Pink Seoul September/October 2016

The Sept/October edition of Pink Seoul has arrived and I’ve been diligently testing away!  Pink Seoul is a K-beauty (Korean Beauty) company that launched in March of 2016.  I am always so excited to see what the next Pink Seoul Box will bring and I’m constantly falling in love with new products, many which I’ve inserted in to my nightly routine and have had some really positive results.  This particular beauty sub boasts many great aspects in addition to the fabulous products that they send each month.  What sealed it for me is your ability to customize the box based on your skin (and they actually follow it, it’s not just a mere ‘suggestion’ like with Birchbox and Ipsy) So; no more receiving strange shades that don’t fit your skin color, products for oily skin when yours is dry..etc etc. On top of the customizing option for each box they also have several different box options to choose from, including the popular bi-monthly choice with full-sized products. (this is what I currently subscribe to.)  They also have a monthly mask box (not just sheet masks) and a box tailored to 35+ (I think this is a first, right?) All excellent options! Commitment phobe? They also have some nice one time purchase, specially curated boxes and many individual items that have been spotlighted in their boxes.


From the site:


Our subscription box service gives you access to thoughtfully selected and curated K-Beauty products.
Our subscription boxes are customized (based on your skin type and area of focus), full-sized, curated and delivered bi-monthly.
  • Customized because skincare shouldn’t be “one size fits all” and naturally, your cosmetic subscription shouldn’t be either
  • Full-sized since our goal is not to have you purchase full-size products after trying sample sized products, but rather to provide you with products that you can easily incorporate into your existing skincare routine without spending more.
  • Curated since K-Beauty can be intimidating – from innovative ingredients to confusing skincare steps, PinkSeoul aims to guide you in your K-Beauty journey, starting with the basics of Korean Skincare.  Each new subscriber will receive an informative guide into fundamentals of the Korean Skincare Routine.  In addition, you will receive tips on your skin type (including ingredients that are beneficial for your skin type), as well as how the products included in the subscription box fits into the skincare routine and why they were selected for you.
  • Delivered Bi-Monthly (every 2 months) because our box delivers at least 4 full-sized products and we felt that every month would be too much!

Prices include free shipping to all 50 states (yay, Hawaii & Alaska!), Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Currently shipping to Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom – $8.95 to Canada , $13.95 to Mexico and everywhere else $15.95 – USPS First Class Package International Service.

