Hey beauties!  I always mean to put together a monthly favorites post, yet rarely do I get around to it.  This month was especially hard as I had so many, it was really tough to narrow my picks down in to something which would not be an excruciatingly long post for [you] and well, myself.  In my defense this month I was trying and using new products from December, January & February…and I am STILL getting to products,  a lot of products. But; this little compilation of goods are some of the items that I have been using quite a bit all month or have recently just received and am really impressed with.  Check it out, see what you think and maybe you will see some things you simply cannot live without. 😉


Such a smile inducing little stash


Viseart Palette Petit Pro: $30.00 at Sephora

I’ve heard plenty of excellent things about Viseart eyeshadows, but they are pricey and kind of ‘no frills’ as far as packaging goes, so I’d never taken the plunge and made the purchase.  When I saw this petit version had launched for only $30.00, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to check out the formula…except it sold out right away.  Thankfully, my dear friend Amanda (TheFabulush) has my back, and notified me when it had restocked so I could make it mine. (I look forward to hearing her take on the palette, as she picked it up as well)

At first glance, despite knowing it was going to be small, I was shocked at how tiny the palette really was, however; any negative feelings toward such were quickly diffused once I opened it up.  While the palette itself is extremely compact, in the most adorable and uber travel friendly way.  The shadow pans are 0.026 oz and the perfect shape and size for fitting your multiple brush types and such, similar to that in many other larger palettes.  Because hitting pan is merely a rumor I’ve heard, owning so many palettes, I actually find this to be the perfect palette for me.  The color scheme is spot on for me as well, making this great for subtle day looks or more dramatic evening looks.  I love that I have something this good that will fit in the smallest of makeup bags while on one of my many last minute weekend trips.


To give you an idea of the palette’s size, it’s only the slightest bit larger than your standard credit card.


…but there is nearly no wasted space, it’s all product.

Quality:  while it didn’t blow me away, it’s quite good.  It definitely kicks up some dust, (fallout), but not terribly.  The shadows swatch incredibly on your arm, when your finger is used, but do take a bit more work when using a brush on your lids.  They are very buildable though and blend very well.  Their texture is good.  Fading is minimal.  You really can get great pigment with these and I do love every single shade.  I think I will get a lot of use from this palette and it goes without saying that I totally recommend it.  Well worth the 30 bucks.


Swatches (several swipes of the matte shades with my finger, one finger swipe for the shimmers)





…on to the next


Sugarpill Cosmetics Liquid Lip Color in Trinket: $18.00

First off, quick apology, halfway through my photoshoot my lighting went south…but I knew if I didn’t continue I’d never get to this ‘favorites’ post, so I chose to carry on.  …On to the product.  At the end of last year I had a list [in my head] of several brands that I really wanted to try; amongst those was Sugarpill.  Getting a hold of Sugarpill products can be a challenge though as they are often sold out.  I finally found an opportunity to snag ‘Trinket’ and I am so glad that I did.  It’s unique & fun, yet totally wearable.  Trinket was Sugarpill’s very first liquid lipstick and is a creamy matte mauve infused with luminous golden sparkles that show up more as the formula sets.   The formula glides on ultra smooth and super pigmented and it really lasts.  Unless I eat something super messy, it typically survives that as well.  The formula is a creamy, mousse-like consistency that feels ultra light on the lips and is not too drying.  (My lips are dry, always chapped and it totally works for me)  The lippy is also creamsicle scented, which just makes it that much cooler.  I love the shade so much that I have been wearing it constantly.  It will be one of the few items I actually use in its entirety.



The shade that you see on my crazy lips photo is most accurate as far as it’s true tone, but I was having trouble picking up the sparkle in my selfie.  While the tone in the swatch above the selfie is off, and it looks darker than it is on the lips, it gives you a better idea of the matte finish with the sparkle..and trust me you can see it on the lips as well. (it’s not in your face sparkle though)



