New Drop! INN beauty project

This is the first product I have tried from INN, aside from their og lip oil & now I have several of their products in my cart. There is just something pretty cool about the brand & I like their vibe… but all that aside it’s the product itself that had me perusing their site. I love the ingredient line up & even as an advanced retinol user I feel its effective on my skin. If you are a younger and/or new user or are looking for a place to start or you have tried an rx & simply could not tolerate it (Redness, flaking, peeling) then this is a great product for you. I am an rx user and STILL cannot tolerate it for more than 2-3X weekly so using this on alternating nights & 1 night off has been giving me great results. Now I want to check out their slushy serum & some of their sets! I’d love to hear your thoughts on INN! OR check it out here! *pr Shop Here


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