Missha Super Aqua Anti-Trouble Line

Hey Beauties,  I wanted to share with you, a recent duo I tried and loved from Korean Beauty brand, Missha.  These are a couple of the products from their Super Aqua Anti-Trouble line.  I had been looking for the perfect toner when I found this line.  It seemed a really great fit for me so I added on the moisturizer as well.  If you struggle with combo to oily skin or breakouts of any sort and happen to be looking for a toner and/or moisturizer to fit your skin type…keep reading!  (PS..it’s inexpensive too!)


Not only was I really impressed with the product formula for each of these items, and how they helped my skin; they are really nice, high end looking products.  They come in simple yet attractive, light jade glass bottles,  appearing much more luxe than the $14.00 (ea.) that they cost.


Missha Super Aqua Anti-Trouble Control Toner:  $14.00

This toner; to be used just after cleansing, is designed to help control excessive sebum and help with the skin’s moisture-oil balance.  The toner contains an oil and sebum absorbing powder which controls such, as well as herbal extracts which assist in keeping the skin balanced.   It also helps to even out your skin’s tone and texture while soothing it with a fresh cooling effect.  This product is excellent for skin that is combo or oily.  I love that the sebum and oil control powder settles to the bottom of the bottle, allowing you to first apply toner to any dry or normal areas, if needed.   After shaking the bottle to incorporated the powder, you apply it to the more oily areas of your face.  It’s worked really well for me at keeping my skin calm and keeping oiliness at bay all while giving it a clean fresh feeling morning and night.  Apply to face with a cotton pad directly after cleansing morning and evening.


Here you can see the sebum control powder, settled at the bottom


Missha Super Aqua Anti-Trouble Clearing Moisturizer: $14.00

This is a super light, gel/serum like moisturizer that does not feel heavy or sticky on your skin and absorbs quickly.  Whether your skin is oily combo or dry, you still need a moisturizer, something to give your skin the appropriate balance.  This can be a tricky arena for those of us struggling with oily skin or any type of breakout.  Typically, I find that gel like moisture works best and the added ingredients in this moisturizer seem to give my skin the calming effect it needs, the correct amount of moisture and a skin clearing boost.  The scent is not fabulous, if you are familiar with tea tree oil, it’s like a lighter version of that; but, it does not really linger and it is not overly pungent.  I use it in the evening after I cleanse, tone, (mask if desired) eye cream and any additional essence, serums, ampoules; as the final step, aside from any further moisture, like a sleeping mask I may need.  In the morning I apply a small amount on my clean face, generally as my only additional facial product. (not counting eye cream)  This stuff really controls any oil or shine yet keeps my skin calm, without drying it out.   It create a great base for makeup, keeping shine away and helping with breakouts.


…and here is what it looks like

I am really liking these two products together; I feel they have helped with further break outs and calmed the existing.  It definitely gives me plenty of day moisture without adding any oiliness or shine to my face, making me feel greasy.  What are your favorite Korean beauty product?

Thanks for reading!

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