Popsugar Must Have April 2017

Hey Everyone, it’s Must Have time!  Today I’ll be reviewing the April PSMH Box, which has a bit of a spring time vibe to it.   With Lavender, florals, and a hydrating body wash from one of Margot Elena’s newest lines; The Cottage Greenhouse (I love everything she creates)… It has kind of a natural vibe to it which is fitting for the month surrounding earth day.  I also enjoyed the addition of the Makerskit Terrarium kit.  Read on and explore the goods with me!

April Must Have

It’s no secret that I love PSMH, anticipating what the next box will bring, digging through my box upon arrival, trying everything, finding places in my home for others.  It is simply stated: a really fun box, with a little of everything. This particular box is no exception:

April Inspiration:

May PSMH inspo

If you are new to the game; Popsugar Must Have is a  Lifestyle Subscription Box service, delivered to your door monthly for $39.95 (free shipping) and is valued at over $100.00.

*They also curate several 1 time purchase, luxury, limited edition boxes that are fabulous!

Each Must Have box is filled with the best in fashion, beauty, home, fitness, food and more; curated by Popsugar Editor in Chief Lisa Sugar.  I personally adore this box and look forward to receiving it each month.  They may not hit it right on the mark, every time, for everyone but most of the time, for me; they do a really good job.  I really enjoy receiving such a wide variety of products in one sub box and I love the anticipation of such!  I generally like and use all of the products I receive yet in the event something does not suit me it is always something of quality that I can gift it to another.  PSMH works with many good, quality, relevant and on trend brands, many of them high end so it’s a great box for receiving tried and true products/brands as well as new products and up and comers!  2 words: Beauty Blender!!   Thinking of taking the plunge?  Check it out here!

The Box:

April 2017 PSMH Box

April Must Have Box

PSMH April Box 2017

So…I took a few photos

The Goods:

Crystal Terrarium Makers Kit

Makerskit Crystal Sand Art Terrarium Kit:  Sugg. Retail $32.00

This is a kit from the makerskit brand; it comes with everything you need to create a crystal terrarium.  There are similar versions for purchase on the site, but this version does not actually grow anything;  it instead comes with an array of preserved mosses.  It was a fun little project, easy enough for anyone; but I wish we had received the version available on the site with preserved mosses as well as a soil pod and fast growing microgreen seeds, ours seems to have opted for a crystal instead.  I was under the impression this was a monthly subscription, but they also have several cool projects that can be purchased as one offs and some cool artisan items, as well as additional accessories to go along with some of the kits.  (link to these items above)  I could not for the life of me find a spot on this site that directs you to their subscription service, yet if you click on faqs via this site it talks all about it.  I did however; find this monthly sub signup via Cratejoy.  Maybe I missed something but I feel like they should streamline everything a bit better if they want more monthly subscribers.

Below are some photos of the kit content, as well as photos from my finished product:

Makers Kit Crystal Terrarium kit

Makers Kit Terrarium completed

Makerskit Terrarium

PSMH Makers Kit Terrrarium

And Voila! I added a few dried flowers to mine to add some color, but now I wish I’d have left it green and mossy.  I was also kind of bummed that mine came with the black-ish sand but then two nearly identical ‘sand’ colored sands and lacked the white sand that gives the project such nice contrast; like the version shown on the PSMH info card.

for reference:

PSMH May product card


Morning culture cutting board

Morning Culture Dipped Bamboo Cutting:  Sugg. Retail $22.00 $9.50

This eco friendly cutting board/serving tray is a space saver, as it can be hung on the wall.  When used as a serving tray/spread the circular cut out can also serve as a holder for a sauce cup or mug.  It’s dipped in food grade paint (I’d no idea this was something real, dyes yes, but this is the first I’ve heard of a paint)  I’ve received several cutting board/cheese plate type items in my PSMH boxes over the years, and I still own and use all of them.  I spend a lot of time in my kitchen so I enjoy receiving items for the kitchen area/entertaining, home items in general, really.  Not the most exciting item, but seems to be of good quality and I like the color dipped accent; plus, I now it will get used.  Morning Culture has this product on sale now so I adjusted the retail value accordingly.

