Miss Tutii Box October 2016

K-beauty Lovers;  October’s Tutii box has a great mix of items!   I loved this month’s box.  With a new mask to try, a couple of great makeup items and some new skin care items perfect for my skin type; it’s exactly what I look forward to each month.  I must admit; I am a bit obsessed when it comes to the whole ‘Korean beauty invasion’ and it’s not simply due to the often ridiculously cute & fun packaging, but the unique ingredients & formulas that have been wonderful & sometimes miraculous even, for my skin type, concerns & issues, as well as the multi step routine meant to fully pamper your skin.


Miss Tutii is a  monthly subscription service offering several options and price ranges to explore the world of K-beauty (as well as brands from Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, and more) on a monthly basis.

First, chose which of the 3 ‘box’ options you prefer:

Tutii Box: $25.00 per month

  • Each month receive 6-7 Full Sized or Premium Brands Samples.
  • Includes Skincare, Makeup, Hair care , Beauty Tools, Body etc.

Tutii Bag: $15.00 per month

  • TutiiBag is a “smaller” version of the TutiiBox
  • Products featured may appear in both TutiiBox and TutiiBag.
  • Each month receive 5 Full Deluxe Samples or Full Sized products.
  • Includes Skincare, Makeup, Hair care , Beauty Tools, Body etc.

Tutii Mask: $12.00 per month

  • Each month receive 6-8 Masks
  • Includes Sheet masks, Wash-off, Hair, and Body Masks
  • TutiiMasks value at $18-$25 worth of masks per bag!

With each subscription you have the option of: Oily/Acne/Combo skinOR Normal/Dry/Combo skin

US shipping is free on all subscriptions.

International Shipping as follows:


TutiiBag and  TutiiMask $5.95. TutiiBox $9.95


TutiiBag and  TutiiMask 8.95. TutiiBox $15.95

Check out Miss Tutii and save 10% off your first order!

Miss Tutii also has a really nice selection of beauty products to purchase separately from their subscriptions as well as some limited edition boxes and offer free US shipping on $50.00, plus free samples. (international shipping is based on weight.)

The Box:


The Goods:


BSC Charcoal Anti-Acne Toner:  Product is Full size $18-$20.00

This toner is comprised of bamboo salt, tea tree oil & witch hazel extract which together are designed to relieve skin problems such as suppressing acne causing bacteria and helping to prevent it from spreading.  It also helps to banish excess oil, minimize pores & calm the skin.  At first whiff it has a bit of an astringent scent but once it’s on your face it’s not so strong at all.  My skin did fine with it but it also happens to be breakout free right now and looking quite good.  I’m curious how it will do with keeping it that way an helping it when it inevitably takes a turn for the worst…  It is supposed to be good for swelling/anti-inflammatory and I look forward to that.  I’m really happy to have received this toner because I think it will be a great addition to my skincare routine and a good fit for my skin’s needs.


W. Lab 3D Face Shape Contour Stick:  Product is Full size $16.00

This contouring stick is designed to be the ‘shade’ for slimming and sculpting your face.  I love these types of products.  I just finished the last swipes of my Milk Makeup Matte Bronzing Stick the day before I received this box, so I opened it up and tried this out right away.  The stick is a nice size and the texture smooth and creamy.  At first glance I wasn’t sure if the tone of this stick would be cool enough for me, but it looked good when applied and blended on my skin.  It also blends really easily and can be very sheer if you prefer.  I found the stick available on its own for around $16.00 but I also found where you can buy the duo (contour and highlight) for around $25.00, link above.


Tony Moly Easy Touch Lip Liner (Colors Vary):  Product is Full Size $6.00

This is a nice enough lip liner, it could be a bit softer and more creamy but it’s precise and I like that it has a brush on the opposite end.  Of course I received a red shade, but lightly lining my lips, filling them in at the top and bottom center;  I can blend toward the top and bottom of my lip, giving it that blurred around the edges look.


Swatches for the contour stick and lip liner


Purederm Spot Reducer Gel Patches:  1 box (3 packs of 10 ‘dots’) $6.00

I was really happy to receive these in my box, I go through the Cosrx versions like mad.  I have not tried this box/brand yet, as I have a sheet of the others open, but I assume they will be about the same.  While I can’t say how well these work for every type of acne;  I know for the type I have they are tiny little miracles.  I deal with adult hormonal acne and it’s a strange thing.  I do not get acne that can be popped, no whiteheads, but more so just bumps under the skin…and they are not really the painful cystic type either, just bumps.  These bumps get really red and take forever to heal..and by the time they are finally healing, they are coming back again.  I found that if I place these on the areas that are prone to doing this before bed, they keep them from ever really coming back…and if they begin to; one night will knock them out again.  The best part about it is they create zero irritation and do not dry out the area in which they are applied.  I wish I’d have known about these little gems long ago.


Sexylook Superior Brightening Mask:  1 Mask $5.00

This is the first Sexylook Mask that I have tried and I received a brightening version, enriched with french rose centifolia.  The mask itself is kind of thick, soft and black in color.  The size is a bit on the larger size, but because of the cuts in the mask and how well it adheres to skin, you can get a really good fit with it.  The masks itself seemed to have a nice saturation of essence but there was only a drop or two leftover in the pouch.  I left the mask on for 20-30 minutes and it was basically dry at that point, nothing really to pat in to my skin…but also no stickiness.  The mask did not lend much moisture but it really delivered on brightening.  The condition of my skin looked better; bright and soft.  This mask would be great for day time, prior to getting ready. (I couldn’t find this exact mask anywhere, but Amazon has some versions as does beauteque)


Skinfood Jelly Peau (scents vary):  1 pod $5.00

These little jelly pods come in a variety of fruity scents, and I received grape.  Each fruit has a different purpose, and the grape is moisturizing.  It smells super grape.  The product itself is clear in color and is basically a ball of a jelly like substance.  You are supposed to take a ball of it and massage in to your skin.  It leaves skin super sticky and shiny, which would not have seemed strange at all had I not missed the part that says to wash off after 10 minutes.  Oops. 😉  So; after a good hour later, with a super sticky face I finally washed it off.   My skin looked nice but not too further moisturized.  Fun little product though.

I think this is a really great box for anyone who loves K-beauty as well as anyone wanting to give it a go!  There was an excellent variety of products in this box covering a lot of areas and I really liked and will use/used everything this month.  Korean Cosmetics are often a bit hit or miss for me, but I really liked the two I received this month.  I love the time & care that they put in to the packaging and info cards, everything is very cute.  The fact that they have several options in different price ranges is a big plus as well.

If you are interested in exploring the world of Miss Tutii, you can check it out here!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. cornfedcontessa

    Wow! This box looks really cool! I just might have to sign up. Great post!

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    1. kelifornia79

      Thanks! Yea; it is definitely one of my very favorites!

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