Mirum Fresh Fruit Blueberry Sheet Mask (Skin 18)


Hey everyone!  This is kind of a dual review, if you will; my thoughts on this Mirum Fresh Fruit Blueberry Sheet Mask as well as a little info on Skin 18, Natural Beauty Skincare.  Let me first begin with the sheet mask.


Mirum fresh fruit Blueberry Sheet Mask:  $1.25

This is a sheet style mask made from 100% natural cotton, sans mineral oil and artificial pigments.  This mask is from the line’s fresh fruit series, designed to provide your skin nutrients and hydration.  The blueberry is said to soothe and restore a healthful glow to the skin.  My experience:  This is a pretty inexpensive mask, which I received free of charge, so I was not really expecting too much; but I was pleasantly surprised.  The mask itself is a thin cotton and is folded up inside the packet, soaking in the essence.  It does not come with any films to remove, so you simply unfold and apply it to your face, smoothing it out the best you can.


It looks like this…

The fit is a bit wonky, especially in the eye area; but really, they pretty much all are in some way or another.


and fits like this…

I left mine on for 20-30 minutes.  After removing the mask there was a bit of the essence left sitting on my skin so I pat it in a bit.  It was not a really sticky variety, which I liked, and it gave my combo skin the perfect dose of moisture.  The best aspect of the mask for me was the calming one.  The redness of my skin and spots were greatly reduced when I removed the mask and even more so come morning.  My skin’s moisture level was also where I like it to be when I woke, without appearing oily or greasy.  This was a nice evening mask that I would recommend to those with combo skin, breakouts and redness…or anyone who could use a bit of moisture, calming and brightening.   I thought this was a really great mask for such a low price point and even better for free!  If you would like to hear more about the ‘free’ aspect regarding this product, keep reading!



Skin 18 is an online skincare retailer specializing in Korean beauty products to keep your skin looking healthy and youthful.   They take pride in working closely with users, clients, bloggers etc. to test and find the best products out there!

Skin 18 offers many different ways to obtain freebies to try out and review for yourselves (plus great sales and discounts)  If you are interested in applying for any of their programs click here to see if you qualify and follow the instructions to get started.

*disclaimer: I received this mask free in exchange for my honest reviews/opinions, which are my own, honest and unbiased opinions.  xx

Thanks so much for reading!!

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