Tonic Australia Lavender Sachets

Tonic Australia Lavender Sachets:  Sugg. Retail $15.00

These pretty little floral sachets made their way directly to my ‘under things’ drawers.  I love lavender and love when my things smell of lavender.  These are also nice to toss in a suitcase or overnight bag.

The Cottage Green House Carrot and Neroli Body Wash

The Cottage Green House Carrot & Neroli Rich & Repair Body Wash:  Sugg. Retail $22.00

Carrot Oil is said to be one of the most rejuvenating oils found in nature.  Loaded with beta-carotene, and vitamins A, B, D, & E, carrot nourishes and helps to restore your skin to its natural vital glow.  This soap free cleanser contains Cocoa Butter,  Coconut Oil and humectant Honey to help rehydrate skin.  This is a thin oil type cleanser and I love that the dispenser is kind of long and pointy to accommodate this, saving you from dispensing way too much of it at once.  I love Margot Elena’s lines and products (Tokyo Milk, Lollia, Library of Flowers, Love & Toast.)  This line is her newest venture, (aside from the many new sub lines that have been recently added to the extensive Tokyo Milk collection) and I had not tried anything from the Cottage Green House until now.  I adore everything she does and am always excited when Must Have includes one of her products in their box, in fact; I constantly request this when asked during their monthly satisfaction survey.  😉  Maybe they have been listening!  The scent of this, I can’t quite describe, but it’s light and fresh and I like it.

The cottage Green House Carrot and Neroli

A closer look…

Nourish Snacks Holy Habanero

Nourish Snacks Holy Habanero:  Sugg.  Retail $1.99

I’m a corn nuts super fan.  There is no crunch more satisfying.  As far as spicy foods go the spicier the better.   I expected a bit more flavor and a bit more heat…but I bet the sodium count in this option is less on a scale of 1 to heart disease, so there’s that.  These were pretty good,; I certainly wouldn’t turn them away.

Cocofloss Delicious Mint

Cocolab Cocofloss:  Sugg. Retail:  $8.00

Well, it’s dental floss…it is definitely esthetically more pleasing than your standard floss and it doesn’t ‘shred’ the way some flosses do when flossing back teeth.  It seems more gentle.  It comes in an array of fun sounding flavors but I received the standard mint.  I’d like to try the coconut!

Special Extra:

pronamel Strong and Bright

Pronamel Strong and Bright Enamel, Extra Fresh Toothpaste: $5.99

This was an extra and kind of went hand in hand with the floss.  I appreciate that PSMH is thinking about our teeth and all, but because we all want whiter teeth or to at least maintain such, something like whitening strips or ampoules from GoSmile would have been a nice touch instead.

There it is.  What do you think?  I didn’t dislike this box; I enjoyed getting a home decor item that was also a project and I was delighted that they included something from the new Margot Elena line, but there wasn’t a real standout item like in the past.  The last couple of months have had lower values than I’ve come to expect; last month being just over $100.00, prior to counting the 25.00 gift card for velvet eyewear.  This box was only valued at $94.48, the lowest box value I can remember, but to be fair, it would still meet it’s promise of a value of over $100.00 had the cutting board not went on sale for more than half its original cost.  I do hope this does not become a trend as this box needs a real hero item each month to maintain its fan base and subscribers, in my opinion.  I’d hate to see it fizzle out after several years of great boxes.  I suppose if they can’t maintain the values of past boxes they could always go the way of Rachel Zoe’s Box of style or Fab Fit Fun and do only quarterly boxes, this is essentially what they have with their special edition boxes as is…. (a bit off topic but the spring box of style was fabulous and I really need to get that post up for everyone)  Anyway; thoughts?

Check out the link below for discount on your first month.

Thinking of checking it out?  Subscribing for yourself?  Check it out here!  and use code take5 for 5 off your first month!

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  1. ayrgalaxy

    I’m always so excited to see what you receive in this box but I do agree that nothing popped out in this one. I sure hope they don’t change because their top item each box is one of the things that has attracted me to this box, it’s just a little out of my price range at the moment. But one day lol.
    Anyway, I like the carrot wash you got that sounds interesting!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. kelifornia79

      Yes Exactly! I do like several of the items, it just lacks something. And I mean sure at a hundred dollars they are still a good value but when you have subscribed for years you come to expect certain things. I’m sure it’s just a couple of mediocre months…but I expect something great to come this month! (and the next)

      Liked by 1 person

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