Miss Tutii Box August 2016

miss tutii

I find myself looking more and more forward to this box each month;  Miss Tutii!  August’s box has a great mix of items, some really effective products as well as a fun & unique limited edition item!  I must admit; I am a bit obsessed when it comes to the whole ‘Korean beauty invasion’ and it’s not simply due to the often ridiculously cute & fun packaging, but the unique ingredients & formulas that have been wonderful & sometimes miraculous even, for my skin type, concerns & issues, as well as the multi step routine meant to fully pamper your skin. While this sub isn’t exclusively Korean; this particular box was.

August Tutii Box

Miss Tutii is a newer monthly subscription service offering several options and price ranges to explore the world of K-beauty (as well as brands from Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, and more) on a monthly basis.

First, chose which of the 3 ‘box’ options you prefer:

Tutii Box: $25.00 per month

  • Each month receive 6-7 Full Sized or Premium Brands Samples.
  • Includes Skincare, Makeup, Hair care , Beauty Tools, Body etc.

Tutii Bag: $15.00 per month

  • TutiiBag is a “smaller” version of the TutiiBox
  • Products featured may appear in both TutiiBox and TutiiBag.
  • Each month receive 5 Full Deluxe Samples or Full Sized products.
  • Includes Skincare, Makeup, Hair care , Beauty Tools, Body etc.

Tutii Mask: $12.00 per month

  • Each month receive 6-8 Masks
  • Includes Sheet masks, Wash-off, Hair, and Body Masks
  • TutiiMasks value at $18-$25 worth of masks per bag!

With each subscription you have the option of: Oily/Acne/Combo skinOR Normal/Dry/Combo skin

US shipping is free on all subscriptions.

International Shipping as follows:


TutiiBag and  TutiiMask $5.95. TutiiBox $9.95


TutiiBag and  TutiiMask 8.95. TutiiBox $15.95

Check out Miss Tutii and save 10% off your first order!

Miss Tutii also has a really nice selection of beauty products to purchase separately from their subscriptions as well as some limited edition boxes and offer free US shipping on $50.00, plus free samples. (international shipping is based on weight.)

The Box:

Miss Tutii Box August

The Goods:

AC Cleanup Pink Powder Mask Etude House

Etude House AC Clean Up Pink Powder Mask:  20 ml travel size.  Full Size $16.00

This is a wash off masking product designed to regulate oil and balance out moisture while drawing out impurities and sebum.  In short; it helps to clear up acne without drying out your skin.  This is another box I received on the day of my trip and a product I immediately packed.  Flying always freaks my skin out as is; but leaving the incredibly dry California climate and entering the hot, sticky, humid climate of St. Louis upsets it terribly.  This product was a complete lifesaver.  This can be used as an allover mask, applied and washed off after around 15 minutes or it can be used as a spot treatment.  I put a thin later on all of my breakout prone areas, used as a spot treatment and left it on each night, over night.  My face looked worlds better after one night’s use and had the initial areas almost totally clear after two.  It unfortunately did not completely eliminate new spots from forming; but at least using it nightly kept everything from getting too bad…and, it did not dry my skin out.  I’ve continued using it the two over-nights I have been home and my skin is almost totally clear again.  I’m now waiting for Miss Tutii to restock the set that contains this product as well as a special spot treatment vial.  Awesome product.

Etude House Pink Powder Mask

and it looks like this…

Apieu Rilakkuma Editions Aqua nature clouding cream

Apieu Aqua Nature Dew Drop Clouding Cream (Rilakkuma Edition):  Full Size $16.99

First off; how. cute. is. this?  I love it.  Second; ‘clouding’ is a technology that I believe has to do with the temperatures, when making the product, that allow it to maintain it’s nutrients for optimal results.  This cream is designed to give skin a brighter and more clear appearance while moisturizing;  not drying the skin the way some brighteners and whiteners can.  This product is white and fluffy in texture.  When applied to your skin it turns to a water like consistency and quickly absorbs.  It makes my skin feel instantly hydrated without feeling greasy, heavy or sticky.  It’s really light.  It imparts a very subtle brightening/lightening effect on your skin after use that evens it out some.  Love.

Apieu Aqua Nature Dew Drop Clouding Creme Rilakkuma Edition

white, fluffy and oh so cute

Blithe Sea Cucumber Mask

Blithe Intensive Sheet Mask (Sea Cucumber): 1 Sheet Mask $5.00

I have seen and contemplated purchasing the Blithe Splash Masks in the past, but this is my first time trying the brand.  I love the packaging on this mask and decided that due to its properties, it may make for a great day after travel mask to revive my skin.  The ‘sea cucumber’ is definitely a new ‘ingredient’ to me and had me intrigued.  This mask is loaded with many of the popular Kbeauty components: Mucin, hyaluronic acid, marine collagen, amino acid, proteins and minerals as well as sea cucumber, described as:  ‘ginseng of the sea’ meant to soothe, provide moisture and revive dull skin for a more radiant complexion.  This mask is one piece with no backings and is folded up quite a bit in the package.  It is very saturated and so much serum remains you could squeeze it in to a jar to use later.  I applied the mask and left it on until it felt dry and would no longer stick to the bottom half of my face, removed and patted a bit more of the serum on my face, neck and chest.  My skin felt softer, smooth and hydrated though the serum did remain a bit tacky on my skin, even an hour later, so it definitely would have been a better fit as an evening mask.  I ended up leaving my face bare for most of the day.  I did really like the mask though.  I feel it gave my skin a bit of a much needed boost.

