cream’, designed for oily skin.

In comparison to other BB creams I’ve tried this certainly has more coverage.  If you typically do not find you obtain enough coverage when using a BB cream, you might find this version will work for you.  While I’m not one to prefer heavy, full coverage foundations; I do require some evening out and hormonal blemish coverage at times.  This product is enough to give me a blemish free appearance.  I find that the tools I use for application of this BB cream can decrease or increase the coverage and ease of such.   On days I just needs a bit of smoothing and evening out I’ll use my damp beauty blender or even just smooth a bit on with my fingers.  When I have significant redness and blemishes to hide I’ll apply it with a stipple brush, blend and smooth it out with my soft, flat, oval brush.  (these brushes feel so nice.)  Product is available in 6 shade ranges from very fair to deep.

CoverGirl BB for oily skin


My skin is not exactly oily, it’s combo.  The areas that are oily can get very oily though and while most of my remaining skin is ‘normal’ I have a small area prone to patchy dry spots.  I found that this product does not make my face look or feel overly dry and it does not seem to worsen the look of the drier areas, which is both surprising and a huge plus.  Because I wanted to test the true performance of the product I used it on it’s own: a light serum and moisturizer post face wash, this product, and nothing to layer or set the product.  This bb cream not only held up all day without breaking up on my face, it did so through my sitting outside for an hour, on a 90 degree day, without making me look slick & oily.   Best part; I’ve used it daily for nearly three weeks and it has not caused a single break out!  While I know with certainty, based on numerous instances of running out and purchasing a product based on a review, that we are all different and what works for one may not for another; I wanted to put this review out there for those searching for something that won’t make them oily that may be prone to breakouts, or are maybe just looking for something lighter for the summer months.  Best part; if it doesn’t pan out, you’re not out a lot of coin! 😉

CoverGirl BB Swatch

CoverGirl BB Oily Swatch


img-thing (1)


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23 thoughts on “Summer Coverage, New from CoverGirl

  1. Excellent review! I’m definitely interested in trying this! I’ve got combo-acne prone skin and my face (more like my T-zone) has been getting on the oily side since temperatures are rising. Hoping this will end my hunt lol

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    1. Cool. I hope you like it! I tried the Maybeline BB when it first launched and it felt a little too thick and greasy for me and almost immediately broke me out. Soon after, they came out with the BB pure, the skin clearing version; I liked that one better… The Cover Girl definitely has more coverage than that and is not as sheer, being matte..but still feels light and fresh. As long as your skin is not too dry, it should work well!

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    1. For sure. Thanks! My husband found the brush on groupon. It came in a set of 10, multiple shapes and sizes. I do not even know what brand, if any, that they were. The quality is really quite good though, incredibly soft

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      1. CG, definitely upped their game sometime in 2015 and more so since their new launches for 2016. I’ve not tried that one. I’ve read SO many foundation reviews and all of the most popular 5 star rated high end foundations never work too well for me either. Prior to buying this, I was using Tarte Rainforest of the Sea, the concealer, as foundation; just dotting it on and blending really well.

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