Wunderbrow Eyebrow Gel: $22.00

I spotted a display at my local CVS with boxes of this product, in an array of shades, just prior to the holidays and picked one up on a whim.  As a person who was genetically ‘un’blessed in the brow department, possessing blonde, sparse brows, nearly disappearing past their arch, even before the 90’s pencil thin brow trend; I’d all but given up on any product short of my own artistry, giving me brows resembling something acceptable to me.  Enter Wunderbrow.  Most tinted brow gels are just not enough for those with very sparse or even bare areas, they will darken and fill the areas that have enough hair, but will not stick to other areas; they simply do not cut it.  The Wunderbrow has better adherence and a waterproof, smudge-proof, semi-permanent formula, with hairlike particles in the formula, so even the ultra sparse areas of my brow look full, but not penciled in.  It’s pretty easy to use too.   You just use the applicator wand to apply product to your brows, if they are sparse like my own, paint it over your brows just as you would fill them with a pencil or what have you, then use the included spoolie to comb the product through, being careful in the areas where there is little to no brow hairs, as not to remove the product, and let it set.  It may take a few tries if you are new to this sort of thing, but it literally take me seconds after using it a few times.  The specs claim the formula lasts up to 3 days, which can be hard due to washing your face, but I put it to the test by very carefully washing around it.  I was able to get two days, one over night.  When I woke the 3rd morning there was an area that had come out, making them look irregular, but after a quick touch up in that spot, all was good again.  I chose the shade brunette as it has a cooler almost taupe like tone to it.  The blonde shade may not have given me the definition I like, and I do prefer darker brows.  If your hair truly is brunette, depending how dark the shade, you may want to go with the darker shade of brown/black.


Juliette has a gun, another oud travel spray: $28.00 (travel spray) full size is $145.00

I am a huge scent junkie, I do have a few signature scents, for certain times of the year, but I like to change it up too.  I love unique scents, niche brands, as well as some mega pricey brands that steer clear of the basic scent profiles .  Juliette has a gun; not a perfume, is such a great scent [brand] and has a huge array of alternate versions now.  It pleases me that many of them are now available in travel spritz sizes so I can try them out significantly prior to dropping more than $100 on them.  I like how the name ‘another oud’ pokes fun at the trend in the scent type and its popularity.  Yet, doing so I knew that it must have that something special and it does.  It’s powerful and provocative, deep, woody and modern.  It fits my personality perfectly and I can’t get enough of the scent.  I will be picking up the full sized bottle in this one.


Wei Beauty Rapid Glow Liquid Milk $48.00

I’ve known of this brand for some time and sampled an item or two, but more recently have tried a couple more thanks to an asian beauty sub to which I subscribed.  I’ve found I’m really getting in to this brand, which is rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, using effective herbs and a farm to face philosophy.  This thin, milky, ultra light-weight hydrating fluid is absorbed readily, yet very moisturizing, and it really does give your skin a glow.  Sprinkle a few drops in to your hand and press in to skin.  I use it twice daily, post cleansing and toning, prior to additional products and moisturizers.


Colourpop Supershock Cheek in tough love (part of the Valentine collection) $8.00

Colourpop is another of the many brands I’d been meaning to try and finally got around to it during the holiday sales.  Beware as it is an addictive brand, the prices are excellent and when they have sales, look out!  Colourpop does plenty of collabs, curates a lot of fun value sets and limited edition items, and products are priced much lower than their quality.  My first order was a multi set of their popular liquid lippies in an array of nude shades, with a shade in each of the 4 different ‘finishes’ (2 of one) that they have.. and I loved them.  So; when they recently launched a couple more limited edition lines I grabbed those so I could check out all of their other offerings.  I will be reviewing those soon as well, but one of the items I got around to trying and have been using was this highlighter.  Colourpop has many different highlight products and sets, this is one of their ‘tie dye’ type versions, in limited edition shade:  Tough love.  The shade is currently sold out.  Because I’ve used this plenty, it doesn’t look so hot anymore, but the multiple hues combine together to create a very light soft pink highlight.  It is not super intense, but soft and pretty, easy to wear.  The texture is the best part.  It is impossibly silky when you swipe your finger across and then feels creamy when you rub your fingers together with the product on it.  I really like their formulas.  If you are still holding out on giving Colourpop a shot,  take the leap, it’s totally worth it.  Fun brand, Gorgeous shades, good formulas, really great prices.




Wet n Wild Photofocus Foundation and honorable mention the photofocus powder: $5.99 & $4.99

