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Here’s to another great month with Miss Tutii!  July’s box has a great mix of items.  I must admit; I am a bit obsessed when it comes to the whole ‘Korean beauty invasion’ and it’s not simply due to the often ridiculously cute & fun packaging, but the unique ingredients & formulas that have been wonderful & sometimes miraculous even, for my skin type, concerns & issues, as well as the multi step routine meant to fully pamper your skin. While this particular sub is not exclusively Korean products; last month’s box was.  This month was exclusively Korean; aside from one item, to which its origin is Turkey.

July Tutii Box

Miss Tutii is a newer monthly subscription service offering several options and price ranges to explore the world of K-beauty (as well as brands from Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, and more) on a monthly basis.

First, chose which of the 3 ‘box’ options you prefer:

Tutii Box: $25.00 per month

  • Each month receive 6-7 Full Sized or Premium Brands Samples.
  • Includes Skincare, Makeup, Hair care , Beauty Tools, Body etc.

Tutii Bag: $15.00 per month

  • TutiiBag is a “smaller” version of the TutiiBox
  • Products featured may appear in both TutiiBox and TutiiBag.
  • Each month receive 5 Full Deluxe Samples or Full Sized products.
  • Includes Skincare, Makeup, Hair care , Beauty Tools, Body etc.

Tutii Mask: $12.00 per month

  • Each month receive 6-8 Masks
  • Includes Sheet masks, Wash-off, Hair, and Body Masks
  • TutiiMasks value at $18-$25 worth of masks per bag!

With each subscription you have the option of: Oily/Acne/Combo skinOR Normal/Dry/Combo skin

US shipping is free on all subscriptions.

International Shipping as follows:


TutiiBag and  TutiiMask $5.95. TutiiBox $9.95


TutiiBag and  TutiiMask 8.95. TutiiBox $15.95


TutiiBox Mailer

Check out Miss Tutii and save 10% off your first order!

Miss Tutii also has a really nice selection of beauty products to purchase separately from their subscriptions as well as some limited edition boxes and offer free US shipping on $50.00, plus free samples. (international shipping is based on weight.)

The Box:

Tutii Box July 2016

The Goods:

Luke Snail Hydrogel Pack

Luke Snail Hydrogel Eye Patch:  (1 pair) $2.25  [Origin, Korea]

This is one pair of snail under-eye patches designed to reduce and prevent under-eye wrinkles, and supply moisture to the delicate under-eye area.  I love under-eye patches; even the ones that do not do a whole lot, as they at least give me a feeling of being more awake and refreshed.  I popped these babies on the day I received this box.  I was really happy to find that these were not the all silicone/gel versions; the kind that slip right off your face and require you to lie down, scarcely moving a muscle to keep them in place!  This version is more of a foam like paper with the smooth silicone layer on the side you place against your eyes.  They feel very nice and adhere perfectly so you can go about your morning without them moving.  I applied mine on my cleansed face after dabbing an eye cream and allowing it to absorb.  It says to leave them on for 20-30 minutes, but I believe I left mine longer.  My eyes looked super smooth underneath and felt awake and refreshed.  I felt they looked a bit brighter and I will definitely re-purchase these.

Luke Snail Hydrolgel Patches

Here is what they look like. 🙂

Dr Jart Hydra Solution Sheet Mask

Dr. Jart Soothing Hydra Solution Mask:  1 mask $6.00 (Origin, Korea)

