St Tropez Luxe Whipped Créme Self Tanning Mousse

I basically said it all in my ig post above but I will say it again here as well. If you hate the after tan odor and/or it always seems to smell more pungent on you, give this one a shot. I always get that self tan stink, even with spray tans… but not with this one!

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Before/after 1 use, the following day, after showering

Where my self tanners at?! I recently received this luxe, whipped self tanner (and mitt) from St Tropez & I’ve been using it since the day it arrived. All self tanners are different on the individual and how they react (self tan smell wise) with your body chemistry. The self tan odor is my biggest issue with some of my favorite performing self tanners.. ie: they stink badly on me… but this one did not! I couldn’t believe it. I used it again and again and any hint of that self tan odor was barely, if at all discernible. -thrilled. On top of that the scent of the product itself is more of a fruity tropical, a nice change from the constant strong coconut scents. Another thing to note: my sheets are constantly stained with self tanner and With this product, despite the color guide, I have noticed no staining on my freshly washed sheets. I included before/after of my arm. I used after showering in the evening, over night and photos are after showering the following day. It’s not and ultra dark tanner (despite continued use it doesn’t really get any darker than this on me) but it’s a nice shade. I recommend keeping it on as long as possible before showering to achieve the deepest results!

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