When it comes to foundation I am ALWAYS trying to find the perfect one for me.  I did not even wear it prior to the past few years, which is likely why I am so picky…but my need for it arose with skin issues that popped up when my skin did a hormonal 180 over night..and also aging so; finding one that performs as I would like has been nothing short of a challenge.  I try just about everything out there that I hear good things about from drugstore to the most pricey and innovative versions available.  I’d been using the Stila Stay all Day (the newest version) and was pretty happy with it, but still not firmly planted on the product.  I had two more in my sights (the new Armani fabric stuff and the La Mer), when I grabbed this because well, it was new and ultra cheap.  First off the shade above was spot on.  I liked how they labeled the undertones and that there was a light/medium in a neutral, an exact description I often struggle to find.  This is my skin color.  It’s a thinner formula, but full coverage, build-able, feels lightweight, but the real standout quality for me is that it managed to keep my skin looking dewey, without making it look greasy throughout the day or sliding off of my face.  It lasts as long as I need with maybe one blot in the late afternoon and it does not break me out;  but most importantly it looks better on my skin than any of my other foundations.  I usually have to stick to mattes, stay on/long-wear formulas to avoid the negative qualities, which inadvertently make me look older.  The qualities of this foundation are impressive for a product of even a high end price point, yet downright surprising for a drugstore product, one of the lowest priced drugstore products, no less.  I grabbed the powder that was paired with it in the display, despite never wearing an all over pressed powder, just because… and when applied very lightly with a fan brush it gives a nice extra perfecting touch, without overly mattifying my skin or making it dry and/or cake-y.  In fact; the first day I attempted this combo, and a good 7 hours after application, a women whom I see several times a week for the past 2 years stopped me to compliment me on the condition of my skin, inquiring what I had done differently.  I know, nobody is more shocked than me. 😉

Here are the product specs via Wet n Wild:

Your skin, only better. Our new high-performing, skin-perfecting foundation underwent major road testing under seven different photo lighting conditions to deliver flawless camera-ready makeup every time. Specially made with a matte, light-diffusing complex to give your skin #nofilter perfection. Say no to white cast with this breakthrough formula, featuring a light-adjusting complex that stays selfie-perfect anytime, anyplace. Tested under seven light conditions, both with and without the use of flash.

  • High-performing, breakthrough formula
  • Featuring light-adjusting complex to help prevent white cast in photos
  • Delivers virtually flawless and buildable coverage
  • Color matched for all undertones with a matte, second-skin finish
  • Soft focus properties help perfect appearance of skin good bye photo flashback

Tested under seven light conditions: Clear blue sunlit sky, outdoors PM, indoors PM, electronic flash, fluorescent light, bathroom light, nightclub light, tested with top smartphone models.

Give this stuff a try, seriously.


Drunk Elephant TLC Sukari Babyfacial $80.00

I own every product that DE makes, aside from their bar soaps, some I really like, some I’m a bit up in the air on..but to be fair I; like many I’m sure, do not adhere to the Drunk Elephant philosophy of sticking to nothing but their regimen or at least cutting out all of the other brands/product that contain any of the ingredients/components that they deem unfit for skincare products (trust me, this knocks out tons of products that I, and most consider really great)  Either way, this particular product is something that should work despite everything, if it’s an effective product (in my opinion).  When I saw that Sephora had this as a promo sample I had to place a couple of small orders, containing products I wanted, in order to try it before dropping $80.00 on another ‘miracle’ skin transforming product.  When I first tried it I was surprised that I could feel the tingling and properties that indicate a product like this is doing its job, especially b/c I use plenty of at home peel type products, aha, bha, and retexture/resurfacing products often.  The sensation died down completely after several minutes, and I left it on for a total of 20.  Once I washed my skin, it definitely looked more smooth, tight and shiny.  It was a pretty significant improvement.  I’ve not run out and bought the full size bottle yet,  I figure I will see what is happening once I finish the two minis.  I often immediately purchase, only to find after one or two uses of a product like this, it no longer provides noticeable results.  However; if you are new to these products and do not own a [sanity questionable] amount of skincare products or if you can get your hands on a sample, give this product a try, because there is definitely something there.

…and last, but not least

the gadget


iluminage Me clear anti-blemish device: $39.00

This was another product I spotted at CVS and picked up on a whim.  I’d contemplated some recent launches with similar technology, yet opted out after numerous sub-par and negative reviews.  A few years back, after never in my life struggling with any skin issues whatsoever; I (overnight) began experience odd, likely hormonal breakouts.  Simply put, very deep under the skin blemish types, resulting in a slightly reddened bump.  The bumps would last weeks and generally right around the time I’d finally rid of one, it was already re-forming.  They would seem to stem from hair follicles; but long story short, dermatologist trips and about every possible option tried, nothing has ended this issue, with time seeming to be my only solace as an end to this annoyance.  Major skincare changes and an extensive routine keep it mostly at bay but I still have 3 small spots on my face where the same 3 bumps are at least trying to form at all times.  I’m just going to list the product specs via Nordstrom’s website below and then I’ll tell you what it has done for me.


What it is: The ultimate solution in the fight against pimples that features patented tri-action technology combined with blue light, sonic vibration and gentle warming to heal and eliminate skin blemishes while preventing future breakouts.

Who it’s for: All skin types.

