Popsugar Must Have Mini July 2016

I have for you;  the 4th installment of the Must Have Mini from Popsugar Must Have! Because I’m certain that most, if not all of you know about the ‘original’ Popsugar Must Have Box; I will just get on with the basic description and the info for the new ‘Mini’.

July Must Have Mini



Receive a box filled with amazing, curated surprises every month. Now with two options, you get to discover innovative brands and full-sized products across fashion, beauty, home, and more — from a little to a lot!

How it works:

Pick a plan Select your subscription plan (Full subscription 39.95 – Mini 18.95)
Discover Unwrap your box of full-size surprises.
Love Share your new favorite must haves with your friends!

Must Have MINI Subscription:

Introducing a smaller version of our box of curated, full-sized products (note: items are different from monthly Must Have) including the best in fashion, beauty, and home for only $18.95, shipping included. Your subscription will auto-renew, so you get a little present every month!

The Box mini:

July Must Have Mini Content

The Product Card:

July PSMH mini

The Goods:

Must Have mini Sunnylife Pineapple Cubes

Sunnylife Pineapple Ice Tray (Set of two): Sugg. Retail $17.00

This is a set of two silicone Ice Cube trays, in cute, trendy pineapple shapes.  Ice cubes freeze really quickly in these fun little trays and are easy to remove from the flexible silicone molds.  (you could likely use these as molds for other items too; I have not tried, personally, but I’m sure that you could.)  I added mint to mine to spruce up the cubes for a refreshing summer beverage.

Pineapple Cubes PSMH Mini

Great detail!

PSMH Mini Let It Block

Let It Block SPF 30 Sunscreen:  Sugg Retail $14.99

This is brand new sunscreen brand boasting items housed in recyclable pouches; offering UV protection which is water resistant for up to 80 minutes! (nutrient rich & paraben free)  I’m pretty much set on the items that I am using for my sun protection, but this version will be great for my little, whom I can never seem to coax out of the water.

Well here we are at month number 4 of the mini; and I think it’s safe to say: the mini will always be a bit underwhelming on its own.  These two items are a great addition to the full sized box and go perfectly with the theme, completing it…but on its own, it’s just not ‘exciting’.  But;  what can I say; I like the addition of two extra products, so for now, I’ll just keep riding the wave.

..,Stay tuned for the full sized July version, coming up!

If you would like to subscribe to this mini yourself or to the fabulous full sized version you can do so here and use code: MUSTHAVE5 for $5.00 off! *coupon code effective on full size version only, not the mini.


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  1. Popsugar Must Have July 2016 – Kelifornia79

    […] July Must Have is here and while June’s was all about the start of summer and the celebrations to come; July’s is more themed around the heart of summer and the novelties that come with it.  This box had a fun, quirky and vintage summer theme that I really loved; a lot of this and that, but in a good way.  The July ‘mini’ went right along with it with both a quirky/fun and a useful item; still yet to really win me over yet I just keep ridin’ the wave.  Click here for my PSMH Mini review. […]


  2. danniijane

    The ice cube tray is so cute x

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    1. kelifornia79

      right?! 🙂

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  3. Healthy_Glow

    The pineapple ice cubes are so adorable!

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    1. kelifornia79

      Aren’t they!?


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