There are a billion sheet masks out there and everyone has the ones they prefer,  I really dig this Dermask Water Jet Vital Hydration Line.  I mask all of the time, try tons of them, rarely do I ever have a bad reaction, but often I feel kind of like: “Ok, maybe I got a teeny bit of moisture..or… Ok, I think I look a bit less irritated”… so on so forth.  This and the version with the round blue pill on the packaging work really well for me; but I wasn’t certain that they would, right off the bat.  This mask is a fine cellulose fiber that you peel off of a plastic backing after removing from the packaging. Mask is transparent to allow pores to fully absorb nutrients and moisturizing ingredients for immediate and intense hydration. Mask contains an ultra-low molecular weight hyaluronic acid which activates skin’s moisture with high absorption and seaweed extract which removes impurities.  The fit was kind of goofy on me; but really, they always are.  I’ve never questioned my facial structure more than I have since trying sheet masks!  I smoothed it over my face and it felt a bit itchy pretty soon after, this is a quality that immediately makes me nervous and suspect.  After about the first 10 minutes the itching stopped and it felt just as normal.  Once I removed the mask I was very surprised to find the mask was nearly dry and very little residual serum seemed to remain on my face, which is rare.  I headed to the mirror and my impression of the mask totally changed.  My skin looked so bright and plump; I was shocked… and sad that I had used it as a night time mask.  Come morning my skin still had a ‘plumper’ more smooth and hydrated appearance.  I was really impressed with my results.  I’ll definitely stock up on these Dr. Jart Masks!

Farmasi Exotic Hand and body cream

Farmasi Exotic hand and body cream: Full Size $11.00 (Origin, Turkey)

This body cream is formulated with fruit extracts, honey and vitamin E.  It smells really good; tropical, summery.  It looks like it might be a thinner product when first dispersed but it’s actually very emollient and hydrating.  It works best for a after shower/bath or after sun care.  It’s a bit heavy for morning use in the summer,  but it does absorb pretty well.  I like it and I do not believe I’ve tried any other products originating in Turkey!

CentelLaca Ampule W. Lab

W. Lab Asiatica Extracts Care soothing CentelLaca Ampule:  Full size $36.00 (Origin, Korea)

For those who may not know; an Ampoule is essentially a serum with higher concentrations of its active ingredients.  This version has a lot of claims; designed for sensitive skin that is troubled, whether it be from breakouts, bumps, redness and/or  uneven texture, this product is designed to help with all of those issues, using 80% centella asiatica leaf extract as well as other ingredients derived in nature.  This is essentially an all-in-one product type which is designed to immediately soothe the skin, lend moisture and protect the skin’s moisture barrier, assist in repair, collagen production and anti-aging in general.  I’ve only had about a week to test this product so far and after no bad reactions from a small patch test, I added it in to my routine; after all, it sounded like the perfect product for my skin.  I definitely find the product pleasant and instantly soothing, I’ve already found products I use in my routine that have lightened any post breakout marks and banish them just as they begin; but, I feel as though this product has promise to improve my skin in additional ways and help it to retain some of its moisture.  I will definitely continue to use this product and learn more about it.  I think it’s really good stuff.

Silkyfit BB Concealer

Yadah Silky Fit Concealer BB Sensitive Skin SPF 34 PA ++: 1o ml size Full Size is $34.00

I’m not a huge BB Cream, CC cream (etc.) person but I have found that I tend to like some of the Korean versions better than the Western take on the product(s) I used this as an all over product before noticing it said ‘concealer’ and I liked the light feel and amount of coverage it gave me.  My skin looked dewy, not greasy and it felt light, looked bright.  The shade seemed a bit light but once blended it worked out.  Product is said to be suitable for sensitive and troubled skin and while I’m not overly sensitive, per say, I am prone to breakouts and dry patches.  I had no adverse reactions or issues with this products and I’ve been known to breakout from overly moisturizing and or heavy/greasy BB creams.

Silkyfit swatch

swatched and blended

Tony Moly Hair Protein Serum

Tony Moly Hair Protein Serum: 20 ml $7.00

I’ve used a lot of Tony Moly products; but this is the first hair product I’ve tried (or seen for that matter) from the brand.  I used the product per suggestions; applying it to damp hair prior to drying/styling and then adding a bit extra to the dry ends once styled.  Product works pretty well in conjunction with the oil I already ‘must’ use.  My hair appeared smooth and more soft and it does help to smooth the rough drier ends of my hair.

So…what did you think!?

This is a great box for anyone who loves K-beauty as well as anyone wanting to give it a go! There was an excellent variety of products in this box covering a lot of areas and all of them worked really well for my needs!  I love the time & care that they put in to the packaging and info cards, everything is very cute.  The fact that they have several options in different price ranges is a big plus as well.

If you are interested in exploring the world of Miss Tutii, you can check it out here!

img-thing (1)

What did everyone else think?

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