Play! by Sephora March 2017

Beauties; I have for you, this month’s Mega Watt Play! by Sephora.  Play! is a monthly beauty product sampling subscription with a different theme or focus each month.

Sephora Glow your own way

This month’s Theme:

the Gleam Team, Glow Your Own Way

Glow your own way bag Sephora March

Whether you’re a surrealist, tend to dig a subtle glow, or your preference is full on holo; there is something for you


Get in the Glow

March Bag:

Sephora Play! March 2017

The Goods:

Josia Maran Surreal skin

Josie Maran Surreal Skin Argan finishing Balm: Deluxe Mini.  Full Size $36.00

This product is really cool and I was surprised that I had not heard of it prior to this month’s sub.  The appearance and feel are a balm like texture with a somewhat iridescent/holographic effect to it which does translate slightly to your skin.  It’s meant to be used as a final step prior to makeup and can also be used after makeup.  I’d be afraid, personally to apply this all over, on top of makeup, due to breaking out and what not; but, I have been playing around with it as a glow/highlight type product in strategically placed areas.  I’m still trying out ways to use it, but it’s a cool product and I’ve found a set at Sephora that contains a tub of this amongst some additional JM products, some I’ve also not tried.  It’s in the cart, I’ll likely buy it. 😉

Surreal Skin

a closer look…

Surreal skin Swatch

a close up swipe on my arm..

URban Decay Original Primer Potion

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion (original):  Deluxe Mini $12.00 Full size $12.00

This eye primer is pretty much a cult classic at this point, undergoing packaging changes over the years and adding multiple formula/shade options (that are still coming; check out the newest few!) …and yet still manages to stand the test of time…  It’s the one I personally grab the most.  I’ve tried other brand versions that give my eyeshadows more impact and even staying power, but some of those versions do not work well for those with aging eyelids (in my experience)  and some simply feel more like eye lid glue. (weird and stiff) This version does the trick; blending in, hiding some eyelid imperfections, keeping shadows from creasing…and giving them more ‘pop’ that lasts longer.  I prefer some of the alternate UD shades/formulas… but I have a nice stock of this version whenever I need it. [and they’re cute]

UD Original Primer Potion swatch


Glam Glow Nude Glow Glowstarter

Glamglow Glowstarter in Nude Glow:  Deluxe Mini.  Full Size $49.00

This is the newest (or one of the newest) installments in the GlamGlow empire.  I refer to it as phase 2 GlamGlow.  After a good amount of time slinging colorful star adorned cleansers and treatment mask products; the brand seems to have used their well liked name and marketing genius to venture further in to the skin care world, and even experimenting both with a signature scent and a bit of color.  Reinventing their lip products by adding numerous hues to their formulas and giving this illuminating moisturizer a trio of ‘glows’ to chose from, as well as developing a quad of formulas brandishing the new dreamsicle like scent, has been what I consider the second phase of this brand.  I’ll admit; I was an early fan of the brand myself, or at least the idea of it, failing to admit while jumping from one hefty priced product to the next,  that my skin did not agree with the brand’s popularity.  The little eye pods were unique but pricey, yielding little as far as results go and the cleansers, exfoliants and masking products all broke me out; including, coincidently, the version that sounds perfect for those with tricky breakouts.  I did enjoy the pout mud duo when it first launched and the shiny silver firming mask taunted me until I’d purchased it too.  It certainly makes for a fun masking experience and sticks to its claims of temporary, very short term firming and lifting.  I’ve had the chance to receive all of their ‘phase 2’ products now as well, luckily, all in deluxe sample form via Sephora (free); the Volcasmic moisturizer managed to destroy my skin quickly, by the end of the day of my first wear and the dream duo night treatment remains untouched, due to that little tidbit.  I do truly enjoy the dreamsicle scent and still find myself wanting to like some of their products; so, the rebel in me went ahead and gave this product a try.  The nude glow is pretty, the scent is fun and it did work alright for me as a final step prior to my makeup.  It did not break me out after several uses, which is a small miracle, but at nearly 50.00 and so many similar products on the market; it’s not something I could see myself investing in over another brand.  It’s a fun product and I am enjoying the sample.   If the brand’s products work great for you, then it’s worth its cost.

Glam Glow Swatch Glow starter

check out the nude glow 🙂

benefit watts up

benefit Watts Up:  Deluxe Mini.  Full Size $30.00

This post is dedicated to remembering products that did it first; OK, maybe not first, but during a year of launch after launch after launch of highlighting products, sticks, cream to powder and more…I’m reintroduced to a version that happened 6 plus years prior, and I’ve found it is still one of my very favorites.  I dig the mini version, it’s my perfect nose swipe; up the bridge of my nose, and a dab on the tip.  But; the perfect champagne hue and the perfect texture will never end the constant recreation of essentially the same thing.  [and we will keep buying them ;)]

benefit highlight swatch


Verb Ghost Oil

Verb Ghost Oil: Deluxe Mini.  Full Size $14.00

I’ve had a chance to try a couple products from this brand and I dig it.  It’s a solid brand with simple products and solutions at totally reasonable price points.  I love hair oils and my hair absolutely craves them.  This version is no nonsense and super light weight it transforms my hair without weighing it down.  Perfect. (plus the name and packaging are simple and fun.)

The Fragrance Sample:

atelier clementine

Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine $25.00-195.00

The scent is nice, I’ve sampled it prior, a nice sunny CA type of scent.  juicy and fresh.  Not likely one I’d purchase but it has grown on me for sure.

The Play book:

Get in the Glow

The Play Pass:

The Gleam Team

(redeem this is any store and receive 50 extra beauty insider points with purchase)

 Any ‘newbies’?  What do you think of Play!(?) I thought this bag had some really great products which were totally fitting and right now!  There were some excellent classics and a few totally new to me items.  This bag was exactly what I hope for in my Play! subscription. Anyone heard anything more about the upgraded Play! sub I’ve been hearing about?  I never received an email survey personally, but I would totally subscribe.  You?

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Thanks for reading!

-Kelli xoxo


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  1. harivain

    I feel like the UD primer potion need to be set with a powder first. Or else eyeshadow tends go on a tiny bit patchy…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kelifornia79

      if Eyelids are a bit oily I’d bet so. It tends to take a bit to dry on my lids. I tend to go over my entire lid with my fluffiest brush and some kind of powder or totally neutral eye shade first myself. some of the quick drying extremely adherent eye primers make my lids feel really weird though!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Everything EmmZeeBee Blog

    Really nice selection of products! I would like to try the Urban Decay Primer Potion one day

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kelifornia79

      There are definitely a few eye primers that I really like, but UD’s are good, packaging is super fun and they’ve added so any types and shades to select from.

      Liked by 1 person

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  4. thefabulush

    Aha!! Now I know what the Josie Maran is for. I couldn’t figure it out – its iridescent enough TA’s a highlight, but untraditional for such purposes in texture. I do love the creamy texture – but really need to invest some play time (see what I did there?) with it. I didn’t get the verb, I’ve been wanting to try their products as they are an Austin based company.


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