Killing Me Zombie BB Cream

Welcos Killing me Zombie BB Cream SPF 50 PA+++:  Full Size $22.00

I’m a bit on the fence in regards to this product.  I’m not a big fan of  BB Cream/CC Creams in most cases; I prefer a very light foundation or concealer for coverage and light moisture underneath, as opposed to a heavier all in one product.  They tend to make me feel too greasy.  On one hand this packaging is really cute and I DO think this is a really good product, if it’s your type.  It’s just not really for me.  The product is very light, much lighter than my skin, which I did expect due to the whole zombie thing.  Because it is a BB cream, and not a full coverage product, it doesn’t lighten my skin too terribly much.  I do not mind the lightening/brightening products at all, in fact I love them for controlling breakouts, fading spots and evening out my skin; but, I like them as a night time product or something very light to wear under my makeup.  You could definitely mix this with a foundation (if it is too light) or wear it under your foundation; but for me, it just becomes way too heavy on my face.  This product contains significant UV protection, whitening, wrinkle care and quite a bit of moisturizing.  It has pretty good coverage too.  If you like BB creams and/or have dry skin, you may love this product.  I may revisit it come ‘winter’.

Killing Me Zombie BB .jpg

Killing Me Zombie BB Swatch

A bit of an idea of the shade and consistency..

holika holika wonder drawing waterproof eyeliner

Holika Holika Wonder Drawing 24 hr. Auto Liner:  Full size $11.50

This is a long lasting, waterproof, automatic eyeliner with a gel-like consistency and a fine tip.  It uses mineral mica and vitamin E to line sensitive eyes without irritation.  I typically only use liquid eyeliners to line my upper lid and create a nice wing..but this did a surprisingly good job of it, easily. (the swatch on my arm does not appear all that bold, but I had covered my body in Skinfood honey essence.  It was dark black when applied to my eyes.)  I only wish the liner could keep its initial super sharpened tip, if so, it would be perfect.

holika holika wonder drawing swatch

Much better on my actual eye..

Skinfood Honey ridh body Essence

Skinfood Honey Rich Body Essence:  Deluxe Sample. Full size $12.00

This is a moisturizing body essence and can be applied after shower/bath prior to lotion or instead of lotion.  If you are really dry like me and plan to use a lotion as well, I suggest an unscented version as this stuff smells divine.  (as long as you like the scent of honey.)  It feels really moisturizing on its own; but in true essence form, I assume it will amp up the hydrating properties of any lotion you apply following.  I really want the full sized version!

So…what did you think!?

This is a great box for anyone who loves K-beauty as well as anyone wanting to give it a go! There was an excellent variety of products in this box covering a lot of areas and most of them worked really well for my needs!  I love the time & care that they put in to the packaging and info cards, everything is very cute.  The fact that they have several options in different price ranges is a big plus as well.

If you are interested in exploring the world of Miss Tutii, you can check it out here!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. stylelissh

    Very Good Post! I am definitely going to look into this subscription box. My skin is always freaking out.lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kelifornia79

      Korean Beauty products have been SO helpful for my skin where the prescriptions and dermatologists I tried for a year prior only made it worse! I had perfect skin my whole life and then one morning out of the blue I woke with a break out..it turned in to a hormonal nightmare I thought would never end. 😦 It is clear most of the time now and when it does freak..I can fix it pretty fast! PS. I LOVE this box! 🙂 and thank you! xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. stylelissh

        That’s exactly what happened to me. Lol I hit 30 and my skin went bonkers! I’m so getting this subscription box. I hear their products really do work better.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. kelifornia79

        Ugh, right?! I’ve went round and round with my doctor forever too..sometimes they are so awful and you find yourself thinking; “I bet you would feel differently if it were effecting you”…as they act as if you are overreacting…and then you find yourself secretly hoping that it does happen to them.. haha 😉 but seriously, I would definitely recommend anyone who has tried everything else, to give it a try..things that have worked well for me are the snail products..snail bee steam cream…and the whitening creams, like milky dress, I was terrified of them at first (whitening) like most Western people are..but they dry up spots and they fade pink and red marks from adult acne spots that linger..and mine were totally gone, fast..and I promise you, my skin itself is still the same shade. The pink powder mask in this box is an excellent spot treatment that doesn’t dry your skin out like other spot treatments do…and you can buy it on their site since you missed out on this box! Best of luck! xx

        Liked by 1 person

      3. stylelissh

        Thanks! I appreciate the suggestions ☺️

        Liked by 1 person

      4. kelifornia79

        No problem 🙂


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