*above info is courtesy of Pink Seoul’s site
Box Options:
K-Beauty Pink Seoul Box:
$39.95 every two months
(retail value over $60.00)
Customized with at least 4 full sized items + an accessory)
Delivered every 2 months
Pink Seoul Plus Box: recommended for 30+
$49.95 every two months
(retail value over $80.00)
Customized with at least 4 full sized items + an accessory)
Delivered every 2 months
Mask Box:
Customized Box with 10 K-Beauty Mask products + an accessory item.
Delivered every month
Intrigued yet?  Get yours here. Use Code: SEOUL79 for 10%off
*New  Pink Seoul Rewards Program:
Create a Store Account
Get 50 points as a welcome bonus.
Make a Purchase
Get 10 points for every $1 you spend (excluding any shipping fees, taxes & purchases of gift cards)
Refer a Friend
Get 1,000 points for every new referral that successfully completes a first-time purchase.
1000 points gets you $5.00 off, 2000 $10.00, 4000 $20.00, and 6000 $30.00
Lets get to the box, shall we?
The Box:
The goods:
The Masking Products
The Face Shop Real Nature White Tea The Blanc: $2.00
I love the packaging for this mask line and I believe this is the first white tea mask I have ever used.  This mask line uses traditional medicinal herb extracts.  You can definitely smell the white tea and I really like the scent but it is a bit strong which some may not like.  It wasn’t irritating in any way or crazy strong while wearing it.  It had plenty of essence and b/c I enjoyed the scent I used the remaining product on my neck and chest, shoulders, etc.  My skin looked improved, slightly brighter once removed and had some added moisture, nothing major, but a good enough daily pampering mask
Mediheal Mogongtox Soda Bubble Sheet Mask: $4.00
If anything, this mask is fun!  I’ve used plenty bubbling detox type masks but this is the first sheet version I have tried.  The mask, as you can see from the photo, is designed for only the bottom half of your face, but there is so much bubbling product craziness; you can apply it to your forehead too, if you like.  It goes to work as soon as you put it on and it is really tickly!  The bubbling increases for some time.  After finally having enough bubble madness I removed the sheet and kind of scraped the remaing fluff in to the sink, patting the rest in to my skin.  It certainly gives you the whole ultra clean detoxed skin feeling you sometimes need and while I did not really notice a reduction is pore size, my skin looked smooth and shiny.  I enjoyed the mask and think it’s a good product for that once or twice a week deep cleanse.
Lindsay Natural Mask Pack (seaweed): $15.00
Lindsay  Mask Brush:  $5.00
OK; I grouped these two products together because I used one with the other and I can’t give the mask brush much of a review.  (I also could not find it anywhere to check pricing or provide a link.) I was really excited for this nice sized, multi-usage bag of natural seaweed mask [powder]. I love the Lindsey Modeling Masks and expected to really like this too.  I was also really happy that a nice looking masking brush was included!
Lindsay Natural Seaweed pack set up.jpg
…so I set up my little station.  My info card states a mixing ratio of 1(powder):20(water) I poured the powder in first and tried adding water second.  I likely should have reversed the order as no amount of water I could fit in the bowl would turn the mask in to anything usuable.  It looked like congealed oatmeal…congealed for a week.
…adding more water was no help as it stayed separate from the ‘mask’,  I tried adding honey (it also stated additional ingredients that could be used for specific skin needs) thinking the thickness of it might help blend this mess, but it only made it worse.  I could have glued a broken vase back together with this ‘concotion’ though.  I also broke my masking brush trying to stir this mess. ;/ which is why I couldnt really review it.  (It seemed nice enought though.)  It took me forever to clean this mess up, a mess better suited for the kitchen than my bath.  When I finally finished that, I slapped a sheet mask on and called it a loss.  I’d planned to revisit the ‘project’ [starting out] with the proper ratio and adding the powder to the water instead; unfortunately, I forgot that this product required refridgeration upon opening.  A few days had passed so I figured it best to toss the product.  So… who had better results than I?  I’d love to know what it was meant to turn out like, how you liked it…or if you had issues such as I [did]
The Major Players
Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence: prices online vary quite a bit for this product; about $15.00-$26.00
Oh the essence, the supposed dupe or similar product to the forever raved about SK-II.  To start; I have used SK-II.  I began using SK-II (which started in Japan) before I ever began a really serious skincare routine, comprised of mostly Korean beauty products, following the steps typical of Kbeauty.  I went through an entire bottle of the water/like product without ever really noticing any change in my skin’s condition.   At the time I was struggling with adult hormonal breakouts and it also did nothing to help in this arena.  Now I must admit; if it was helping in another fashion, even slightly, I may not have noticed due to the condition my skin was in…but because this is where I was struggling so much, it was my only real focus.  Before finishing the first bottle; I received a free, smaller bottle, which I still have.  I ended up switching to a much less pricey essence that cleared my skin up and in conjunction with an additional product in the same range it  cleared it up altogether, for more than a month.  But, as it often seems to, those products turned on me and the breakouts began again with the new products being unable to help or fix the issue any longer…so it is kind of a never ending battle for me with skincare and finding the proper products to keep my dehydrated skin hydrated with out starting or exaserbating breakouts.  I began using this essence a couple of weeks ago.  