Popsugar Must Have ‘Fall’ Limited Edition

Hooray!  My Fall Special Edition Box is here.  I managed to make it to delivery day only having seen the first spoiler and I could not wait to see what this gorgeous Navy Box would have in store for me!   The fall LE is always a favorite of mine.  While Popsugar Must Have is a monthly subscription box service offering plans for 2 different lifestyle box versions; they also offer seasonal, one time purchase limited edition boxes and other yearly one time boxes as well.   This is the Fall 2016 box and while it was not the perfect box for me,  (and I kind of missed the presence of a nice ‘fall like item’ for the home)…it was still luxe, with a high value and contained some really great items; so why don’t we have a look…shall we?





(It really is, isn’t it?)

The Box:


So many pretties…


A closer look.. (bag is mine)

The Goods:

I’ll begin with the main spoiler for the box..


Caeden Linea N.1 Faceted Ceramic & Rose Gold Headphones:  Sugg. Retail $149.99

OK, so:  This was the big spoiler item..and they’re obviously gorgeous, luxe, pricey headphones.  I can’t attest to their sound/listening quality b/c I’ve not tried them yet.  If I used headphones; I would use these in a heartbeat.  With the clean lined, chic white ceramic and rose gold accents; they’re gorgeous.  The fact of the matter is; on the rare occasion I listen to music in which I need to be the only one doing so, I use wireless ear buds.  My husband got big in to headphones again over the past few years…and has several pricey pair, but he prefers them for their noise cancelling abilities and their ‘nobody is going to attempt to disturb me in these’ quality.  When you work in the city, and in a large loft style office, they are a great asset, as are they for commuting via public transportation  and travel; at the gym, not so much.  Caeden makes an identical pair in a wireless version now as well for $199.00  (would have loved those.) and I have found the above version available, on sale from Amazon, for $90.00.  I have not decided what I’ve in store for mine yet.  They’re lovely so I want to keep them but knowing they are likely to gather dust, I should probably find a better use for them.  They would make a really great gift for the right person.


A Closer Look


and here is a detailed look at the actual ear pieces.


Buji Baja -With Love From Eurostar Lavender Rib Scarf: Sugg. Retail $70.00

The Scarf:  Because it wouldn’t be a fall must have box without a scarf, right?!  I constantly see: “No more scarves” on PSMH box threads.  I get a bit bored with them myself; but I like the winter-ish types such as this one, the big chunky, oversized versions.  I rarely wear the light-weight types b/c I do not like to be too warm, but when it actually gets cold, I like a cozy scarf.  This one is a mohair/acrylic mix and the mohair makes it feel ultra soft.  I love the neutral-like lavender shade and look forward to cozying up with it this winter.


So Cozy


…and again


Sloane Stationery Great Thoughts Notepad:  Sugg. Retail: $52.00

Stationary products are another PSMH favorite product type that you can typically bank on.  This is a very traditional looking book binding notepad, with lizard embossed cover and gold stamping.  I like items like this but they’ve kind of lost their luster, as I’ve received so many of them now.  Also; it’s pretty small, simple and basic for the 52.00 price tag.


…a bit more


Jack+Lucy Faux Fur Pom Keychain: Sugg. $41.00

Last year at this time, these little pom deals were everywhere.  All of the trendy higher end purse retailers added an array of them to their sites to clip on their purses, use for keys, etc.  They’re still a thing, but now you can find them everywhere in all price ranges.  I’d have been a lot more excited about this last year.  It’s still cute, I attached mine to my tasseled brown leather boho bag, and it looks adorable.  It totally gives me the skating rink vibe, growing up in the 80’s.  Grab a partner for the couple skate; Almost Paradise is on. 😉  One last note:  I’ve no clue where to find or purchase this brand, though I’ve looked plenty, therefore I have no link. :/


it’s a pretty good sized version

Now on to the beauty items:


Lancer Skincare Dani Glowing Skin Perfector: Sugg. Retail $95.00

Lancer is a pretty Luxe brand in skincare and one I expect from a box such as this.  I own a couple of their products already and I like them.  The packaging is nice is well.  I’ll admit, I first rubbed this on my thigh, but it’s a product designed for your face.  It’s your radiance enhancing, skin blurring product, wrapped up in a lightweight cream designed to boost skin’s firmness with other youth-building properties.  Because my skin is in full-on freak out mode; I’ve not tried it on my face yet…but it looked great on my legs. 😉  You could definitely use it as a subtle highlighter, if your skin is too oily or breakout prone for an allover cream such as this. (though it does claim it’s designed for all skin types)



It looks like this..


Here it is after rubbing in, you can see the ‘gleam’


Thrive Causemetics Triple Threat Color Stick in Joy:  Sugg. Retail $36.00

This brand is new to me and the product is a light peach-y (rose gold shimmer) highlighter type stick with a built in brush on the opposite end.  Designed for cheeks and lips, this product will brighten and highlight your skin with age defying vitamin c and other natural ingredients.  The shade of this is really pretty and I liked it on my skin.  The brush is short and quite stiff so you need a light hand with it.  I preferred using my fingers to blend, but really liked the shade on my skin. product is all-natural, vegan & cruelty free.


Here it is..


..and here’s the brush


..and the swatch

There you have it.  The Fall LE Box.  Now What did you think of it?  The value according to PSMH’s suggested retail brings it to: $443.99.  Because the headphones can be purchased for $90.00  I have valued it at $384.00 Everything else seems accurate aside from the Jack + Lucy product value which I can neither confirm nor deny.  Either way, the value of the box was really good.  Below are photos of the included product info cards.




Thanks for reading!

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  1. Shopaholicsblog

    love the scarf, i think most subscription boxes are a hit and miss deal. Its like getting presents you dont know whether you will love it or just be like oh ok i guess i could use it in this lifetime. personally i like picking out my own stuff but i do like the idea of getting a guarenteed something in the mail every month 💌

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kelifornia79

      Oh for sure. If you are on a serious budget; even though some may not view it that way, sub boxes are typically not the way to go…I mean 1 $10 beauty sub a month as a little gift to yourself…sure, but past that, if it’s not bringing you the things you need or would buy your self, the ‘value’ isn’t really a value. lol I like getting the lifestyle and fashion type LE boxes b/c they keep me kind of up to date and current. You definitely have to watch yourself though, b/c they can be addictive. I often think; “I don’t really need this particular box anymore…maybe one more month” I have a hard time bringing myself to cancel. I have 3 sisters…plenty of females in my life I can give items to as gifts, but I definitely wouldn’t recommend getting a bunch of subscription boxes if you are prone to hoarding. haha.


  2. reevasmall

    Lovely items.

    Liked by 1 person

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