Ricky’s NYC Cult Crushes March 2017

Hey Everyone!  It’s time for the next installment of the Ricky’s Cult Crushes box.



March Edition:

Festival Ready

Rickycare Cult Crushes March

The Box:

Cult Crushes Ricky's March Box

The Goods:

Floss Gloss Neon Polish

Floss Gloss Nail Laquer: $7.99

I did not expect to like this shade, with the super fitting name of: neon nacho; but I actually do.  Most neon polishes require a white base polish to achieve a mega watt hue, but not this one.  It does require two solid coats though.  I own this polish in a different shade, and the finish is unique.  It’s not really matte, but definitely not your typical shiny lacquer either.  I suppose it is a satin finish and needs two good coats for the finish to look appropriate and free of a streaky appearance, but looks really nice when done properly.

Floss Gloss Neon Orange swatch


Inked by Dano Choker Tattoos

Inked by dani Temporary Choker Tattoos: $6-16.00

Ricky’s has a large selection of temporary tattoos, but I could not find this choker trio, so I’m not certain of the cost.  I have enough tattoos of my own and some I wish I didn’t.  (Thanks 96′) but these fit the vibe of festival season, really young girls ‘dressing’ for the occasion.  I’ve seen it plenty.  And b/c a neck tattoo is a pretty big commitment, I’m sure some would love using these .

Palladio The Definer

Palladio the Definer: $12.00

This is a dual ended, universal toned, highlight & Contour duo.  I have so many contour/highlight sticks; singles & dual ended versions.  I love them, they are so quick & easy to use.  I really prefer using them to any other contour/shade & highlighting product, especially for use on my nose.  The highlight on this version is a shimmery one, so I could not use just this product when doing a full face, but; I do like the highlight shade for inner eye corners as well as the bridge and tip of my nose.  The texture of this version is not my very favorite nor is its blending abilities the very best, but I’ve used it several times, the tones are nice and I can totally work with it.

the Definer Palladio

…a closer look

Palladio contour highlight dual ended stick swatch


palladio contour swatches blended

…and blended

Ricky Care Blotting Papers

Rickycare Backstage Blotting Papers: $3.50

I have loads of these blotting papers, I toss them in every bag.  During the summer months, I go through a ton of them.  These pop up like a tiny Kleenex box and you simply remove, blot oil, repeat with another (if needed) and toss in the trash.  Simple. Works. (without messing up your makeup or caking up your face with powder)

La Girl Lip Paint

LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint:  $4.00  $1.00

I have seen these via Instagram but have not tried them myself.  My assumption was they were meant as a kind of ‘dupe’ for melted(s).  The shade I love.  Whimsical.  It’s an orchid hue and one I’ve always liked on myself.  The formula is actually really thin and light, not sticky at all and really comfortable.  The formula lasted a lot longer than I expected… and they are a dollar at Ricky’s, seriously, one. dollar. bill.  They are certainly worth that!  A lot of shades too, so if you dig ’em, best get to it!!

LA Girl Lip paint swatch


Ok.  The items definitely fit the theme.  It was fun and a couple of the items I figured I wouldn’t like at all; I actually did.  It’s a fun box even if all of the items are not always for me…but it’s always worth way more than the $11 cost and the content is mostly unique to any of my other subs; past or present.

So; what do you think about Ricky’s NYC’s contribution to the beauty sub world? Who’s crushing?!

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  1. Her Lost Mango

    Oh! That lip paint though! I love anything with pink! Lovely swatch! I just followed you too! Hope to connect with you! My London trip is now up on the Blog! XOXO -CHy http://herlostmango.com

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kelifornia79

      Yes. Thank you. Followed and enjoy you travel blogs and photos. I’m a San Francisco. I also love London. Really fun place.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Her Lost Mango

        Yay! Sorry late! I just got back from Europe and Italy trip is now up on the blog! Back to blogging every day ! Hope to hear from you soon! XOXO http://herlostmango.com

        Liked by 1 person

  2. valleyofthegoths

    I need that nail polish! The color is so lovely.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kelifornia79

      I wasn’t sure what I would think about it when I first saw it, totally ended up liking it!


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