Popsugar Must Have June 2016


June Must Have is here and it’s a bit of a summer celebration in a box!  This box totally shifted my mood and put a smile on my face.  The June ‘mini’ went along with it in a way; but was my least favorite of the 3 thus far.  Click here for my PSMH Mini review.

June PS Must Have

It’s no secret that I love PSMH, anticipating what the next box will bring, digging through my box upon arrival, trying everything, finding places in my home for others.  It is simply stated: a really fun box, with a little of everything. This particular box is no exception:

June Inspiration:

June must have card

If you are new to the game Popsugar Must Have is a Monthly Lifestyle Subscription Box service, delivered to your door monthly for $39.95 (free shipping) and is valued at over $100.00.

*They also curate several 1 time purchase, luxury, limited edition boxes that are fabulous!

NEW  Popsugar has also recently launched their newest monthly addition ‘the mini’.  This version released its very first box in April.  You can read my review for the first box and all about the subscription here!

Each Must Have box is filled with the best in fashion, beauty, home, fitness, food and more; curated by Popsugar Editor in Chief Lisa Sugar.  I personally adore this box and look forward to receiving it each month.  They may not hit it right on the mark, every time, for everyone but most of the time, for me; they do a really good job.  I really enjoy receiving such a wide variety of products in one sub box and I love the anticipation of such!  I generally like and use all of the products I receive yet in the event something does not suit me it is always something of quality that I can gift it to another.  PSMH works with many good, quality, relevant and on trend brands, many of them high end so it’s a great box for receiving tried and true products/brands as well as new products and up and comers!  2 words: Beauty Blender!! :)  Thinking of taking the plunge?  Check it out here!

The Box:

PSMH June 2016

The Goods:

hat attack neutral diamond sarong

Hat Attack Neutral Diamonds – Printed Sarong:  Sugg. Retail $58.00

This multifunctional, light-weight sarong has a cool, neutral, pattern with a bohemian vibe.  It’s quite large and can be folded, worn as a wrap or tied numerous ways as a cover-up or basic sarong.  I really love the neutral design on the white background and enjoyed a fun little fashion show, tying it a myriad of ways around my body.  I’ve owned other sarongs, but none I’ve liked as I do this one.  This one I will definitely use.

Me hat attack sarong fashion.png

Cute, right?!

Sisters  of Los Angeles Cheers bottle opener

Sisters Of Los Angeles “Cheers” Gold Bottle Opener:  Sugg. Retail $12.00

This is one of those fun little functional accessories for the home..and I love fun little accessories for the home.  I like that it’s oversized and quirky making it the perfect item to set out at a summer bbq or gathering of any kind, bringing a smile to those popping their bottle tops. 😉

Ridley's Game night, who am I

Wild and Wolf Ridley’s Game Room “Who am I’ Quiz:  Sugg. Retail $12.95

Last year, possibly December, in another festive box, we received a game.  The game was Bingo.  The game itself was a coffee table’s delight; unfortunately its aesthetics were the only strong point, because it was Bingo.  Not my idea of a ‘get your friends together game’.  I remember thinking; “love the idea of a game in the box, just wish it were any other game.”  I was really happy getting this easy to play, party game in my box; a game where you try to guess a famous person, in a set time, with the least amount of clues given.  I also dig a game that’s fun without the need for a board and a bunch of pieces, easy to get the ball rolling…and the box/packaging is really nice looking as well.

NCLA Nail Polish, Born on the 4th

NCLA Born on the 4th Nail Lacquer:  Sugg Retail $16.00

NCLA has become a favorite of mine for nail products.  I really like the brand; they’ve got style.  They also have some really cool collabs with really cool nail wraps.  I had to order the NCLA x Betches collab set myself; I just had to.  It was calling my name.  I do hope PSMH will put some of their wraps in a box soon, they have some great summer themed designs…on to the nail polish: obviously a fun festive polish for the 4th, gorgeous to look at in the bottle; however, I’m not a big fan of these polish types.  They work a bit better on longer nails, when yours are short you typically end up with some scattered fine glitters and maybe 2 large chunks, so you try to make another pass over your nail and the next chunk somehow lands just askew of another chunk etc etc., leaving it looking too messy.  When I use these types of polish I generally grab a toothpick so I can arrange the large glitter chunks where they look a bit better.  I’ll definitely sport it during patriotic holidays though; because I’m fun like that.

NCLA born on the 4th polish

Let’s pretend I didn’t just slap this on. 🙂

Knock Knock compact mirror

Knock Knock Are you ready (for your close-up?) Compact:  Sugg. Retail $10.00

This cute little ‘Are you ready’ compact is durable and portable, opening to reveal a mirror etched with the second half of the phrase: ‘for your close-up?’  This is a fun little item to toss in your beach bag as well as any travel bag.

Knock knock are you ready for your close up mirror

Too Cute!

Pacifica Deodorant Wipes

Pacifica Underarm Deodorant Wipes:  Sugg. Retail $9.00

I love Pacifica and I love these deodorant wipes.  This is a product I already own and use daily so I was happy to receive my next package in this box.  They work much better than I had expected them too and smell fabulous.  They are excellent to ‘freshen up’ with when coming in from the outdoors on a hot day or to keep in your gym bag.  Plus, they are aluminum free and vegan.

Pressels Sriracha

Pressels Sriracha:  Sugg. Retail $1.29

The monthly food item: I love Sriracha anything; spicy anything, really so I figured I would like these.  My hubs ended up snatching them for himself so I only tried a couple.  They were very unique in taste and texture.  I actually liked them quite a bit but they were a lot different than the many other baked pretzel chips out there..less pretzel-y.  Different but good.

Info Cards:

June Must habe info card

june psmh info card 1

must have info card june

What did you think of this festive, June box?  I was a fan.  The theme was fun, I liked the way everything fit together and were really summeresque in their vibe.  The value of everything totaled just under 120.00.  Not too shabby.

img-thing (1)

Thinking of checking it out?  Subscribing for yourself?  Check it out here!


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  1. danniijane

    Love all the bits you got. Especially the nail polish and sarong x

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    1. kelifornia79

      Yes, thank you! I adore that sarong. I’ve seen some fold similar versions in to an almost dress. I need to look that up and learn it!

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  2. laurelwolfelives

    Wow! I can see my daughters rocking that fingernail polish! 🙂

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    1. kelifornia79

      Fun for all! 😉

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