I was not comparing them side by side, but it seemed a similar experience to SK-II (water like)  I have noticed people use it differently too, some seem to use it as a toner, with a cotton pad, claiming it exfoliates and the like.  I use mine after an exfoliating toner, pouring a few drops on my hand and pressing in to skin as I was instructed to do with the SK-II.  As far as results; I’ve read so many claims of results just following application of SK-II and results while comparing this Secret Key product: instantly brighter skin, more moisturized and a plethora of other things but I never noticed anything changing in my skin just after applying either, other than my skin being slightly damp…so I’m not certain why others seem to.  Secondly, so many steps come in to play following the application of the first essence, it’s a bit hard to tell.  I can say that this has had no adverse side effects and my skin is worlds more hydrated than it was a few weeks ago; but, I am also following this product up with another new one: Manyo Factory Ultra Moist Re-birth Ampoule (up next) so who’s to say how much this product has leant to my skin’s overall condition.  Another factor I find true is that the two products definitely seem to play well together and I am happy with the condition my skin is currently in and plan to continue using the pair together.
Manyo Factory Ultra Moist Rebirth ampoule: $23.00
This is the product I was most excited for and the product that seemed to yield the most results.  This serum/ampoule contains 30% Hyaluronic Acid, a variety of Botanical Extracts; Niacinamide, Adenosine and Collagen to help with skin brightening and elasticity, while replenishing skin’s moisture.  This stuff is somewhat thick and does leave your skin quite sticky.  I usually do my whole skin care routine quite a bit before bed, so everything can fully absorb in to my skin and not my pillow, so it’s fine, but I would not like it for day time use.  After cleansing; I tone, follow with an essence and then use this and other treatment products before my final moisturizer.  Within a day or two my skin was much brighter, had a new glow to it and was the least dehydrated it’s been…since I can remember.  I have been pleased with the state my skin has been in moisture wise b/c that alone erases 5 years from my age.  It’s ultra frustrating when your skin is both dry/dehydrated and broke out as the dryness really ages you, especially once you reach a certain age.   I was impressed with this product and hope that it will continue to improve my skin’s condition; giving it the ‘rebirth’ I yearn for!
The Makeup
Etude House Bling bling Eye Stick: $8.00 (you can snag these on amazon for just under 5 bucks, free shipping)
I received the shade white star, but the stick is available in 6 shades, I believe.  White star is your typical shimmery white/pearl shade that works well in the inner corners of your eye.  The product is OK but I have similar items I prefer.  It’s nice enough for the low price though and the packaging is cute.  It’s easy to apply and does so  fairly smoothly.
(The Second) Accessory
Skin Food Hair Pads: $5.00
This is just a cute little duo designed to hold back hair for washing, etc., serving as a wide barette, adhering to hair like velcro while avoiding kinks that fine, straight hair can get from traditional barettes and bobbby pins.   It really is only suitable for those with very fine hair or maybe to hold back shorter, wispy hairs after the majority of your hair is already pulled back…but cute, nonetheless.
The Samples
Tony Moly Banana Hand Milk:  Sample.  Full size $6.00 and up
I have had this in a full size before, its a nice hand cream.  I love banana scented Korean beauty items.  This is a product you can find for quite a bit less all over Amazon.
The Face Shop Chia Seed No Shine Intense Hydrating Cream:  Sample.  Full size around $17.00 (on Amazon)
I keep meaning to try this but it’s pretty hard to say if I’ll be able to tell if I like it from just one use.  Anybody use this stuff?  It sounds like something that could work well for me.
OK; so, I had one weird ‘miss’ and I hate that I broke my masking brush, but overall, it was a good box, plenty of variety and a couple of newbies for my skin care routine.   I thoroughly enjoy trying new and unique brands and concepts.  Pink Seoul  does a stellar job of putting their boxes together and providing excellent tips and info.
img-thing (1)

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Thanks for reading!

-Kelli xoxo

Lindsay Natural Seaweed pack set up.jpg


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  1. kreativkudi

    Currently obsessed with K beauty! 🙂
    Nice post!

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    1. kelifornia79

      I understand; it’s quite addictive and it has really improved my skin’s condition! Thank you. 🙂


  2. Azra

    So many awesome products here. I think I need to try some of these. 🙂

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    1. kelifornia79

      Definitely some good items in this mix. Totally recommend the rebirth ampoule!

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  3. Shopaholicsblog

    This sounds worth a try✨ so sick of subscription boxes overcharging for ridiculously small samples 👍🏻

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    1. kelifornia79

      Yea…This one is pricier than some; but, it is all full sized products and it’s bimonthly instead. The samples in this one are just extras thrown in. There are also 3 different box types to pick from and you can personalize it to your basic skin type. I look forward to it more b/c I only get it every other month and I actually have time to use the products before getting new ones to try. Because the products fit my skin’s needs, I generally use them in my routine. 🙂

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  4. fadedrouge

    Oh wow I really want to try the bubble sheet mask!

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    1. kelifornia79

      They are pretty fun!

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