Miss Tutii box April 2017

Asian beauty Lovers;  April’s Tutii box has a great mix of items!   This was a pretty good month again… There is basically something for everything,  face wise:  A facial like product,  an adorably themed sheet mask, essence, eye cream & a BB.  Every single product is new to me so I couldn’t wait to give it all a whirl!  I must admit; I am a bit obsessed when it comes to the whole ‘Asian beauty invasion’ and it’s not simply due to the often ridiculously cute & fun packaging, but the unique ingredients & formulas that have been wonderful & sometimes miraculous even, for my skin type, concerns & issues, as well as the multi step routine meant to fully pamper your skin.

Miss Tutii April 2017 cARD

Miss Tutii is a  monthly subscription service offering several options and price ranges to explore the world of K-beauty (as well as brands from Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, and more) on a monthly basis.

First, chose which of the 3 ‘box’ options you prefer:

Tutii Box: $25.00 per month

  • Each month receive 6-7 Full Sized or Premium Brands Samples.
  • Includes Skincare, Makeup, Hair care , Beauty Tools, Body etc.

Tutii Bag: $15.00 per month

  • TutiiBag is a “smaller” version of the TutiiBox
  • Products featured may appear in both TutiiBox and TutiiBag.
  • Each month receive 5 Full Deluxe Samples or Full Sized products.
  • Includes Skincare, Makeup, Hair care , Beauty Tools, Body etc.

Tutii Mask: $12.00 per month

  • Each month receive 6-8 Masks
  • Includes Sheet masks, Wash-off, Hair, and Body Masks
  • TutiiMasks value at $18-$25 worth of masks per bag!

With each subscription you have the option of: Oily/Acne/Combo skinOR Normal/Dry/Combo skin

US shipping is free on all subscriptions.

International Shipping as follows:


TutiiBag and  TutiiMask $5.95. TutiiBox $9.95


TutiiBag and  TutiiMask 8.95. TutiiBox $15.95

Check out Miss Tutii and save 10% off your first order!

Miss Tutii also has a really nice selection of beauty products to purchase separately from their subscriptions as well as some limited edition boxes and offer free US shipping on $50.00, plus free samples. (international shipping is based on weight.)

The Box:

April's Miss tutii Box 2017

The Goods:

Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Powder

Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Powder:  1 treatment $2.50-$6.68

This product is something I have heard about recently, it’s kind of an at home spa treatment for your face.  You fill your sink or a large bowl with warm water, dispense packet one and let dissolve, dispense packet two and let dissolve.  Packet two will give water an effervescent quality to it, little sparkling, carbonated bubbles.  You then immerse your face in to the water (you can also kind of scoop it on to your face with both hands repeatedly, if you prefer.) It gives your face a little bubble massage and is designed to make skin brighter and more clear.  After 2-3 minutes rinse with water.  I did this in my sink and put my face in the water as well as cupping the water on to my face.  It felt pretty nice and refreshing.  Shortly after it made my face feel a bit itchy, but then I remembered I was to rinse the product of.  Once I dd that, my skin felt fine.  I didn’t really notice much of any effect from one use but it felt nice doing it, reviving and refreshing.  It was fun trying a new product/concept though and I’d definitely use the product again.  I wish the packet was about 10 times its size so I could put it in my bath! 😉  The cost for the product varied quite a bit, it was the least expensive at RoseRose shop, but I’ve never ordered from there so I’m not certain what their shipping times or costs are like.  Product was the highest from Amazon at around 6.50 with free shipping.

Tsum Tsum Facial Mask Argan

Tsum Tsum Sheet Mask (Argan):  1 Mask $3.00

My son collects these tsum tsum lip balms and some of the other products, so this brightly themed sheet mask made me smile.  The mask itself was oddly similar in both appearance, texture/feel and scent; to a classic wet nap… but oddly enough, I didn’t hate it.  It had good adherence, enough essence with some left over in the pouch and did leave my skin with some extra moisture and bounce.  I couldn’t find a link to the exact mask I received but the one in the link is close.

Celranico Water Skin solutionPremium Essence

Celranico Water Skin solution Premium Essence: prices vary up to about 18.50

This essence has a thicker gel like consistency but is readily absorbed, and once it has, it gives skin an almost matte appearance.  I liked this about it so I tried it after a quick morning cleanse and tone; used a significant amount and let it absorb and then applied a new bb cream.  It worked out well for me as sort of a makeup primer.  The product is designed to provide continual moisture and to improve the skins texture.  It wasn’t easy to find though, for distribution from the US, aside from ebay.  It can be found at lower price points but with extensive ship times and high shipping costs.

3W Clinic Snail Eye Cream

3W Clinic Snail Eye Cream Anti Wrinkle:  $ varies

I always find it interesting how large the Korean/Asian beauty eye creams often are  compared to the smaller western versions.  This would take me a long time to use up.  This eye cream was nice and rich, absorbed well and even had a little bit of an immediate firming feel to it.  I’ve used it a few times now and will see if it seems to do anything further in the long term.  This is another product I had trouble locating;  Ebay or Rose Rose shop, which was really inexpensive but again, no clue on shipping times or cost when ordering from [rose rose shop].

Farm Stay Green Tea anti-Wrinkle BB

Farm stay Green Tea Seed Pure Anti Wrinkle Bb Cream:   $9-12.00

This BB cream is designed to cover flaws and correct the skin’s tone without the use of a primer or foundation.  The green tea extract is meant to keep skin soft and moisturized.  The tint when you dispense this product is kind of a very light taupe like color (hard to describe) and can seem bizarre if it is your first time seeing a bb like this, but it’s a shade that is designed to correct the tone of skin and even it out, and it totally works.  Problem is, it will only work for fair and really light complexions; unless you prefer your skin to be lightened.  I actually really liked the way this product performed and I am extremely picky about BB creams and other similar type products.  This stuff does a remarkable job of evening out the skin tone, correcting and brightening.  I was really surprised to find how it perfected my skin and did not require the use of foundation or any additional coverage.   The only issue I had is that it did significantly lighten my skin.  Because my face is much lighter than the rest of me as is, (due to facial sun protection) it looked as if my head/face belonged on a different body.  I added bronzer and my skin looked great, and it held up throughout the day.  What made this BB unique was that it had an almost matte finish as opposed to the shiny/glossy like finish many of them impart.  Really great product for fair and light complexions, or those that might want to lighten and brighten their complexion.

Farm Stay Green Tea Seed Pure anti-Wrinkle BB

Farm stay BB swatch Green Tea Seed Pure

This gives you and idea of the shade.  (my typical foundation shade range is a light/medium neutral).

I think this is a really great box for anyone who loves K-beauty/Asian Beauty as well as anyone wanting to give it a go!  There was a good variety of products in this box covering the areas of spa like cleansing, anti-aging and moisturizing products (eye cream, Essence) a new to me sheet mask and a BB cream! 

If you are interested in exploring the world of Miss Tutii, you can check it out here!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. hippylip

    This seems like a pretty good value. Have you tried the eye cream yet? Snail excretion products are always hit or completely miss for me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kelifornia79

      I’ve subscribed to this box for some time and am always really happy with it. Same for me, and certain snail products performed miracles for a time and then just flat out stopped working. I’ve only used the eye cream for maybe 4 days in a row but like it so far. It’s a denser variety but the type that makes eyes feel a bit more firm directly after application…whether this trait will last or not, I can’t say.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. hippylip

        You sound like me when it comes to snails. Lol. I like a thicker eye cream at night.


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