Rachel Zoe Box of Style Summer 2016


Hey everyone & welcome to my  ‘The Zoe Report’ Rachel Zoe Box of Style!   I had been eyeing this one for some time before finally taking the plunge, prior to the ‘spring’ box edition.

This is my second Box of Style, Summer Edition, and if one thing is certain about this box; from caftans to ‘sunnies’ and lightweight skincare, this box exudes summer:

 Just add water & sunshine.

santa cruz me surfing
^ Me! ^

If you are unfamiliar with the Box of Style; here is how it works:

This particular subscription box is a quarterly box, $100.00 for an auto renewed subscription each quarter (you are immediately billed for your first box when you sign up and then subsequently after that.  You can also sign up for a one year membership (4 boxes) for $350.00.  (yearly subscriptions ship first and auto renew each year unless you cancel.)  Once you are signed up you will receive an amazing, seasonal subscription box curated by The Zoe Report, the online style destination from stylist, designer and editor Rachel Zoe. Each Box of Style is anchored by a signature “hero” piece that retails above $100, and every box is valued at more than $300. Boxes include stylish, of the moment items, from lifestyle categories such as beauty, fashion, functional gadgets; things of that nature.

Rachel Zoe info

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The Box:

box of style 2016 summer

The Hero Item:

luv AJ set.png

Luv AJ Pavé Tusk Lariat & Crescent Ring [Exclusive Set]: Retail Value $190.00

Each quarter ‘Box of Style’ kicks off their box with ‘A Hero Item’, an item with a value of more than $100.00, that also serves as the box’s first spoiler…to entice us in to subscribing. 😉  I was already subscribed when I saw it and this is the one and only spoiler I saw; as I prefer to be surprised.  While I did like the look of this particular spoiler;  I love it in person.  In the original spoiler photo I saw, the set seemed to have an awful lot going on and I worried it my be a bit gaudy.  In person it is intricate, with plenty of unique details; but much more dainty, than I expected, looks really cute on, and is totally me.  The necklace is a delicate and unique gold chain in a lariat style.  It is adorned with a crescent where a typical charm would hang and has a crystal adorned ‘tusk’ at the end of the Lariat chain.  The ring wraps the finger in a delicate spiral and is adorned with the same crescent and ‘tusk’, looking like a delicate work of art on my finger.  It is also somewhat adjustable so you are not necessarily tied to one finger.  I love this set and I know that I am going to get a lot of wear out of each piece, I’ve been wearing it non-stop since receiving it! Hooray for the hero item(s)!  (link is to the site as this set is exclusive.)

Luv AJ info

luv aj necklace on

[The rest of] The Goods:

The Caftan:

Michael Stars Caftan

Michael Stars Pastel Gardens Coverup:  Retail Value $58.00

I would have never purchased this on my own…but it’s fun and makes me feel very Stevie Nicks/yacht lounging, wealthy socialite; if that’s a thing.  I spend tons of time outdoors, at the beach, by my pool and I dig this coverup way more than I expected to.  It is a bit long, at under 5′ 5″ mine nearly drags the ground san shoes…so that might be a problem for petite girls.  Also; there’s the one size issue, while a non-issue for me, it’s clear that a ‘one size’ designer item will still only work for some women.  If you are petite, very thin and tiny boned, it will likely swallow you, or be more billowy than you prefer. If you are very tall, very curvy or plus sized, it may not fit, or not fit properly.  It really is much nicer looking when worn than it looks like it will when on the hanger..

the caftan Rachel Zoe info card.jpg

The Do Not Disturb Signs:

YHF LA sunglasses

YHF Los Angeles Cashton Brown Sunglasses:  Retail Value $40.00

Shades are my thing, I own many, many pair and never mind more.  It’s almost always sunny where I live and my ultra sensitive, blue eyes require my wearing them every second that I spend outdoors.  They are such an easy fashion statement at that, not to mention conceal a less than stellar makeup, or lack there of day..while still allowing you to look stylish & put together.  I love a good pair of sunglasses!  This pair is easy & cool possessing some of the more trendy styling while maintaining a classic, more wearable aspect at the same time.  I’d not heard of this brand prior, but I’m happy with these!

YHF LA Shades Info Card.jpg

me rachel zoe shades

The Beach in a Bottle:

ouai wave spray

OUAI Haircare Wave Spray:  Retail Value $12.00

Another month another ‘wave creating spray’  I’ve ‘seen & heard’ from this brand non-stop lately so I was excited to see the brand in this box.  I’m not a fan of wave sprays.  Real beaches, ocean water, salt water air, it’s amazing for nearly everything; everything that is, except my hair…and plenty of other people’s hair, I’m certain.  How many frizzy haired folks with disheveled looking pony tails and messy buns do you see when enjoying a beach day?  …On to the product at hand; despite trying so many version of these sprays, all designed to achieve this effortless look of ‘undone beach-y hair’, without the results I desired, I tried one more.  This one was actually better.  Most sprays give me cool looking waves and texture, some leave it super crunchy, some not as bad but as time goes by the frizzing begins and continues to worsen.  This version gave me that messy, undone look, lots of texture, slight waves and that stiffish feeling.  It did not get too frizzy and it did not become more so throughout the day.

OUAI spray info.jpg

ouai wave spray example

The Styling Tool:

Dream Dry The Dream Turban

DreamDry The Dream Turban:  Retail Value $30.00

I once owned something quite similar to this years and years ago and I loved it, used it all of the time.  I mean, who doesn’t wrap their hair up in a giant make-shift towel turban?  When your hair is short and you can use a smaller towel it stays pretty well, but when your hair is very thick & long it doesn’t work so well.  Give me something that does, that looks less ridiculous and has better drying and frizz minimizing capabilities;  I’m in.  Another nice tip for using this ‘turban’ is to apply your deep conditioning treatments and promptly put this on.  I often skip the wrapping of hair following a treatment, when it is suggested, simply because it’s such a huge pain.  This definitely makes it easier.

Dream Dry info

The Healthy Glow:

Juice Beauty Green Apple brightening

Juice Beauty Green Apple SPF 15 Brightening Moisturizer:  Retail Value $38.00

At one time, I assume when the brand was brand new, I received quite a bit of products from Juice Beauty.  A couple of those products I liked, most I did not care too much for.  Just recently I’ve been receiving products from the brand again.  This particular moisturizer; Green Apple Brightening Moisturizer with SPF 15; I thought that I owned and had tried before, but I was mistaken.  While I have tried several of the green apple products, this version was new to me.  It smells good, more like the lemonade scent in the stem cell moisturizer in the tub, that I like.  Not a bad summer time day moisturizer, that’s worth a go if you do not have oily skin or mind heavier sun creams and moisturizers by day.  It is definitely a bit heavy and greasy feeling for my liking but does fully absorb, if you give it some time before applying anything else, and leaves behind a nice sheen on the skin.

Juice Beauty info.jpg

Thoughts on Summer 2016?!

If you are interested in subscribing you can check it out and/or sign up here, plus receive $10.00 off your first box… and for those wondering ‘Box of Style now ships internationally.

Thanks so much for reading!

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-Kelli xoxo



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  3. Amanda Bella

    What a really unique box! I haven’t heard of this one before – but you got some really amazing stuff! I adore that caftan!

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    1. kelifornia79

      Yes! It is a really great box. It’s kind of a splurge box; but it is only quarterly, so it’s a fun seasonal surprise. I was really pleased with this one!

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