Popsugar Must Have March 2017

Hey Everyone, it’s Must Have time!  Today I’ll be reviewing the March PSMH Box, which has kind of a fun boardwalk vibe to it.  With a Vendor-esque treat, items you might tote along during the occasion and a designer photo album to save memories of your time spent;  all that’s missing is the salt water and a ferris wheel.  Hello Spring!  March’s must have also features an item to brighten up your look during the highlight frenzy that is 2017!

Popsugar Must Have March 2017

It’s no secret that I love PSMH, anticipating what the next box will bring, digging through my box upon arrival, trying everything, finding places in my home for others.  It is simply stated: a really fun box, with a little of everything. This particular box is no exception:

March Inspiration:

March Popsugar Must Have Inspo

If you are new to the game; Popsugar Must Have is a  Lifestyle Subscription Box service, delivered to your door monthly for $39.95 (free shipping) and is valued at over $100.00.

*They also curate several 1 time purchase, luxury, limited edition boxes that are fabulous!

Each Must Have box is filled with the best in fashion, beauty, home, fitness, food and more; curated by Popsugar Editor in Chief Lisa Sugar.  I personally adore this box and look forward to receiving it each month.  They may not hit it right on the mark, every time, for everyone but most of the time, for me; they do a really good job.  I really enjoy receiving such a wide variety of products in one sub box and I love the anticipation of such!  I generally like and use all of the products I receive yet in the event something does not suit me it is always something of quality that I can gift it to another.  PSMH works with many good, quality, relevant and on trend brands, many of them high end so it’s a great box for receiving tried and true products/brands as well as new products and up and comers!  2 words: Beauty Blender!!   Thinking of taking the plunge?  Check it out here!

The Box:

March Must Have 2017 PSMH


Popsugar Must Have March Box

The Goods:

Stephanie Johnson Camera Crossbody Bag

Stephanie Johnson Camera Crossbody Bag:  Sugg. Retail $45.00

This red, translucent, crossbody bag is designed to keep your things dry at the beach, the pool or wherever life takes you.  As surprising as it is to me, the see-through finish is trending again for 2017;  which makes this bag fit right in.  When I first opened the box I thought it was just a large makeup bag of sorts, but after I pulled it out and gave it a look, read the product card, the item grew on me.  It’s actually quite cute for the proper circumstance/occasion.  It’s well made and sturdy, roomy with zippered compartments and the adjustable strap has plenty of length.  While I’ll not likely use it for everyday, it’s a great item for a beach day when you’re hopping over to the boardwalk after…theme parks with water rides; things of that nature or for anyone that just really digs the see-through vinyl look! (the site has multiple colors, but not the red we received.  I put the link to the variety they do have though.  Check out the white, which is basically holographic/iridescent; totally wish we would have received that one!!)

red translucent stephanie Johnson Camera Bag

(an additional view for you)

Eco Lunch watermelon by Sunnylife

Sunnylife LLC Watermelon Eco Lunch Box:  Sugg. Retail: $18.00

This undoubtably cute lunch box stays tightly closed due to the silicone band.  It’s roomy enough for many items, making it perfect for a kid’s lunch and drink.  I’ve been getting lifestyle subs for years and for some time a baby/kid version as well; because of this I have a two door, extra deep cabinet packed full of lunch and snack kits, water bottles…oh so many water bottles, hot/cold travel mug/bottles galore.   This item would make an adorable lunch kit for a young girl and while I do try to utilize things like this for outings, I rarely do.  My little will still have another year (after this one) before eating lunches at school and this will not likely be his thing, but at least I will finally be able to utilize some of the many similar items I own.  Cute item, but one of the last things I needed. (there is a pineapple and a flamingo version that are even more cute!)

Sunnylife Eco Lunch Watermelon


small album, big picture kate spade

Kate Spade New York Photo Album:  Sugg. Retail $20.00

I am SO happy that a photo album was included in this box!  No time like the present to finally let go of the pipe dream that is;  ever getting back in to scrapbooking.   I’m going to fill this with my remaining loose photographs and call it a day.  So freeing!  The simple polka dot design looks great on my coffee table too.  The only qualm I have with the product is that it’s white and a linen fabric.  I’ll be filled with anxiety over the state of one’s hands when it is picked up to look through! 😉 HA.

thrive Causemetics Brilliant eye brightener in Stella

Thrive Causemetics Brilliant Eye Brightener in Stella:  Sugg. Retail $24.00

This cruelty free vegan highlighter from Thrive Causemetics, a company all about female empowerment, has a long lasting luminous finish and is simple to use at home or on the go.  The shade is your token champagne hued, universally flattering highlight and it works great dabbed on the inner corners of your eyes, a swipe up the bridge of the nose, cupids bow or wherever strikes your fancy.

Thrive Causemetics Stela eye brightener swatch


Smashmallow Cinnamon Churro

Smashmallow Cinnamon Churro:  Sugg. Retail $4.00

The packaging for these fluffy treats is impossibly fun, it’s like Santa Cruz on a bag.  I’m not a big Marshmallow fan but these Churro flavored versions, while really sweet, were pretty tasty.   My 5 year old however, is crazy for marshmallows and thought this particular version was perfection.  I’ll totally check out additional flavors for my little. The toasted coconut and pineapple as well as the meyer lemon versions sound great and I wouldn’t say no to the espresso bean version either.  It appears as though the Bay area Sprout’s carry them as well as the San Francisco 7 Eleven locations, so I’m good to go.  😉

Special Extra:

Velvet Eyewear 25 gc

Velvet Eyewear $25.00 Gift Card

I checked the velvet eyewear site out right away and selected a few different styles I was interested in.  The gift card covers half or more of each pair so I intended on using it right away, BUT; for whatever reason none of the items would be shipping out until April so I decided to wait.  I returned to the site a bit later to find that this was simply the ‘trend’ collection (the less spendy version) and their sun collection, ranging from around 165-195, has a lot more to offer.  I haven’t decide which direction I’m going yet, but I’ll definitely use the gift card.  I’m hopelessly devoted to sunglasses.

There it is.  What do you think?  Some items didn’t work perfectly for me, but the box was totally cohesive and fun.  It was spring-y and bright and I’ve definitely been enjoying some of these items already this month.

Check out the link below for discount on your first month.

Thinking of checking it out?  Subscribing for yourself?  Check it out here!  and use code take5 for 5 off your first month!

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  1. Everything EmmZeeBee Blog

    I am in love with the watermelon lunchbox!

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    1. kelifornia79

      It is quite cute!

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  2. ayrgalaxy

    That lunch box reminds me of a bento box without the compartments. 😁

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    1. kelifornia79

      Right? I have one of those as well…and expected to see the compartments. Ahh well, when my child finally begins full time school, he will have endless lunch options (as long as I’m preparing it 🤣😉)

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  3. simplybeyoutified

    That lunch box is adorable lol – I looooove Thrive, I’ll have to order from them again!!

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