W.I.N Beauty Kit January 2017

Hey beauties; I have for you January’s W.I.N (What Is Next) Beauty kit.  Because I missed my December reviews I’ll add a small excerpt at the bottom so you can see the goods from December as well.  January was my 3rd month as a WIN subscriber and I’ve been really pleased with every version I’ve received.  And while I need more makeup bags like I need ‘a hole in my head’, these bags are larger than those you receive from Ipsy and have each been too cute for me to let go of.  I’ve been having a lot of fun with this Asian Beauty sub personally, so check it out and see what you think!



W.I.N (What Is Next) Beauty Kit is a monthly subscription, bringing you Asian beauty products for $14.00 per month.  Each month you can expect to receive:

  • 5-6 curated samples with at least one full-sized item
  • A collectible bag
  • Product descriptions and usage on a custom postcard
  • Free shipping on all US orders (We are diligently working to expand our service internationally!)

Each kit will ship out during the 3rd week of every month, generally arriving in 2-4 days and billing for each month will occur on the 12th.  This sub is currently only shipping to the US.

It appears at the time there is a waitlist, which you can access here.

The Bag:


The Goods:


3W Clinic Exfoliating Soap, Jahwangsu Rosehip:  around $6.00

This is a bar soap with light exfoliating particles.  Because I used the bubble maker to create foam with the bar before using this on my face, the exfoliation was not really present.  I assume if you rubbed the bar on your body you may achieve some light exfoliation.  I am not typically a ‘bar soap’ fan and to be honest, if I did not blog, it would likely remain in its packaging.  Turns out, I love this soap. Love it.   I honestly can’t tell you the last time my skin has looked this clear and smooth.  Rosehip is said to help with the regeneration of skin cells; helping to treat scars, acne, burns etc. , which means it’s also used in the prevention of wrinkles and the minimization of such.  It is also an astringent and though it did feel a tad bit drying after my first use it quickly subsided and my continued use has left me with clear smooth skin that is not dry at all, the opposite rather.  The only issue I’m having with this soap, is that I can not seem to find it from A US retailer to purchase once I run out, aside from Ebay. :/




Missha Bubble Maker & Face Sponge:  $2.00

This little poof like gadget is designed to create a rich lather with your facial cleansing products, whether they are gels, foams, powders or bars.  This is another product I had rendered useless to me, but tried it with the bar soap as a trial… and now I use it every day.  I doubt it would be a worthwhile product to me with any other type of cleanser, having my cleanser extra foamy is not a needed desire of mine, but it is an excellent companion to bar soaps.  I thought that the last thing I wanted was yet another step in my skin care routine but this literally added seconds.  If you dampen the sponge and bar soap you only need to rub the two together a bit and squeeze the ‘sponge’ in to your hand.  This creates a nice rich lather while using very little of your bar soap…and it basically makes using a bar soap for your face more pleasant.


Out of the bag.  (It has a little ring at the end for you place around your finger, if desired.)


…and here it is in action


Etude House True Relief Moist Emulsion: Mini.  Full Size $21.60

I have tried so many Etude House moisturizing product minis that I do not know how this little gem has yet to land in my lap, but it is another winner from this month’s bag.  I tend to stick to layering several lighter moisturizing products and ending with a gel based moisturizer; because heavy creams seem to clog my pores and upset my skin.  The problem I often have is that they just are not enough for my drier areas.  This product is a bit heavier than most emulsions I have used but lighter than most moisturizers; but, it packs some serious moisture.  I’ve been using this in conjunction with a few other ‘powerhouse’ products (I will be doing a separate blog post on these super heroes soon) and my skin is the most ‘dewey’ moisturized and ‘glowy’ it’s been in years, but the best part, is that my skin is also less oily and almost completely clear.


Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect Essential Scrub 2x:  Mini.  Full Size $13.97

I’ve used and own the original Skinfood black sugar scrub for some time, it’s one of the earlier ‘kbeauty’ products that I tried, and I like it.  It makes for a good once weekly scrub to replace my acid type exfoliants.  This version still has the same ‘lemony’ like scent and the gritty sugary texture, but a bit less so.  It’s lighter in color and somewhat more creamy/oily in texture.  It made my skin look and feel soft and smooth after use, more so than the original.  It’s basically an amped up version of the first with more moisturizing and softening benefits.


…a look inside


Welcos Jeju Natural Face Mask:  1 Sheet Mask $1.35

I saw these masks at my Local TJ Maxx several times over the holiday season, but never purchased any as I’d not heard anything of them.  Since then I’ve been seeing them around quite a bit.  I received the green tea version which was the perfect formula for my skin.  There was plenty of serum on the mask, it was pretty saturated, the way I like it and it was of the most standard thickness.  The fit was the type that had a bit too many gaps around the mouth and nose area, I prefer when I feel like it covers all areas, but other than that, not too bad.  It felt nice and cool while wearing it and it definitely calmed my skin, diminished the blotchy redness, and the overall look of my skin was definitely improved after using.  I would definitely use this mask version again.


a close look at the mask’s characteristics. (and as you can see night time photos in my house turn out awful, no matter what I do, my apologies.)

Below is the content of December’s bag, b/c I missed December reviews…

WIN Beauty Kit December.jpg

(Loved this one as well!) How cute are the Package Korea Mask Packages?

There you have it!  What do you think of Win?

Thanks for Reading!

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-Kelli xoxo

4 thoughts on “W.I.N Beauty Kit January 2017

  1. Have you tried those little cucumber slices yet?! I haven’t used anything except the bubble maker/soap. I bought some modeling masks, so I’m going to give the scrub a shot before then thought I’d try the cute cukes and the True Relief. I’m having a minor skin freak out right now.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I have not tried the little cucumber deals…but I actually got them out yesterday AM, but because it was a rare occasion that I woke up feeling good and energetic, I decided lying back with my eyes closed for 20 minutes would not behoove me! LOL I went ahead and stuck them in the fridge with my under eye gels. Did you end up trying yours? I have been a fan of the lavender steam eye masks. I received one in, I believe, Miss Tutii…and loved it as it helped with my eyelid swelling issues some. You can buy big boxes of them from Amazon. I was surprised how much moisture that true relief packs. I have been using it after Wei Rapid glow liquid milk (which I absolutely love) What is your skin doing?


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