Popsugar Must Have February 2017

Hey Everyone, it’s Must Have time!  Today I’ll be reviewing the February PSMH Box, which is always a fun month for Popsugar subscribers.  Think of it as a box full of Valentine gifts… that you actually like!  (no toothpaste filled chocolates or giant stuffed bears) 😉  I thought this was a great box with a nice mix of items that fit the month of February perfectly.  I’m crazy for the Tribe Alive clutch and even more excited knowing that the Spring Rachel Zoe, Box of style, to which I also subscribe, is featuring the similarly styled Tribe Alive carryall purse/bag!  This must have box also features items to help you pamper and primp for a night out as well as one to indulge (I did) so read on and see what you think!


It’s no secret that I love PSMH, anticipating what the next box will bring, digging through my box upon arrival, trying everything, finding places in my home for others.  It is simply stated: a really fun box, with a little of everything. This particular box is no exception:

February Inspiration:


If you are new to the game; Popsugar Must Have is a  Lifestyle Subscription Box service, delivered to your door monthly for $39.95 (free shipping) and is valued at over $100.00.

*They also curate several 1 time purchase, luxury, limited edition boxes that are fabulous!

Each Must Have box is filled with the best in fashion, beauty, home, fitness, food and more; curated by Popsugar Editor in Chief Lisa Sugar.  I personally adore this box and look forward to receiving it each month.  They may not hit it right on the mark, every time, for everyone but most of the time, for me; they do a really good job.  I really enjoy receiving such a wide variety of products in one sub box and I love the anticipation of such!  I generally like and use all of the products I receive yet in the event something does not suit me it is always something of quality that I can gift it to another.  PSMH works with many good, quality, relevant and on trend brands, many of them high end so it’s a great box for receiving tried and true products/brands as well as new products and up and comers!  2 words: Beauty Blender!!   Thinking of taking the plunge?  Check it out here!

The Box:


The Goods:


Tribe Alive Foldover Clutch – Atitlán Brocade:  Sugg. Retail $98.00

This handwoven, reversible clutch from Tribe Alive, partners with artisans around the world to employ impoverished women at fair-trade wages and gives them access to safe jobs.  I love a company that makes great products while simultaneously doing great things for others, improving lives.  This clutch is roomy enough for me to use most days, is chic, soft and truly, one of a kind.  I love this clutch and am currently using it.  🙂  I mentioned at the start of this review that Box of Style is featuring a full sized bag from this brand as well.  I will post a photo of said bag at the end of this review, as well as a look back at the winter/holiday Rachel Zoe box of style (it was AH-mazing) for those of you who might be interested. 🙂   *PSMH & RZ Box of Style are not affiliated, just two great lifestyle subs both offering a cool product from brand, Tribe Alive.


…a look inside


…alternate pattern


Kris Nations Jewelry Love Script Necklace:  Sugg. Retail $48.00

I wear, and layer dainty necklaces nearly every day; I have many, yet never mind another. This 18K gold plated ‘love’ version is simple and sweet and the perfect addition to this valentine themed box.  I adore Kris Nation’s packaging, with the little little corked, glass bottles.  These could definitely be reused for something fun. (the one I found on the site, is $58.00)


…a l closer look


Juara Skincare Candlenut Body Creme:  Sugg. Retail $35.00

This rich, soothing body creme smells tropical in the best way, without any of the funky synthetic, fake-y pineapple and coconut notes that I loathe, it’s the perfect escape from your dry winter skin.  I own several products from Juara, and I’ve liked them all pretty well.  In fact, I just used their turmeric mask last night.


Battington Monroe 3D Silk Lashes and Lash Glue:  Sugg.  Retail $28.00

These flirty lashes are reusable (up to 25 times) lightweight and made from silk.  These lashes are handmade from 100% silk, which are said to last longer than mink or synthetic versions and are also animal cruelty free.  The ‘Monroe’ version is moderate in length and meant to give your lashes a nice ‘fluffy’ look, while appearing more natural than other lash types on the market.  The packaging is also, oh so fab, and I love that they included the lash glue too. 😉


Chuao  Chocolatier Cinnamon Cereal Smooch Chocolate Bar:  Sugg. Retail $6.00

First, sorry for the awful photo; apparently my gluttony kicked in prior to my photographing the chocolate, requiring me to crop this from my box photo.  Behold the power of chocolate.  I’ve enjoyed other chocolate bar versions from this brand and they’ve all been pretty good,  this version, while I couldn’t detect much of the ‘cinnamon cereal’,  aside from the crunch, was still really good.  It’s possible that I simply ate it too quickly.  After getting halfway through, I treated my son to the remaining half.  No complaints from him. 😉  …and OMG so many on the site sound really good, (and have been reduced to $4.00)

Special Extra:


Revlon Super Lustrous Love is on lipstick:  Sugg. Retail $7.99

This is supposedly ‘the perfect shade of red’ that looks good on everyone.  It looks gorgeous in the tube and all of the packaging is really great…I never wear red though, so rather than swatch it and let it remain amongst the countless other ‘red lip products that are gorgeous and I might wear one day’ I’m going to let it go untouched and give it to someone I know that will wear it.

There is plenty that I love in this box.  I’ve used the body creme several times, I put the necklace on the moment I finished the photos and I am currently using the clutch.  The value of the products came to more than $230.00, easily justifying the $39.95 cost..


while no relation to Popsugar Must Have; I promised to include a photo of the Rachel Zoe, Spring Box of Style spoiler, as it is the bag from Tribe Alive, similar to the clutch we received in this PSMH Box. (in case you loved the clutch and missed it, or if you just love the bag as I do.)



…because we are now on the subject of the RZ Box of Style and I did not get to my December reviews; below is a content photo of the amazing winter (2016) box of style.


I won’t get in to this box further, as this is my PSMH review, but feel free to check out my blog for additional Box of Style reviews or click here if you are interested in the quarterly sub.

…and back to the must have box.  Link below for discount on your first month.

Thinking of checking it out?  Subscribing for yourself?  Check it out here!  and use code take5 for 5 off your first month!

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    I love the look of that clutch bag!

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      It’s so cute…and made really well too. I love it. cool brand

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