Hey there Beauties, near and far…Happy Weekend!  I was so lucky to receive the Marc Jacobs Beauty Glow Stick, Glistening Illuminator.  Now let’s explore it!

Marc Jacobs Glow stick collage.jpg

Marc Jacobs Beauty Glow Stick:  $42.00

This is a glistening skin illuminator in stick form; similar in shape and size to a mini stick of deodorant. [I instantly make it sound less glamorous, but do not be alarmed; it’s fabulous.]  I personally love the unique shape and size of this product as I own a plethora of highlighting products already, yet none quite like this.  I love that I can swipe this up my legs for a stunning evening glow or across my collar bones; a favorite spot of mine to highlight.  For facial use I prefer to simply swipe it with my finger or other applicator and apply where I wish, whether it be down the center of my nose, cheekbones, what  have you.

I found this product to be extremely universal in both shade and in the realm of skin type.  The shade is described as a universal glow; spotlight, and you can achieve major impact or a subtle glow depending on your application method and how much or little you chose to blend the product. I’ve seen this product swatched on many different skin tones and find it to look stunning on each.  I sometimes, with my light to light/medium skin tone, find lighter highlighting products to lack that beautiful pop that darker skinned users achieve yet darker gold or rose gold version to be too much.  I loved the way this one looked on my skin.  The texture and finish of this product seems a good option for most as well.  While it starts as a cream, it has a satin/powder finish that does not make my combo skin look slippery, causing my look to slide away.

If you are a highlighter junkie; I definitely recommend snatching this one up.  If you are in the middle on a powder or liquid formula this might be the product you have been searching for.

Marc Jacobs Glow Stick Influenster

In the Box

Marc Jacobs Glow stick Glow

out of the box

glow stick swatch

marc jacobs glow stick swatch

…and a couple more swatches

I received this product free via Influenster; for those of you curious what that is; it’s a social media based testing & reviewing community.  Click the link to sign up yourself or learn more on how it all works!

Marc Jacobs Influenster

*Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge from influenster & Marc Jacobs Beauty for testing purposes.  I received no compensation aside from the product and my blog review is of my own opinion.


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