Birchbox July 2016

Hey Birchbox fans!  July Birchbox…the first month sans birchbox points for reviews. What did you think of your box; worth it still?  Do you feel that they have upped their game as far as box products go?

This Month I let Birchbox chose my goods as opposed to the featured box.  More often than not I dig the featured box and stick with that, as a safe bet, but this time; I wasn’t really feeling it.  On one hand; I can’t say I was overly impressed with my products this month…a few of the products I’ve already received from Birchbox, one of those, several times and the shampoo and conditioner; well they’re good but, they included a foil pack conditioner along with the shampoo..and counted it as the 5th product.  Often times when Birchbox includes a shampoo or conditioner they will throw in a foil packet of the other; but typically, in this case, it’s an extra 6th product.  A foil packet of either is not enough to use on all of my hair.  I thought this was a pretty lame move, especially as the first box after letting the birchbox world down with the ‘points’ changes.  On the other hand I can and have been able to tell that birchbox is making a good effort as far as sending products that fit your likes and needs; with acne control products and shampoo/conditioner designed for blondes as well as other items that fit my needs, in my boxes.  So; there’s that.

The Box:

July Birchbox 2016

The Goods:

supergoop setting mist

Supergoop Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50: Mini.  Full size $12-$28.00

I already own a travel size and a full size bottle of this stuff.  I was really excited about it when it debuted everywhere last year.  I love facial mists and setting sprays and feel that adding sun protection to them was a fabulous idea.  The scent is a bit strong at first but tones down quickly and I like that it is a bit invigorating.  This is a good product to keep in your purse and/or beach bag when the need to add some sun protection arises and I love the fact that I can spray it on post makeup and works just as a matte-ish finish setting mist with added oil control;  Plus, it’s light, refreshing and doesn’t break me out.

Dr Brandt PoreDermabrasion

Dr Brandt Pore Dermabrasion:  Mini/Travel Size.  Full size $58.00

This is a pretty solid exfoliating deep cleanser.  I’ve use this when my skin has felt extra grimy.  Dr. Brandt has an entire line of products designed for clearing and shrinking pores and while they are all pretty good, none of them have ever given me that YES! this is the product feeling and because it’s more of a once a week product and I’ve received a lot of these samples; I always have some lying around if I want to use them.  I also have to be very mindful of these deep cleansing pore type items as overuse gives me the opposite results, and I end up breaking it.

Smashbox X rated

Smashbox  X-Rated Mascara Mini: $10-$12.00 Full Size is $22.00

I have sampled this mascara in the past.  It’s a pretty good mascara that gives good enough results but it’s not a run out and purchase mascara.  It gives you both length and volume but nothing extraordinary.  I feel like the product’s packaging allows too much product to remain on the brush when you remove it from the tube; requiring you to scrape some off to avoid clumping, which is messy.  I also felt that the formula took too long to dry on my lashes, leaving them damp, and this bugs me.

Klorane Blondes Shampoo & Conditioner

Klorane Shampoo and Conditioner with Chamomile – for blonde hair:  Deluxe Sample & Foil Packet.  Full sizes are $20.00

I’ve been a fan of Klorane Dry Shampoos for a long time now and while I do seem to have a lifetime supply of it at this point; I’ve more recently been receiving additional Klorane products.  I have been equally as pleased with the traditional shampoos I’ve tried and I love their under eye patches.  This particular shampoo (& conditioner) is designed to rid hair of residues and prevent brassiness while bringing out highlights.  I thought the shampoo was really good, smells nice, great consistency and lathers; I felt that is was gentle on my hair, more so than others, while still getting it clean and free of the dry shampoos, oils and serums I frequently use in my hair.  Because I have so much hair, shampoo/conditioner samples do not really provide me enough product to get the full benefit of most and the foil packet of the conditioner was not enough to get a good idea of that at all; but, the reviews are so good as far has helping with brassiness and amping up highlights, I think I’d like to try this pairing out further.  Definitely disappointed that the foil packet was considered a 5th sample.


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