What it does: Its blue LED light works primarily on the surface of your skin (penetrating approximately 1.5mm) to destroy P. acnes bacteria. The sonic vibration increases microcirculation to reduce swelling and inflammation while agitating the skin to expose more of the bacteria to the light. The gentle warming produced by the light energy opens pores and allows the light to reach more bacteria. Skin blemishes are healed and eliminated on the spot, and future breakouts are prevented without dryness or irritation.

How to use: Prepare your skin for treatment by cleansing your skin to remove makeup or creams that may contain reflective materials. Activate device by pressing the grey button. You will hear a short audible beep and battery indicator lights will signal the activation. Treat your skin simply by holding the device steady over your blemish. Ensure you maintain full contact between the treatment surface area and your skin while sonic vibration and blue light are delivered. Treat until you hear a single audible beep (two minutes). For best results, treat your blemishes three times per day. After treatment, apply your favorite noncomedogenic skin care products.

My experience:

Product is super simple to use, you simply place the lighted end of the device flush on the area to be treated until the device beeps (2 minutes) and then move to the next area, (if you have one).  It’s recommended for use 3 times per day, though I often only get 2, and sometimes only 1.  There is no need to purchase anything further, it charges with a small cable (same as a kindle) which is included.  It takes me a total of 6 minutes to treat my issues and I typically do it morning and evening, sometimes again later in the evening, any time I’m idle (with clean skin) and it won’t be an issue.  There is no discomfort, you can feel the slight warmth.  Since I began using it, none of the spots I struggle with have reformed and when I am consistent, they virtually disappear, more so than with any other treatment I have used, and without any of the drying or peeling in the area.  The only other product that has come close to helping as much are the Cos RX acne patches, which require my applying a patch to all 3 spots every single night, good product, that I still keep on hand for reinforcement at times, but this is much easier and more cost effective. Something to consider if you struggle with a similar issue, but likely not the easiest fix if you struggle with large areas of acne or multiple breakouts, as it would take a lot of time.  I also have not tried it on any alternate typed of acne, as I do not get them.


And here is ‘muh face’ using all of the products I’ve reviewed, and while the soft light streaming in to my room from my sliding glass doors was clearly more than kind to me; I swear to you this is totally unedited and filter free.


mascara would have been nice…oops :/ xx

Ok wow, well that got away from me! 😉  Nobody will ever accuse me of not being thorough.  I hope you enjoyed my ‘favorites’ and for anything to which you were interested feel informed and educated!  If you have any questions regarding any of the products I spotlighted today; please, feel free to ask!


Thanks for reading!

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-Kelli xoxo


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  1. classicmaggie

    What a beautiful eyeshadow palette – putting it next to your credit card really put the size in perspective, it’s much smaller than it appears!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. kelifornia79

      Yes! I knew it was going to be small but it was still much smaller than I expected. I was pleased though, when I opened it and saw the pans a pretty standard size. It’s a wonderful palette. xx


  2. Thoughts in Life

    Great products. Must try the viseart palette 😊😊

    Liked by 2 people

    1. kelifornia79

      Yes! You won’t regret it. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thoughts in Life

        Thank you! Glad 2 know 😊😄


  3. Stephanie

    The shadows look so nice! And it’s great that the Wet N Wild works well since it’s affordable.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. kelifornia79

      They are! But yea, you certainly can’t go wrong for $5-$6.00!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. ayrgalaxy

    I first saw the Viseart palettes on Kathleen lights’ channel when she went over her eyeshadow palettes collection. She went on to say the formula is the best she’s ever tried so I guess the price matches the formula? Still pricey though lol. I can’t believe how small it is!

    And thank you for the WnW Foundation review!! I’ve been wanting to see more reviews lately because I wanna hear as many things as possible from different people. I definitely want to get it now. Been looking for a full coverage foundation and this one seems up my alley. I love they have the undertones too because it’s a pain to find one without that info. Thank you!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. kelifornia79

