3b Beauty Beyond Borders October 2016

Hey Beauties near and far, I’m crazy about this little company!  I’ve been a subscriber for 6th months now and this month 3b finally launched their store.  Now you can purchase the items that you receive and love each month.




3b is a growing startup based in Seattle, bringing you products from Japan, Korea & Taiwan.  As a member; each month, you will receive a bag filled with multiple samplings and a postcard containing instructions on how to use all of your new products!  Billing and shipping begins around the 21st-22nd of each month.  You can follow along on Instagram @the3bbox for tips and other info such as key ingredients.  The brand is currently in the process of gaining you exclusive access to full sized products so you can stock up on your favorites after sampling!   The samples inside are either deluxe or contain multiples of the smaller foil packs and such, providing enough of the product to determine whether it’s a win or not! (plus some full sized masks and products.)


What to expect:

For $12.00 each month you will receive

*NEW – Beginning October 7th 3b has adjusted their pricing for new subscribers from $12.00 per month to $15.00 (existing subscribers are locked in for 2 years at the original cost.) This will be the cost for those that pay month-to-month.  A 6th month subscription breaks down to $14.00 per month and a year’s subscription to $12.00 per month.

  • A pouch containing four to five deluxe Asian beauty samples that are new or popular in Asia but hard to get your hands on. The products will change each month, and you’ll get to try new skincare, haircare, nailcare, and cosmetic products. Sample products range from go-to brands such as Lioele, Etude House and Skinfood to high-end premium brands like SK-II, Kanebo, and Sulwhasoo. Don’t worry about not being able to read Japanese or Korean – we’ve got you covered with English translations of descriptions in each box.
  • Tips on how to use products
  • Unlimited access to our team to answer any questions you might have

From the Company (their story):

3B is the product of a few friends, trips around the globe, and the vision of changing the way we all discover beauty products overseas. In places like Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, we discovered some of the best beauty products we’ve ever used– but they were just incredibly hard to find back home.

So many of us can spend hours reading product reviews, never being quite sure about what works, nervous about making a commitment to such a large and expensive bottle. 3B’s mission is to eliminate borders when it comes to finding the perfect beauty products. Some of our favorite products come from Asia, but sadly we can’t all take a flight to Japan to find the newest eye cream. 3B takes away the guesswork and lets you try amazing products that may feel out of reach. We’re constantly on the lookout for hidden gems that are making their way on the market, or classic go –to products. Sign up for 3B and re-imagine global beauty with us.

Here is where you can sign up or check it out for yourself!

The Box:


The Goods:


Lador Damage Protector Acid Shampoo:  Full Size $10.00

I never really get excited about shampoo in my beauty boxes but I’m really digging this one.  For me, when it comes to shampoo it can be a bit hard to tell how well it works as I use so many products after it, but after using and rinsing this shampoo, my hair didn’t feel like the tangled mess of straw it usually does, prior to conditioning.  I could actually get my fingers through it.  The product is designed to cleanse hair thoroughly, without stripping hair of its natural oils and contains argan oil.  The shampoo lathers only slightly, and I used a ton of it.  The scent of this shampoo was my very favorite aspect.  I can’t really explain it.  It’s like a dried down version of a high end somewhat masculine fragrance.  It’s unique and I could not stop sniffing it.  I’ve used a treatment from this brand once prior that was also good.  It seems like a really solid brand at a great price point.


When 10:00 PM Sheet Mask:  $7.00

I’ve been curious about these ‘When’ brand masks, and what they are all about for some time now, but have never tried one.  At $7.00 each they are a middle of the mask price range and pricier than many really great masks.  This 10 PM version is designed to give tired looking skin an overall boost by restoring the skin.  I guess I expected a lot from it and for me it just didn’t really deliver.  The mask is a gel type and fits/adheres well, but one thing about masks of this type, they often seem to lack in the serums that transfer from mask to skin and then soak in, but your skin generally does seem to benefit from the masks texture/material itself when you leave it on for a good amount of time.   Once I removed the mask my results were very minimal.  I did not seem to achieve any additional moisture and it did nothing to calm my skin in any way.  Come morning it was pretty much the same.  Another surprising factor was that I could not even squeeze one drop of additional serum from the package once I pulled the mask out.  This mask was pretty mediocre for me and not worth the $7.00 per mask price point.  I do wonder if other types will work better or if this is just a sub par product trying to convince me otherwise.  I’ve used many, many sheet masks and this mask did seem to receive a lot of positive reviews, at least on Sephora, so I was a bit surprised  I didn’t care for it.  Anybody feel differently?  Have a different experience?


It’s Skin Todak Todak Pack Pore Care: $4.00

I really like It’s Skin products and have used several versions of these single packs before.  They are pleasant to use, wash off masks and I always feel that I achieve some sort of results when using them.  I love that I can typically get several uses from each pack and that they seem to stay ‘fresh’ and pliable for long enough as long as I re-seal the package a bit after using.  This version contains egg whites for managing sebum control and removing oil and apple to tighten pores and smooth texture.


Neogence Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion: Travel Size.  Full Size $20.00

Neogence, is a Taiwanese brand, but you can find plenty of useful information on their entire product line via their Global site.  This Hyaluronic Acid hydrating lotion is alcohol free and essentially designed to be your ‘toning’ step and I really like it.   It’s intended to work well for flaky, irritated, sensitive and acne prone skin, helping to restore your skin’s natural PH, so it can better absorb treatments and moisturizers that you [should] follow up with.  I felt like this helped give me a hydration boost and it seemed to agree with my dehydrated skin, prone to odd, hormonal breakouts.


Etude House Moistful Collagen Deep Cream:  Deluxe Sample.  Full Size $20.00

This super rich, thick cream from Etude’s best selling line, is said to contain 49% super collagen for obtaining moist, hydrated skin without leaving it feeling too sticky or oily.  This cream is formulated without mineral oil, talc or parabens and suitable for those with sensitive skin.  Though I have very dry areas and dehydrated skin and long to cover my face in a good layer of this rich cream, the logical side of me who loathes dealing with clogged up pores and breakouts worries too much to do so.  I have instead been using it as a neck cream and after only one night my neck was noticeably softer and more smooth come morning…more so than with my actual neck cream.  This would be great for anyone with dry and/or more mature skin, but if you are prone to break outs..you ‘ll have to be the judge.  😉


A closer look..

 I’m still impressed with this little sampling sub.  I think this sub would be a great intro for anyone wanting to try out Asian beauty products on a budget.  Totally digging this company and looking forward to seeing how they grow!

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Thanks for reading!

-Kelli xoxo

6 thoughts on “3b Beauty Beyond Borders October 2016

  1. This is very interesting, I’ve been wanting to explore more Taiwanese skincare and this seems like a good option. Kinda stinks that they raised the price but I understand, in light of their expansion to sell more full-size products.

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