Wantable Accessories Collection November 2016

Hey beauties!

Today I will be reviewing my Wantable Accessories collection for November and it’s one of my favorites!  I love everything in it.

If you are new to Wantable it is a subscription box company with many different box options. Beauty, accessories, intimates and two style Edits featuring fitness and fashion as well.  I subscribe to their accessories collection and will be reviewing my May box!

Wantable is great b/c it is truly tailored to your likes/needs and they do an excellent job of curating the perfect items for each individual based on their personal likes and dislikes.  Plus, if they get it wrong, you can return.

Heres how it works:

1. Answer some quick survey questions so Wantable can match you with your perfect pieces.

2. Receive 4 accessory pieces picked for you by your Wantable in-house stylist each month.

3. Keep what you love, return what you don’t! *Join Wantable*

This year;  Wantable released their own stream;  It’s a bit like Instagram for Wantable only with more options!  This feed is a great way to browse products that others are receiving from the various Wantable Collections and Edits.  You can create a quick profile and add photos of your own while easily tagging each product. There is a stream catered to what Wantable thinks you may like as well as a trending stream.  The feed also has a ‘my closet’ tab and it includes every product you have received from Wantable.  The best part of this feed [for me] is that you may now request a specific item with just one click.  Love this! These products will then be moved to your wish list tab as reference for your stylist!  This Stream is really easy to use!  wantable.com/stream


(photo Courtesy of  Wantable Stream Home Page)

I have had nothing but excellent experience with this company.  The stylists do such a great job fitting your products to your style. The initial survey is really personalized and unlike beauty subscriptions they adhere completely to giving you ONLY things you want and none of what you do not.  I’ve been a subscriber for over 2 years and though the first couple months were so-so with their picks for me, after I had reviewed my boxes and added input they got better and better and excellent!  The customer service is wonderful and everyone is so personable, reply to emails with friendly notes and the brand is very active on social media.  I have never had a bad experience with anyone at this company and can’t say enough nice things about them!  Anyone else a subscriber?  What has your experience been like?

Wantable also hosts a photo Friday contest.  Snap a photo of your latest collection, (or something in it) and post to the stream and/or Instagram.  Winners get their next box free!  I won some time last month (for the second time!) with a photo from my January Collection and received my February collection for free!  I also won, for a 3rd time with a photo of my April collection.  Another free box!  Woot!!!

Beginning March of 2016  Wantable sent out an email that they have added small bags (clutches, wallets) as an option in their accessories collection.  Of course, just as you can with all other options they have in their collection; you can chose to opt in or out of this specific product in your preferences.  I immediately went in and selected ‘love’ in this new category and received a wristlet/wallet in my March box.

My November Collection:


It was really hard for me to capture this entire collection in one photo, but I did my best!

The above photo shows all 4 of the pieces that I received in my November collection, based on my preferences.

For those of you who are curious what I chose as my preferences I will include them below:

Loves: Sunglasses, Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Silver tone, Multi tone, Boho, Scarves, Clutches/Wallets

Likes: Gold tone, classic, Mix’n match,Rock ‘n Roll, Watches

Dislikes: Hair accessories, Glam

You can change your preferences as often as you like to tweak what you receive; or say, if you only want scarves in the cooler months, start accumulating too much of a certain item…and so on.  You can also requests specific styles and types of accessories and if they have it they make it happen!  (now easier with Wantable Stream where you can request an exact item with one simple click) I really enjoy this subscription!




Ok; so: Obviously it is still quite warm here in CA and I have on a tshirt with my warm cozy scarf.. and I could not get the earrings to look right in any photo…but you get the idea!

The Individual Pieces:


The Shawni scarf is made from a mid-weight, oh so soft fabric and is the epitome of cozy.  It is dual layered, so there is a different pattern on either side.  It’s a large, long, infinity scarf that can be wrapped twice and effortlessly styled to bring a warm, snuggly, wintry look to any basic shirt or tunic.  I adore it and can’t wait to actually have a chance to wear it.  I love the rich grays and burgundy.


This silver Ring by Emporium 9 is branded and like October’s ring selection, really well made and looks like a higher end designer piece.  It’s thick and sturdy, the metal has just the right finish and the thick band with the mottled metal is a style that can be worn forever.


I have been wearing this Ellie Silver dangle pair quite a bit lately.  I love that they are the type of earring that makes a statement…yet still in an understated way.  They are so lightweight you forget you have them on and for me that makes them even more fabulous.


These Silver, June, Stud Earrings are the type of earring I wear everyday, therefore, the perfect pick for me.  They look great on their own as they are just large enough that you can see their shape and design; but also look great placed in my second piercing with an additional pair.

Loved this months curation.  Shout out to my Wantable stylist!

Want to check Wantable out for yourself? click here!

Below is the included description card info which gives the Location No., sku and description of each of my items.  I included it b/c you can also request specific items if you see something another received that you love!

(Emporium 9)  Ring Silver – A38D – 26443-J

Shawni Scarf – A4E – 26489-A

Ellie Earrings Silver– A14D – 28156-B

June Stud Earrings Silver – A27D– 26469-B

Check it out !

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Thanks for reading!

-Kelli xoxo

3 thoughts on “Wantable Accessories Collection November 2016

    1. Yes! I’ve subscribed for quite a long time. It took them a few months to get my style down..but after that, it’s been consistently quite good. The company is extremely personable as well and work really hard to make certain you are happy. I’m a fan.

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