      I agree I feel like all brands should be more informative. I would purchase more foundation, personally if it were not so hard to find my shade…b/c I am really bad about taking things back. I definitely recommend try the foundation. I have noticed people saying that it is only medium coverage… It is definitely what I would describe as full coverage, though it is thinner and light enough feeling..one thing I have noticed is that application via a beauty blender tends to give you lighter coverage and the use of a dual ended foundation brush tends to give fuller coverage, imo. Either way, I would not want anything fuller/heavier than this and I do not have perfect, blemish free skin by any means. I think we all just have different ideas of things. You should totally try it. As far as the Viseart palette goes, I love it, and it is well worth the 3o dollars. While it’s small in size it’s not really small on product and it IS an every day palette for me which ups its usefulness. I really like the formula, it has some really strong points, but to go as far as saying its the best out there, especially in accordance to its high price, I wouldn’t. It’s better than a lot of them, but while I would go back and buy this palette again all day, I can’t see myself buying one of the $80.00 palettes. It would have to have many pans and I would have to be crazy about every single shade, and want to wear them an awful lot. I purchased a mini two shade palette in the new Colourpop formula, Vday collection, and granted they are both very deep shades, (one matte, one shimmer) I swear to you its on par with these in nearly every, if not all aspects… so it’s tough. It’s good stuff, better than many of my popular high end palettes/formulas…but I think the price point is too high. (except in the case of this mini palette) totally worth it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ayrgalaxy

        I’ll try to go to my local drugstore to see if I can find my shade then LOL. I really do wanna try it. I don’t really have many foundations and would like to have more LOL.
        I would like to try one of the viseart palettes, probably a mini like this, but as you mentioned, I need to wear them often lol.. I don’t think my hubby will think it’s okay to buy such a small product for that amount LOL
        thanks for the extra tips on the foundation by the way. I don’t think I have any dual ended brushes though.. is there one you’d recommend? or which did you use?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. kelifornia79

        Yes! Have you seen or heard of Maskcara Beauty? You can find the brand on Instagram. It’s a really cool smaller brand and I use several of their products..but their brush, I use every day with everything it’s so pretty too and comes packaged in like a capsule that was so gorgeous I had to keep. I use it to apply foundation and contour and the other end to buff everything out, apply powder etc. It is seriously awesome and so worth it in my opinion. It has held up like a dream too. I think I’ve had it close to a year and I’m hard on brushes, yet it is still as it was brand new. maskcarabeauty.com -I think if I had to choose an alternate I would go with maybe an It Cosmetics brush. Other than that I use several Elf Studio brushes for my face…but I think it is worth it to have one, really great, quality brush and the fact that it is dual ended makes it even more worth it. And yea, definitely. I have so many palettes that I barely use, despite liking them, yet this one is the perfect every day look palette for me. have you seen the newest cover girl palette? Jewels? Its the 4th in the trunaked series from last year. If not you should check it out. I found it just before its typical launch at my Ulta before Christmas and use it non stop. It has really great unique shades, good quality and pigment and Pat McGrath created looks on the back. Totally worth looking in to. Definitely the best drugstore palette I have purchased since the 2017 launches! I think you would have fun with it.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. ayrgalaxy

        Sweet! I will do my best to check all of these products out at least on their websites lol.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. outnaboutweb

    I think all the colourpop products look just great!
    Love, elena


    Liked by 2 people

    1. kelifornia79

      I have a lot to review, and some to still try and then review; but I’ve been really impressed with what I have used so far!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. simplybeyoutified

    I’ve always debated on purchasing a viseart palette too.. they’re pricey but I kind of like the fact that it’s so tiny – perfect for travel!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. kelifornia79

      They are and while I honestly can’t say it is the best formula I own texture wise, you can really pack on the pigment, blends great, less fading than most…but I really do love it and I think that you will be really happy with this one if you pick it up. The pans are a totally normal size. The compact packaging is definitely a good point for so many reasons. The shades are great and it’s super cute! xx

      Liked by 1 person

  7. thefabulush

    Great post, Kelli (and not just cause you mentioned MOI!). Not surprisingly, I agree with all your reviews on the products I have tried…and see a shopping trip in my near future for the others!!

    I love the Viseart palette for $30. I personally don’t think their palettes are worth $80 – but this mini is only my second palette from them and my other is the 6 shadow mini, so… I love how they blend and I love the colors in this one. As you know, I’d almost always prefer smaller to larger – because there’s constantly sooo much I want to try in the world – and I only have two eyes.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. kelifornia79

      Hahahaha!! Thank you! I love when people agree with me. 😉 Totally agree. I love it but…I’m having fun with it though. It’s the most complete palette for me that I own and it’s tiny, which I love. I’m digging the new pressed eyeshadow formula from colourpop too. Did you grab any? I only got the items from the Vday collection so they are deep burgundy/red/pinks as is, but the pigment was really good. I have SO much stuff to review and more still to even try. I’m always saying too, I only have one face!!!


  8. styledbymckenz

    That first eyeshadow palette is literally flawless!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. kelifornia79

      It’s pretty great! I was really happy with it. xx

      Liked by 1 person

  9. AlifyaLifestyle

    All of these look great!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. kelifornia79

      Yes!!! Thanks!

      Liked by 1 person

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