Hey Beauties, near and far!  Happy first of August.  Every month I tell my self “you will do a favorites post this month” and every month I get busy and I do not manage to complete it.  Because these posts are my favorite to read myself;  I’m going to make a solid effort to continue this monthly post.  It’s a tough one to do for me too; because, I want to stick with items I’ve not already reviewed throughout the course of that month and I generally have a lot of new favorite items each month.  So; I have narrowed July’s favorites down to some items I am crazy about and items I constantly use/wear etc.

Shall we?

July favorites kelifornia79

Oh so fabulous.

The goods:

lush vanishing cream

Lush Vanishing Cream: $44.95

Ok; to be fair, I’ve been using this all summer now and it’s now my must-have, go-to, can’t live without moisturizer.  This stuff is amazing.  Everyone needs to moisturize; even us folks with combo, oily or breakout prone skin, it’s important we find a product compatible with our skin, as our skin will only produce more oil to compensate for our lack of good moisture, if we don’t. (and while I’m at it; drink plenty of water, really)  It can be really hard to find a good moisturizer when you are struggling with breakouts, so if you are still on the search; I think this product is an excellent place to start.  It takes just a small amount of the product.  I use mine as my final item in the evening and just prior to makeup, (if I wear it), by day.  It’s super light and contains balancing lavender absolute, pore-tightening witch hazel and grape seed oil to soften and help clear skin.  It smells of light lavender which makes it soothing to your skin and your mind.  🙂

lush vanishing cream face moisturizer

…and this is what it looks like

alaffia coconut water face toner spritz

Alaffia Everyday Coconut Face Toner: $12.99

Another facial product I’m obsessed with that seems to work for all skin types.  I picked this stuff up during a Target trip on a whim.  Though it is coconut, it’s comprised of natural coconut water; therefore is void of any artificial coconut scent.  The scent it does possess is very light.  The product is a toner, but comes in a large spritz bottle.  I use it as a toner and as a facial mist throughout the day.  I feel it gives my skin some added moisture and balance and does not mess up makeup when applied over it.  Plus; its super refreshing on hot, parched, summer skin. (great for those of us living in dry climates)

dv for target shoes

dv for Target Paige ballet flats: CLEARANCE $12.48

dv for Target is another Target love of mine and I own several other items as well.  I love Dolce Vita shoes so I think it’s fab that they have a much less pricey, but still ultra cool line at Target.  Unlike some high end brands that design for Target; it looks like this may be a permanent or at least semi-permanent line.  While these were originally only $24.99; they are now on clearance for $12.48!! The fall styles are arriving so it’s the perfect time for summer deals.  I want to note; these particular shoes do not boast the highest review rating on Target’s site.  Because I could not figure out why that would be; I checked them out.  It looks as though the reviewers either give the shoes a 5 star…or 1-2.  Many people have reported tearing in the perforated portion after wearing.  I have not experienced this in mine.  I will mention that in one photo in which someone showed the tearing; you could tell their feet were quite wide.  Because these are a narrow, pointy toed shoe, it may not be a good fit for those with wider feet.

limited edition Vaseling pink bubble lip treatment balm

Vaseline Limited Edition Pink Bubbly: $3.50

OK; so this is a limited Edition product, first available in the UK, and finally available, but really limited in the US.  It can be found at Walgreens in some locations; otherwise you can pay a higher cost and order it via Amazon.  I stalked this forever.  It smells nice; a bit like rose mixed with a fruity sweetness, giving it a champagne similarity.  It’s cute, fun and works as the other vaseline treatments, which I like as well.

pixi skintreats lip polish

Pixi Nourishing Lip Polish: $12.00

I love Pixi Skin Treats.  I go through so many Milky mists and Glow tonics that I’m quite certain my skin would go in to complete shock without them.  This is a lip treatment/exfoliator except the exfoliator is in the scrubby tip of the applicator.  while I do like the little sugar lip scrubs; they are a bit messy by day, when you have makeup on or you are on the go and such, so this little guy does the trick.  The treatment itself works great as well with a nice citrusy scent and a soothing feel to it…so; it’s basically two products in one.  Keep this guy in your purse!

pixi skin treats lip polishing

Close up of the scrubby tip

petitfee black pearl gold gel eye patch

Petifée Black Pearl & Gold Eye Patches: $10.00

I have been eyeing these on a common Kbeauty site I subscribe to and they seem to be always sold out; but alas; I found them on Amazon and cheap.  I love these little silicone eye patches!  Some of them work better than others and this particular type works great for me.  The only thing better than eye patches that work great..is an entire tub of them (comes with a little spatula device for removing and 30 pair/uses) After a couple of minutes these adhere well enough to go about your day; so I keep mine on for around 30 minutes.  My eyes look and feel de-puffed and refreshed and much more smooth than before.  Keep them in the fridge for a cooler feel!

petitfee black pearl gold patch close up

flash close-up to show the gold flecks

Well, that is all for this month…I promise to work harder to get this post out each month as I know that you are dying to know all about my favorite things 😉  What did you think?  Anyone else crushing on these items!?  What were your July favorites!?

Until next time…

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Thanks for reading!

-Kelli xoxo


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